Ladyboy Areeya as an Indian princess

Ladyboy Areeya playing the part of an indian princess, showing her perfect tits, her ешпре tummy and her ass you could bounce quarters off of

Sexy Areeya in Indian Princesses garbLadyboy Areeya used to be the star of LB-69, with thousands of members coming back weekly just to see if she had produced anything new. Now she has her own site, Areeya’s World, where she models her beautiful, flawless body for a significant base of fans. This hot gallery comes straight from her site and she’s playing the part of an Indian princess wearing the traditional garb and jewelry. On most days Areeya is a fantastically beautiful ladyboy, but today she’s really outdone herself.

Her dress is red and it’s wrapped tightly around her sexy frame. The jewelry is golden with rubies mixed throughout. Half of the gallery features her fully covered and in the second half she gives us what we want (alas, except for her lovely ladyboy cock). Have you ever seen a ladyboy body more beautiful than this one? Her tits are perfect, her waist is slim, her tummy is tight and her ass you could bounce quarters off of. We get great views of it all during this sexy solo posing session. As for her cock, its view seems to only be available to members of her site, Areeya’s World, which I suggest you to hurry to. Have fun!

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