Improve Sex With Visualization

If you want ho have better sex, visualization is a great way to stimulate your brain and prepare you for a wonderful intimate encounter

Everyone knows that sex feels great. Part of what feels so great is the fact of knowing that your partner is totally into you and visualizing the two of you together. After spending all day together and playing little cat and mouse games you can assure that the sex will be out of this world. Just as there are physical preparations that make your encounter special, there are also mental preparations that you can make.

First, you can start by revving up your engine by preparing your mind. You can do this by thinking about your encounter, imagining positions and how good you will feel. Imagine the setting, smells and the soft music playing in the background. Imagine how you will talk to your partner, what you will do, and what she will say. This can not only get you in the mood, but also get you ready for a great experience.

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