Some Hottest Sex Techniques

Some of the hottest techniques and positions that will allow you to enjoy shemale sex even more

Sexual positions can really make the difference in your sex life and I welcome you to read about some hottest sex techniques that you might want to try. Although I understand that, perhaps, 95% of our readers would consider a bliss just having ANY kind of sex with a shemale, but for those who have already made it, this may really be something new and different. It will help spice up your sex life and send you in to orbit with a wild orgasm. Also, switching positions during sex can help you get the most bang for your buck. Read on for some of the most popular and hottest sex positions.

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Missed out so much in my life

She slowly removed her clothes looking at my raging hard on, then slide her smooth hand along it and placed her mouth on my cock’s head

Hey ya all you TLB readers. Let me present you a fascinating and arousing post by Robert, a guy who discovered the new delicious world of sex with a tgirl for himself.

I have only recently discovered how much I have missed out in my life regarding one of nature’s exotic beautiful creatures….Trannys…( I use the term with the greatest respect and only as a term of endearment, so please forgive me if I hurt your feelings, I don’t mean to). So I want to explain my experience with my first and only tranny doll so you know I’m real.

It’s been about two years since my first experience with a tranny and I fell in love with this doll immediately. I couldn’t have imagined how delicious the sex would be. How amazing a tranny’s body could feel and TASTE!

I never had anal sex or had a penis in my mouth, I have all my life been a very straight man, married, had children and monogamous.. UNTIL I met this beautiful creature… She talked to me in a way I wasn’t expecting… and confusing… like man would talk to a man but in a very sexy way with a VERY sexy goddess body…I was confused, excited, and just downright horny. It was the most confusing moment time in my life.

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