She took my virgin ass in one wonderful deep thrust

I was like a cock crazed slut I wanted her shemale cock so much I was crying for it.

I’m gladly publishing a story that our reader Ray sent us. This is about him exploring the earlier unknown side of his sexuality with his beautiful pre-op friend Mimi. I’m sure many of you would pay dearly to be in his place 😉 Ray has the floor now.

* * *

You have not had sex until you have taken a well hung shemale with a full pair of tits bree you like aslut in heat whilst you are wearing ultar sheer lingerie nylons and stiletto heels.

I am a western guy living in Jakarta. About 4 years ago a pre op friend of mine was at my place for a weekend. She has an incredible figure 34D 25 38 and incredible legs.

Late on the Sunday after noon we were lounging on the patio when she suddenly leaned over and kissed me.The sensation of her full lips brushing mine felt electric and my responce was immediate and hungry. No woman ever fired me up so fast and I wrapped my arms around her neck and was moaning into her mouth as her tongue drove me wild.

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