Big Brazilian TS Booty: Carla Novaes

Oh boy ! Do we have a special treat for all the Carla Novaes fans out there today. We’ve got this beautiful blonde bombshell here rocking and rolling doing her thing. She’s decided to earn a lil cash washing cars. She can’t help but get into it. She gets horny and finds a new way to get more attention. Our boy Capoeira can’t help but notice her stroking her shecock and heads right over.Carla knows whats up. She’s horny and ready to go. Enough of the chit chat, let’s get right into sweet TS booty pounding action now!

Would you stop?

Carla Novaes

Look at that BIG Booty!

Carla Novaes

Now that’s what I’m talking about

Carla Novaes

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Vote for your Favorite Big Cock Ladyboy

Ladyboy is the Asian/Thai term for transsexual, these mystical gorgeous TS babes are often known for their medium sized circumcised dicks. Well.. I for one, simply love petite TS babes with big dicks. Today I will share some of my favorite Cock Monster Giants from Asia! I’ll describe them shortly but will let the pictures do most of the talking 😉

LongMint (9 inches)

LongMint 1

LongMint 2

LongMint 3

Meet the gorgeous Mint, a slim and sexy Asian girl from Bangkok, Thailand better known as LongMint. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand why she’s called that. Mint is hiding an extra large surprise in her panties. 9 INCHES” of raw dick. Mint is one of those girls you have “to see it to believe it” – and trust me, she’s the REAL DEAL.

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Jasmine (8 inches)



Jasmine from Pattaya, Thailand is completely passable as a sexy dark Isarn girl until you get to know her hidden secret.. that between those tan thighs hangs a GIANT DICK. Jasmine is always horny and ready to go and simple LOVES to fuck guys!

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Candy (7.5 inches)


Ladyboy Candy

Candy from Bangkok, Thailand is the epitome of what we love in Ladyboys. She has an insatiable sex drive and a wild animal in bed. Few, if any Ladyboys loves to cum more than Candy. And cum she does, like a creamy geyser of hot sticky goo. Candy bottoms with her pretty wrinkle hole but really shines when she’s on top. Snarling sexily as she jackhammers her hips against your ass cheeks. Her BIG 7.5″ cock taking exactly what she wants.

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Who’s your favorite Big Cock Giant?

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Morning Wood… or Good Morning Wood…

I always remember that valuable lesson I learned a few years ago, if I don’t want to wake up with a heavy head from a long night partying, I should drink a lot of water. This saved me from a lot of hangovers over the time, but as it seems, it doesn’t help with memory. No sir, if I drink a lot I might as well bang my head on a wall and have a nice cup of amnesia, it’s the same effect as 2 bottles of tequila!

So, it’s another one of those damn heavy mornings where I can feel just a bit of pain in my head but I am glad that it’s not a hangover from which I need 3 days to recover. It’s so good to just lie around and not have to d… what the hell is poking my ass? Shit, it seems that my night was more fun than I remember… beside me there’s a gorgeous ladyboy who seems to have some morning issues. By that, I mean morning wood, which right now it’s poking my bare ass and that is something I CANNOT have! What do I do? Simple…

I slowly take the covers from me and move behind her. She’s also bare naked so this is going to bring the game to the same level. Let me just get in here and continue my sleep, she’s so damn beautiful and peaceful looking right now that I wouldn’t want to wake her up. Las night I might’ve fucked her brains out but I don’t remember much, so I shouldn’t kill my brains out with that right now. I’ll just rest my body next to hers and hope to fall asleep again, in this cozy nice situation.

Apparently, my dick has its own mind since in this moment, I alone want to sleep but my cock starts wondering around and poking her ass. Ok, so he has the call right now since it’s clear that I won’t be able to let it run around and do as it pleases… without any guidance. I slip my hand on her ass, just to feel what I’m dealing with… and apparently I’m dealing with a perfect round tight ass, pointing up, begging to be treated in all the wrong ways. I can’t stop patting it, it’s so firm and holds my hand like a magnet. I get lower on the cheeks and reach between them… I just love the feeling of tight ass with no panties in the morning. Who needs to sleep right now? I refuse to shut my eyes!

As I caress her cute ass, I hear her moaning in her sleep. I hope she won’t get up right now, I kinda’ enjoy this situation… Pfew, she’s still with her eyes shut. I grab my rock solid cock and start playing with it between her ass cheeks, pushing it with a bit of daring from my side. She was sleeping on her side, but as soon as I start poking her, she spreads her leg across the bed, revealing her ass in its entire splendor. Oh, maybe she’s teasing me or maybe it’s just a reflex. In any case, whatever she’s doing, she’s gonna have my dick inside her in a few seconds. I have to do this slowly, at least at the beginning… if she wakes up while I’m fucking her, what she’s gonna do? Not have my cock inside? Too late for that!

I’m almost on top of her but trying not to push my weight, just my dick. Damn, tight and nice, exactly as I like it. I stretch my hand and grab her slender and asleep cock. It’s starting to get had but I’m betting I can make it even harder. I keep my cock deeply pushed inside her ass and I rub her cock frenetically and happy as if it was my own. Ah damn it, I knew I went too far… now she’s waking up…

I look into her eyes while they are getting open and prepare myself to give a good explanation, even if nothing comes to my mind right now. I have no opposition from her, but instead she grabs my ass and pushes me harder on her, whispering me “nice way of waking me up” among her heavy breathings. So this is going well…

I rest my face on her shoulder and start kissing it all romantically as if she was my longtime girlfriend. My cock is happy inside her and with every push, she moans and pulls my hair.

– Fuck… me… harder…

I can barely hear her, I’m so concentrated to fuck her ass like there’s no tomorrow that I almost cum on the spot… and I don’t want that because I want to enjoy her more. So I slow down a bit even though this is too damn hard, I have the sight of her perfect ass with my cock inside it right in front of my eyes, her hard cock is throbbing in my hand and she’s looking at me with wishful eyes. If I could stop the time right now, it would be perfect. While I just fight there with my urges and my thoughts, she pushes me over on my back, throws away the sheets and gets on top of me, in a reverse cowgirl position, pushing her tight hole over my cock once again. This time she controls the moves, so even if I don’t want to give in into complete pleasure, I can’t help it. I hold her cock while she jumps up and down to give her at least half the pleasure I’m having right now.

– I can’t hold it!!!
- Then don’t…

I release my power jet inside her, all that warm cum filling her hole and dripping away as she slows her moves and makes round moves with her ass. What a skillful girl… I’m left right there with my legs in the air as she gets up, completely frozen by the waves of pleasure still electrocuting my body. Without even noticing, I feel a nice warm grip around my cock, when I lift my head I see her sucking it dry and mumming eagerly. Oh hell, I feel I could go hard again and fuck her pretty mouth just as hard as I just jammed her ass before. But she doesn’t stop at my cock, she goes down and sucks my balls, licks them and makes me want to propose to her on the spot. Why not, she’s a keeper! Oh yea, a nice morning rimming, better than every damn shower. I feel my ass hole wet and pulsating on her tongue, I could so easily grab her head between my thighs and push her deeper. Still, I should let her decide what to do because she’s so damn good at this. I just lean back and enjoy this pleasure, it’s so… what the hell? Why did she stop?

I look up and there she is, above me, wanking her tiny dick hard and going closer and closer. Her legs are under and around my ass now, I can feel the tip of her cock beating my balls frenetically.

– Now it’s my turn…

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Kendra Sinclaire demands to fuck and get fucked

Kendra Sinclaire demands to fuck and get fucked

TSSeduction would like to welcome back the beautiful Kendra Sinclaire! This woman loves to fuck and her HUGE hard dripping cock gives Mike Panic a run for his money! He loses to a game of strip poker and is made to worship her delicious asshole, gorgeous feet and throbbing cock. Kendra fucks him deep getting herself to the edge but instead of shooting her load she flips over and demands he fuck her hard in her hungry asshole while she jerks off and shoots her load straight in the air! Then and only then is Mike allowed to cum all over her beautiful toes! Two big messy loads of fuck juice!

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