Hand picked Black Shemale Hardcore photos

Hand picked Black Shemale Hardcore photos

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Busty Blonde British bird Mia Maffia gets banged

Busty Blonde British bird Mia Maffia gets banged

Mia Maffia is an absolutely gorgeous TS escort and porn star that I have been wanting to meet since she arrived on the scene. She shows off her massive rack, bubble butt, lovely tan, and long blonde hair in this awesome new bareback scene. Christian has a fantastic time exploring every inch of her body in this energetic & passionate romp only on Pure-TS – enjoy guys 🙂

My Real Life Crossdressing Experience

My Real Life Crossdressing Experience

Guys! This was sent to me by a fan of TransLadyboy. Hope you enjoy:

I have dressed in lingerie since the age of six. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the idea of being a girl, and many times I wished I was one. As I grew older and moved out on my own I began to buy my own lingerie and learn how to apply makeup. I have had my makeup professionally applied and when I looked in the mirror with my wig on I was shocked at how pretty I looked. I naturally have the look of a biological female without much effort. My shoulders are rounded and I have a natural woman’s hip and behind. I fill out my panties and am honestly more comfortable wearing a bra and panties than I am any male clothing. I have next to no natural body hair and the first time I shaved my entire body clean, the small amount of body hair I did have took several months to grow back. When it did it was much lighter and most of it did not return. I have shaved my body clean three times over the years and currently, if I shave it once more, I’m pretty sure almost all of it will not grow back. My penis is abnormally small and when it gets fully hard it measures only 1.5 inches. (Yes, I have measured.) It’s almost like it was put there by mistake. I own a complete wardrobe of dresses, wigs, and makeup and I transform fully into a woman as often as I can. It has been very easy for me to pass in public for years.

I am an only child and never had any brothers or sisters to ask about sex so I never learned much about it. It wasn’t until I was almost 25 years old that I had my first ejaculation, and even then it was when my cock was completely flaccid and very tiny. I thought I had wet my pants. When I got to the bathroom and pulled down my briefs I saw a soft mound of white cream and I was shocked at what had happened and it took me a couple of minutes to realize I was looking at semen. I was under the impression it would not be possible to orgasm since I had never done it before. Shortly after this event I started to teach myself to masturbate by pulling on my tiny cock. I was able to bring myself to climax using just two fingers to pull on myself because that’s all I had to pull. I have since seen men use their entire hand when stroking their penis. I can never do that as I am way too small. The older I get the more convinced I am truly a girl. I tried to have intercourse three times with biological women, but I was not able to penetrate their vagina with my tiny “erect” penis. After the third failed embarrassing attempt I did not seek out females for sexual experiences.

When I was in my thirties I finally I built up enough courage to go on a date with a biological male. As I waited in my hotel suite for him to arrive my heart was pounding in my chest. I had spent most of the day perfecting my look and I must say I looked very, very pretty. I was wearing a dress and under it I had a satin and lace half slip and camisole. Under that I had a satin and lace bra and large nylon and lace panties. Under my panties I had a white satin & lace garter belt holding up my white lace top stockings. I had on a shoulder length red/brown wig and my fingernails and toenails were painted a very feminine shade of pink. My tiny penis had shrunk back into my body to the point the tiny head was not even visible. I was for all intents and purposes a total female.

When there was a knock at the door I slowly got up and answered it and a very nice looking gentlemen was standing there in slack pants and a casual shirt. When he identified himself as the man I had been expecting I opened the door wider to let him in. He had a bottle of champagne and some strawberries with him and one of the first things he said to me was “you are very beautiful.” When he said that I thanked him for the compliment and felt myself completely relax. We shared champagne and strawberries and sat together on the sofa and I found myself very attracted to him in what felt like the most natural of ways. I shared several of pictures I had of myself in all sorts of poses as a woman. He was very kind and considerate.

His first move toward me on the sofa was to put his hand up behind my earrings and stroke my neck. This was followed by him sliding his hand up my leg under my dress on my stockings and gently brushing the front of my panties. He then leaned in to kiss me and as natural as can be my lips parted and so did his as we began a session of deep tongue kissing that I literally wanted to last forever. I think we deep kissed for at least twenty minutes with him running his hands all over me, and me, without any hesitation, stroking the crotch of his pants and feeling what to me was the biggest penis ever. I could feel it throbbing through his pants and he was becoming very excited. I felt totally turned on inside my body. I was thrilled that my tiny penis was still soft and still hiding inside my body. I felt completely female inside and out for the first time and all I wanted to do was to climb into bed with this beautiful male partner.

He stood up and took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. The front of his pants was bulging way out. At the foot of the bed he stopped and took off his shoes and then asked me to turn around while he unzipped my dress. It fell to the floor and I was standing at the foot of the bed in my half slip and camisole. I turned back around and we began to deep kiss again and again. He gently lowered me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. We were still deep kissing on the bed when I think he noticed the wrist restraints that I had tied to the headboard. I was so into kissing him and feeling his huge cock in this pants rubbing on my leg I did not notice him gently raising my arms and putting me into the restraints. When we took a breath from kissing I noticed I was tied by my wrists to the bed. My tiny penis was still flaccid and small in my panties but inside I was boiling into a sexual feeling I had never experienced.

At this point he got up off the bed and had me watch him take his pants and boxers off. When he did I saw his thick, hard erection and I was shocked at how big it was. At least 7 inches long and sticking straight out! I think he saw my look of surprise as he climbed back onto the bed and he lowered the head of his erection to my lips and asked me to kiss it. I did this without hesitation, even adding a playful lick to it as he pulled it away. At that moment he pulled up my half slip and pulled down my panties to expose my tiny misplaced cock that I completely despised having between my legs. He began to pull at it as I begged him not to stimulate it. He did not stop. I kept begging him to stop as I thought this little organ was filthy and disgusting and as a girl I hated having it on my body. He did not stop and soon the tiny head popped out of my body and in no time was a full 1.5 hard inches. At this moment I began to cry. I was softly saying “no, no, no” as he still continued to manipulate my little nub. Before I knew it, my back arched up, I gasped for breath, and a stream of cum shot out of my little organ at least three feet into the air. I had never had an orgasm that intense when masturbating and the way it happened even surprised my partner. He gave me a big smile and dried my tears and told me not to cry but to relax and take his huge erection into my mouth. I did this quickly as he lowered it to me and with three long deep strokes I felt him tense up and in an instant shoot a full load of cum into my mouth which I swallowed almost instantly and began sucking on his rapidly shrinking member as if I was wanting to get every possible drop of what he had. It was wonderful!

Since that night we have seen each other on dates several times and we have begun to talk about moving in together as a couple. I would be able to fulfill a lifelong dream of wearing female clothing 24/7 and he has said he would love to climb into bed with a partner like me every night. We’ll see what happens.

Just in case, I have started shopping on line for a satin and lace wedding gown as I would like to experience a wedding in front of a group of people with me being the bride and my new found love being the groom.

The Ladyboys Bars of Pattaya, Thailand

The Ladyboys Bars of Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, the “Extreme City” is also known as the brothel of Thailand, housing over 5000 bars, massage parlors, stripclubs and freelance discotheques. If you are looking for a fun night out, you will find it in Pattaya City. Now, back to the Ladyboys. If you like ladyboys, you will also love Pattaya! There’s a unique side to Pattaya nightlife including a handful of Ladyboy bars throughout the city. Below is a random selection of some of the best reviewed bars in the city:


Often referred to as THE LADYBOY BAR in Pattaya, Sensations is located in Action Street just of Soi Bukaow. It’s been open for over 3 years and known as a place to meet fellow Ladyboy lovers in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded to employ some of the hottest girls in Pattaya. Sensations has become a destination, thanks to multiple appearances on SkyTV for the Ladyboys tv show. The bar has a mix of freelancers and paid staff, all of which should be available for barfines. The girls at Sensations are trained to not be aggressive with customers, so you will need to initiate the girl to come over to you by motioning her over and buying a lady drink. The fun will go from there. Action Street is a secluded complex on the South end of Soi Buakaow housing about 12 beer bars so will have alot of opportunities for variety. If you fancy a LB friendly venue, multiple pool tables, sisha in a low pressured (for drinks / barfines) atmosphere feel free to come by for a drink at Sensations. Highly recommended. Barfine: 300. Open from late afternoon until LATE.

Click here to watch a video of Sensations on YouTube or Visit the Sensations-Bar.com website

Kings 2

King’s Bar

King’s Bar 2, now known as King’s Bar is a popular Ladyboy bar on Soi 8 located directly next to Dragon Bar. Upon entering the bar it may feel aggressive, as all of the Ladyboys stand outside luring in customers. But once inside there’s a different vibe with friendly staff.

Upstairs in the bar is a private pool table and a floating dance area. On the occasions LB’s are dancing up there in short skirts it gives a nice opportunity for an upskirt view. The bar is known for it’s easy access to the upstairs shorttime rooms, with at least one room having love swing. And there’s no shortage of girls who would love to show you a good time in it. The girls at Kings are generally extremely versatile. So if you want to top or bottom these girls will make your fantasy a reality and do it in spades. Some of the Ladyboys are especially kinky, indulging in watersports and other fetish activities to please.

The girls are more than willing to show you a great time in the bar. For the price of a Lady drink they’ll be some of the best company you’ve had in your entire life. Great parties are held at this bar, complete with food, outfits and a jovial host. Definitely worth a visit when visiting Pattaya.

hornybar Horny Bar

Horny Bar has been a mainstay on Soi 6 for years. Normally this bar has a collection of cuties. With the opening of Fantasy Bar on Soi Buakaow many of the previous stable has move over to the new bar. The good news is this frees up spots in Horny bar for new blood. Fresh new Ladyboys are always a welcomed addition to the Pattaya scene!

Rooms upstairs and a new flock of dickgirls makes Horny Bar one to visit. It’s location makes it a great stopping point. It’s located near Pook’s Bar and So What Bar and you can watch the wild happenings of Soi 6 while sipping a frosty beverage. That’s before heading up to the loom for a romp with your girl of choice. Normal prices are 1000 baht all in for the girl, barfine and room. Of course the girls also appreciate extra tips for “extra” service.

Like most Soi 6 bars don’t be surprised to have the girl play with your cock in the bar or bathroom, and you with hers if that’s your desire. Soi 6 is a magical street and is a must visit on any trip to Pattaya.

litas Lita’s

Soi 15 (also known as Soi BJ), Walking Street

UPDATE as of December 2014: The bar has reopened on almost the exact location as previous. Still employing many sexy ladyboys. New addition is the pool table, the upstairs shorttime rooms are nice, spacious clean and come with showers. It’s a small venue and it can get crowded / aggressive in here fast.

Hours: 6pm-3am. Lita’s bar is a brand new Katoey bar located slightly off of Walking Street. Located on Soi 15 (same Soi opposite Blue Ice), Lita’s seems to be a good mix of young and sexy Ladyboys. The bar is cozy and approximately 10-15 Ladyboys are hanging out at any given time. I’ve been told that 20-25 different Ladyboys work at Lita’s bar.

There are a couple of advantages for Lita’s. Drink prices are very reasonable, with bottle beer and house spirits right near 100 baht. The best advantage of Lita’s is the proximity to short time rooms. You can bar fine and be rising the ladyboy of your choice within 2 minutes.

Bar fine will run you 300 baht and the short time hotels nearby will be between 300-400 baht. In all I’d recommend Lita’s Bar as a hidden Ladyboy hunting spot.

La Bamba La Bamba

La Bamba is still a fairly laid bar with ladyboys. Since they moved locations (opposited side of the street) they added on shorttime rooms to list of possibilities, an excellent addition to this bar. Employing some super cute Ladyboy WOMEN which are always ready to take the party upstairs. Barfine of 300. If you think you can handle her La Bamba is home of the famous Nancy who possesses one of the biggest dicks in Pattaya. She’s more than happy to face-fuck or top you into obilvion until you’re howling in painful pleasure. Enjoy yourself in this bar which is also known for it’s many parties. Note: It can get crowded in this bar on party nights.

Near new years day La Bamba moved location to the opposite side of Soi 13/1. It’s only 20 meters from the previous location and now also has a guesthouse with very economical room. Visit their website to make booking reservations and more details at the link below.

The new bar is slightly larger with plush couches. There’s a small group of girls working, maybe 7 or so on staff but the caliber of these girls is AMAZING. Pattaya big dick legend Nancy and Cindy are there along with new teen superstar Will (aka View / Wii). Open until the last customer leaves with reasonably priced drinks. Bottled beers and quality mixed drinks. With rooms upstairs and a very relaxing attitude and it’s proximity to Stringfellows makes La Bamba a highly recommended stop on the Pattaya Ladyboy hunt.

This is only just the start.. there’s a handful of other bars including:

Lucky Love Bar, Pook Bar Soi 6, So What, Obsessions, Pook Bar Soi Buakaow, Linda Bar, Hi Boss, Stringfellows, Malibu Show Bar, So What, 69 Bar, Hot Tuna / My Way Bar, Baby Boom, The House, Fantasy Lounge, Walking Street, Beehive, Blue Dragon are all Ladyboy bars in Pattaya! If you adore these mysterious sexual creatures called Ladyboys, schedule a visit to Pattaya on your next trip to Thailand. You will not regret it

Hand picked selection of TSGirlfriendExperience exclusives

TS Girlfriend ExperienceIf you didn’t know yet, TSGirlfriendExperience is yet another fully exclusive site presented to you by Trans500 – featured some of the hottest Colombian TS all stars. Enjoy these free hand picked samples with Sienna Grace below from the newest TS Girlfriend Experience sex scenes only here on TransLadyboy.

Enjoy guys 🙂

Description: People it’s about that time of the week! Today we have the slim and sexy Sienna Grace visiting us to show off her cock pleasuring skills. Our boy is out on vacation in Vegas and wants to sit back and relax.What’s the best way to do that? A sexy slim and toned TGirl.That’s exactly what he calls up for the night.It’s about to be on with this beauty.Hardcore interracial TS fucking is what’s about to happen tonight.Nothing turns on Sienna more than a huge black cock up that thirsty ass.Now let’s sit back, relax and get right into it for the weekend with our sexy Sienna Grace in “Interracial TS Lovin”

Anime Story: TS Cock Surprise

Anime Story: TS Cock Surprise

I’m the type of guy in the club that you either hate or envy, you know the good looking guy, bit cocky – that knows his way around women. Guaranteed to score a chick every Friday and Saturday night. Oh well, if you are part of the hater group you’ll be pleased to hear last night I stroke out, invited the girl out for a smoke and made my move to kiss her. Least to say she did not appreciate that.


The guys that usually hate me would probably get a good kick out of this. But you know I consider the hunt a game.. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. With my balls still hurting, I make my way back into the club.


Heading back to meet up with the boys, I feel someone bump into me. I can tell it’s a chick, her big soft titties gave that away. My manwhore senses are tinkling, did she change her mind? did she feel sorry for me? Pitty sex is better than NO SEX at all, right? 😉 .. or perhaps it’s one of my old flings who’s horny and looking to get laid. But no, this time I got it all wrong. Instead it’s a gorgeous Brunette dressed in a slutty blue denim dress with high heel stockings… “Hi, what’s your name handsome” and she’s flirting with me! Has the hunter become the pray? I like where this is heading.


This has to be one of the easiest scores ever, she basically picked me up. She seemed in a rush to get going and I was not going to complain about that. Just look at her, those perfect curves, can’t wait to see her titties. Wonder what’s beneath those panties of such a horny girl..


She slowly walks to the shower, as if she’s walking on a catwalk fashion show and asks me to join her. As she’s washing down her gorgeous body, big tits and.. a big stiff cock?!! Oh my god, she’s a tranny? I can’t believe this is happening, it kind of makes sense now.. but how can this be? How couldn’t I tell.. she’s drop dead gorgeous, has a feminine voice, wears super tight dresses and G-string panties. God damn. There’s so many thoughts going through my head… run away, this is wrong, is this gay? I slowly walk over to her and can feel my cock growing hard from excitement, my heart pounding in my chest. I want to say something but can’t think of anything that would be fitting.. as I come closer she puts her finger on my lips and tells me it’s alright.



Her hand reaches around my cock. As she goes down to suck it I just close my eyes and enjoy the moment thinking it’s a girl. What a great performance, this has to the best blowjobs I’ve had in my life. All of the sudden she stops and says she doesn’t want me to cum yet! At this point I’m so horny the rest is history.. we fucked all night and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. Of course, I got a picture of her pretty feminine upper body side so I could show it off to my friends that night in the club. Everyone envied me for scoring such a hot chick, and hey – My cocky self wasn’t going to admit it was a transsexual who picked me up instead! Would you?

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