Ladyboy Moo posing on a shore

Ladyboy Moo (Megan) poses on a Thai beach, standing in the water, striking a series of sexy poses

Ladyboy Moo (Megan) on a shoreThis gallery from Extreme Ladyboys begins in an odd location with Moo, or Megan, standing in the gutted hull of an airplane. Where there used to be seats there’s nothing but empty floor, making it the roomiest trip aboard and airplane ever. Megan looks good in her white tank top and panties, especially since she can’t see to keep the top over her tits, thus displaying them in full for us. After the fun on the plane the gallery moves to the beach where we see Megan posing in a different tank top and a cute pair of shorts.

She’s found a lovely place on the shore with rocks to sit on and clear water lapping at her feet. Clearly Thailand has some amazing beaches and has earned its status as a world class tourist destination. She stands in the water striking a series of poses that can only be described as supermodel-esque. This is a tgirl that knows how good looking she is and knows how to work her body in all the right ways. Looking at those lovely curves will no doubt get your balls tingling and your desire factory going wild. If that doesn’t do it then perhaps a few good looks at her tits will get the job done. See more of Moo at Extreme LBs.

8 thoughts on “Ladyboy Moo posing on a shore”

  1. Um yes,

    Moo is by far the best, much more real than the over exposed Areeya, not to take anything away from Areeya’s trail blasaing. Don’t believe anyone who says less is more. We know and love Moo because she’s out there. On the other hand (this one is tired thinking of Moo)Areeya is marketed like a tease. Good for some but a little tiresome.

    Go Moo, what part of Thailand are you?? 🙂

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