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Ladyboy Organ, probably the best newcomer that i have seen in the past several months. Sweet body, lovely face, cute small dick and deep grey expressive eyes…

Sexy honey ladyboy OrganJust look at what i have been missing for more than 3 months! This lovely girl Organ was added to lb-69 back in April and it’s only now that i made up my mind to finally check her pictures out. Boy, i was not disappointed! She’s such a rare beauty, he face is so sweet and lovely, i could spend all night kissing it. She has big grey expressive eyes, long hair, sweet kissable lips and pearly teeth, in fact there’s nothing in her appearance that suggests she’s not a real girl!

She has a terrific ass that you just can’t keep yourself from groping when she pulls down her knickers. And not only that, her feet are equally cute and sexy, so if you consider yourself a foot fetishist, be sure that you’d get an unforgettable footjob from this tgirl. And her little Asian cock is just pleading for you to get sucked. All in all, this ladyboy, Organ, is about the best newcomer that i have seen in the past several months, and she has all chances of becoming my favourite one. Check out her full picture set at Ladyboy 69.. A bit more of hers can be found at a forum, so make sure to vitis it too.

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