To spot or to be spotted

If you ever wonder on the streets of Pattaya or Bangkok, it’s impossible not to thing about what is or will be your move, regarding picking up a beautiful ladyboy. Should you dare to be the first one to open your mouth so you can make sure that there will be an open mouth later on for your pleasure, or should you just walk around and give the impression that you are available and one (or more) tgirls should jump you and let it happen from there? It seems a matter of choice really, but you should consider the advantages and disadvantages in both cases. Before that, you should know that dealing with a ladyboy is not the same as dealing with a regular girl.

Pattaya LadyboyTo spot

You see her/them, you like what you see and you decide to make your move. The good part is that you get to pick what pleases your eyes, but that does not guarantee a continuous pleasing for the rest of your body. Well, that’s not entirely true, ladyboys are too much fun… Nonetheless, you pick the cookie that you want to taste and from there it’s up to you what happens next. You can start with a nice ladydrink and dare to see how far you can bend after that. Do not forget rule no. 1: NEVER ask a girl if she’s a ladyboy, if you can’t recognize them from start, wait and see, it will be clear after a while (they carry themselves much better than regular girls, are more daring and look a lot fancier).

The disadvantage here is that you will throw your ego a bit and go to conquer. They will answer to your advantages but if you are a bit lazy, it will seem like a bit of work. Another “problem” might be the fact that you will have the impression of being in charge of everything…which is almost true, but not absolutely true.

To be spotted

This is a lot of fun, because you are the one being treated like the cookie and you’ll have an avalanche of tgirls “knocking at your entrance”. You can be picky, peevish, make jokes, throw in a few lines to see who responds better and play you game as you see fit. It’s not a secret that ladyboys are always daring and direct so you have to bare that in might. Don’t feel offended, no one is forcing you to do anything. Just enjoy the fact that so many gorgeous babes are throwing themselves at you and make you feel like a stud.

The downside? Well… it might be hard to pick, but at least there’s plenty to pick from. TIP Are you a fan of Ladyboys? Try the forum – this active forum specifically discusses Pattaya (& Bangkok) Ladyboys.

Found this great site

Sometimes you find a great TS site and just want to share it with the rest of the world.. this time I found – Yes, it’s a tube site you may think, but not just any tube site.. it’s a CLEAN tube site without the usual annoying banners, popups, popunders and viruses. The content is mostly Asian ladyboys but as of lately they are starting to mix in Latin Shemales. There’s some downside to the clean factor, the tube updates twice a day and as a free user you can view any of there 1814 videos for the first three minutes.. still well worth a visit if you ask me πŸ™‚ Click here to check it out for yourself. That’s all for today folks, enjoy!

Welcome to Bob’s Tgirls (free gallery)

Bob's Tgirls Logo If you haven’t heard about Bob, you either have been living under a rock or simply just got connected to the internet for the first time, Bob’s Tgirls has been online since 1999, yet continues to have the best quality photography using only the top transsexual models. Don’t take my word for it, have a look yourself! Some of my models are exclusive. Others can be found elsewhere but chances are you’ll like them better on Bob’s Tgirls. You’ll find hot tgirls of all ethnicities, from around the world. Find some HOT examples from Bob’s Tgirls exclusively here on TransLadyboy. Enjoy guys πŸ™‚


Time Machine – 20 Text Gallery Posts by LadyboyINC

Have a look at your calendar. Yes, it’s 2015 and NOT 1999 – still, today you will feel like you stepped in a time machine, only here on TransLadyboy. Do you even remember recall one of the first porn sites? The good old “school” TGPs (Text Gallery Posts). Entire TS porn sites and databases filled with text descriptions and links to picture galleries. Oh boy! I can tell you I used to love those sites, especially when my imagination matched with the description. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Enjoy this mixture of Picture & Video galleries provided by LadyboyINC & FemboyJoy! PS: If you are into Asian ladyboys & femboys, you will especially like this post! πŸ™‚

Like it’s 1999 again – Text Gallery Posts by LadyboyINC

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Beautiful ladyboy with fiery red hair loves posing for the camera
Teen femboy shows her cock through her tight pantyhose

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Text Story: The Ride by LadyboyGold

Jake flicked away a mosquito that had dared to land on the edge of his cocktail glass. He was not sharing his Mojito with anything Thai! It was hot and humid and the mozzies were out in force, attracted by the bright lights, sweaty expats and the succulent smell of BBQed pork. The garden party had started quietly at first, but after the drink had begun flowing, the expats had become more rowdy and the Thai wives and girlfriends had huddled away to chat in their own tongue. At 49 years of age, Jake was one of the youngest there. He had sold his business in Minnesota and moved to Chiang Mai to retire as many wise Americans had already done. Now, he spent his days between fishing and the gym. His handsome fit figure was a stark contrast to the many pot-belly retirees who wiled away their days drinking in Thailand. His 28 year-old Thai wife, Noo, was an attractive but skinny dark beauty from Isaan. Uneducated and poor, that particular region of Thailand now specialized in planting farang expats instead of rice as an easy solution to poverty. Their women seduced and married aging westerners, then brought the bewildered husbands home to die in their backwater dump, so that their large hungry and unscrupulous families could milk them of their hard earned cash. Jake had avoided that particular form of classic entrapment, and instead, he had moved his dumb but beautiful young bride to a more civilized province. Fucking her tight brown Thai pussy had always been a pleasure and her loud groans of satisfaction as she was serviced by his big cock had earned the couple quite a reputation in the muban neighborhood.

It was half past ten and Jake was growing bored with the gathering now. Jake looked over to Noo. She was chatting with her cousin Fah, a gorgeous ladyboy married to a senile ex-farmer from Lancashire. Jake felt sexual excitement each time he leered at Fah. Noo’s cousin was so attractive and fuckable, he thought. She had such perfect, slender and feminine figure, not to mention that pair of large breasts that must have been enhanced. Moreover, her sexy long legs were complemented by a beautifully tight bottom that looked adorably inviting in that frilly short skirt and stiletto heels. They had chatted and flirted earlier, and the ladyboy was not unaffected by his charms, but the fact that she was Noo’s cousin demanded a certain degree of restraint on his behalf.

Frank, Fah’s husband, had offered to drive them there that evening in his brand new Toyota truck.

“It’s getting late, Frank, ” suggested Jake to the ladyboy’s husband.

“Aye, I need to get back and take my medication, ” agreed the Lancashire man. “Let me call the girls and we can head back.”

Frank hobbled over to his wife. The girls said their farewells to their friends in Thai, and the two couples headed back towards the truck together. Frank had difficulty walking partly due to his lingering arthritis, and partly due to the effects of the booze. The big ugly truck was parked alongside three other identical looking vehicles. The ladyboy had persuaded her husband to put the vehicle in her name. The idiot had believed her when Fah had told him expats could not own cars in Thailand, a common scam.

“Why don’t you ride in the back with me?” said Fah, giving Jake a seductive little look. “That way you can tell me more about that website you have been working on.”

Jake glanced at his wife questioningly. She began to say something, but was cut short by Fah.

“Don’t worry, cousin. I will take good care of your handsome man, ” Fah said winking at Noo, and laughing.

“Of course, you will.” Noo said.

Frank climbed into the driver’s seat; Noo followed him into the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Jake was treated to the wonderful view of Fah’s lovely bottom as she climbed up into the raised cab in front of him. As she sat down, her short skirt rode up her thighs, revealing the white lacey panties extended tightly over her ladydick. Jake could not help staring. Fah smiled knowingly as she followed his gaze.

“It’s okay to look, darling, ” said the ladyboy, enjoying the attention. “I have not had a decent man in ages, ” she added, whispering in his ear.

She squeezed up close to Jake as the truck pulled out of the parking area, rubbing herself up against him. Fuck, did he feel horny with this nubile creature’s hot body pasted tight against his. The car lurched to one side as Frank peered drunkenly into the darkness, narrowly avoiding a wandering mutt. Fah clung onto Jack to steady herself, and his hand touched her firm thigh. He felt her long fingers take grip on his cock through his pants in the darkness. She looked up at him, staring innocently into his eyes. He felt her hand rubbing up and down his crotch firmly, her fingers kneading his manhood. His erection began to swell at an alarming rate.

“Oh, what a nice farang cock. I have not felt a big one like this before, ” she whispered in his ear.

The truck was speeding forward now.

“Watch out!” he heard Noo’s voice call out in urgent panic.

A pair of shining white eyes, open wide with fear, flashed by in the night as the truck hurtled passed a helmetless scooter driving with no lights. Frank had not even seen the poor kid naturally. Typical Thailand.

“We are all going to die, ” muttered Jake, bracing himself as the truck swerved onto the inside lane, Frank’s lagging reaction delayed by the alcohol.

Fah put her arms around him, embraced him tightly and began kissing him mouth to mouth. She had his cock out now and was wanking it in her right hand at the same time.

“I want to feel that big snake of yours inside me before we do, ” said Fah.

Frank looked in the rear view mirror as Fah kissed Jake passionately on the lips.

“Keep your eyes on the road. It will be the next turning, ” said Noo.

Jake was aroused. He fondled the katoey’s breasts and pulled out her ladycock, playing with it too.

“Fuck me, handsome man, ” said Fah, trembling with arousal.

Desperately, she pulled down her panties and climbed onto Jake’s lap. The commotion attracted the attention of the driver again. Frank peered into his mirror as he drove. There was a jerk as the vehicle passed over a soft squishy bump. A cat? A rat? Who knows? Meanwhile Fah had grabbed hold of Jake’s firm cock, and the ladyboy was guiding the swollen head into her rectum. As the truck landed hard, she thrust herself down onto his shaft, throwing back her head and groaning with sheer bliss as she was impaled on his long tool. Tremendously aroused, the katoey began to ride up and down Jake’s hard cock, thrusting her bottom quickly, taking its entire length into her anus. The sensation of fucking this hot ladyboy in the asshole as her husband and his wife rode up front was utterly incredible. Such a sight was bound to attract attention and by now both Noo and Frank were staring at the copulating couple in the rear through the mirror, but with very different reactions. Noo had her hand down her skirt. She was rubbing her clit inside her panties, whereas Frank was staring at his ladyboy wife in mixed arousal, dismay and anger. Although Fah was by no means faithful to her husband, the ladyboy had never been quite this brazen about it.

“Do you like fucking her little bottom?” said Noo to her husband. She rubbed her clit and bit her lower lip. Her face was flushed. “Fuck her harder!” She encouraged.

Jake groaned, tremendously aroused and panting, short of breath from the effort of fucking the sexy ladyboy in the back seat. Fah continued to ride his hard cock, wanking her ladydick and grunting with pleasure. The truck slowed and stopped at the traffic lights. A bike pulled up alongside them and the rider stared inside with disbelief and the fornicating couple in the back.

“Oh my God!” cried out Fah in a deep growl.

The ladyboy’s body shook hard as she came like a total slut on Jake’s big white cock. She continued to slide up and down his dick as he too emptied himself inside her rear with a groan of relief, filling her ass with his cum.

“We have arrived, ” declared Frank, his tone distinctly displeased.

“Yes, we have.” sighed Fah, her face glowing with pleasure.

She kissed Jake on the lips and slid off him, straightening her frock. A trail of sticky white cum was visible on her thigh, caught in the moonlight.

a TS Seduction exclusive: A Family Affair

a TS Seduction exclusive: Mommy’s Dark Secret: A Family Affair

Tom and Siouxsie were supposed to be studying, but instead they made out. Tom and Siouxsie were supposed to making out, but instead Siouxsie discovers the family dungeon… run by Tom’s HOT STEPMOTHER. The two naughty students break in and start playing with her whips when suddenly, they’re caught…And totally punishment-fucked!Tom’s stepmother figures if these two are actually the perverts they think they are, then a complete immersion-therapy fuckfest is in order. She delivers a humiliating group spanking, then Tom and Siouxsie take turns sucking mommy’s cock, licking her toes, and getting their ass and pussy rammed with her giant throbbing gristle. Mommy isn’t all mean, though– the two get to fight over her hot, sweet load for dessert.

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Natalia Rivas Trans500

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Michelle Bejarano  Trans500

Jade Miranda  Trans500

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Lizzy Laynez

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Oriana Frost tops & bottoms with pierced cock

Oriana Frost tops & bottoms with pierced cock

Oriana Frost is a big boob escort from Missouri, USA. ChristianXXX flew her to (viva) Las Vegas just to taste her big cock and ass. Enjoy as Oriana Frost shows off her incredible body, along with angel wings and a hard pierced cock to then buries it in Christian’s ass deep and hard. His large white cock than fucks Oriana’s ass pussy till he drenches a warm load of jizz all over her face. Christmas came early this year!

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Anime: Transsexual for my wife

Transsexual for my wife

My wife and I have been happily married for 2 years, that’s right “just” 2 years you may think. But when you are sexually active like we USED TO BE it feels more like 20 years to life. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is awesome in many ways, she is sexy, caring and I love her very much but nowadays just the idea of fucking her gives me a limp dick. I just want to feel & share that passion of sweaty love making again, you know what I mean?


The wife has been noticing my disinterest during sex and misses my stiff cock penetrating her soft wet box. Truth to be told, think it’s time for a change in our sex lives, something that would spice up our sex life and would sparkle our deepest sexual desires (AND secretly has been the one fetish I’ve always been wanting to try). So I talked my wife into hiring a “big dick” transsexual escort for a bareback threesome, to fulfill her needs (and mines ;).


Oh my god, she’s SMOKING HOT! I can’t believe this actually happening. She looks even hotter than in her profile pictures. I was a bit afraid a dinosaur would show up, you know one of those TS escorts that uses pictures from 10 to 15 years ago but this is the opposite. Surely hope her cock is as big as advertised.. my girl seem pleased too, it’s been some time since I last seen that amount of sexual tension looking into her eyes.

My heart rate is raising, look at the size of her cock… I haven’t felt this excited since my first high school fuck during prom night. My boner is rock hard as never before. My wife’s pussy is soaking W E T from excitement as they make out right in front of me. No touching, only looking for now she says. Just to get me even more pumped up, truly feel like the king of the world right now.




Anime: Transsexual for my wife