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The chill and fun way to pick up Ladyboys in Thailand

Ladyboys, shemales or whatever you want to call them are chilled laid-back & fun to talk to which is why they are more approachable than some girls themselves. This video is for entertainment purpose & no discrimination is intended upon transvestites as the author grew up in Thailand and he has friends that are transvestites as it is a normal and acceptable in Thai society. His way is a lot of fun and the responses are much better than they would be with fussy girls.

To spot or to be spotted

If you ever wonder on the streets of Pattaya or Bangkok, it’s impossible not to thing about what is or will be your move, regarding picking up a beautiful ladyboy. Should you dare to be the first one to open your mouth so you can make sure that there will be an open mouth later on for your pleasure, or should you just walk around and give the impression that you are available and one (or more) tgirls should jump you and let it happen from there? It seems a matter of choice really, but you should consider the advantages and disadvantages in both cases. Before that, you should know that dealing with a ladyboy is not the same as dealing with a regular girl.

Pattaya LadyboyTo spot

You see her/them, you like what you see and you decide to make your move. The good part is that you get to pick what pleases your eyes, but that does not guarantee a continuous pleasing for the rest of your body. Well, that’s not entirely true, ladyboys are too much fun… Nonetheless, you pick the cookie that you want to taste and from there it’s up to you what happens next. You can start with a nice ladydrink and dare to see how far you can bend after that. Do not forget rule no. 1: NEVER ask a girl if she’s a ladyboy, if you can’t recognize them from start, wait and see, it will be clear after a while (they carry themselves much better than regular girls, are more daring and look a lot fancier).

The disadvantage here is that you will throw your ego a bit and go to conquer. They will answer to your advantages but if you are a bit lazy, it will seem like a bit of work. Another “problem” might be the fact that you will have the impression of being in charge of everything…which is almost true, but not absolutely true.

To be spotted

This is a lot of fun, because you are the one being treated like the cookie and you’ll have an avalanche of tgirls “knocking at your entrance”. You can be picky, peevish, make jokes, throw in a few lines to see who responds better and play you game as you see fit. It’s not a secret that ladyboys are always daring and direct so you have to bare that in might. Don’t feel offended, no one is forcing you to do anything. Just enjoy the fact that so many gorgeous babes are throwing themselves at you and make you feel like a stud.

The downside? Well… it might be hard to pick, but at least there’s plenty to pick from. TIP Are you a fan of Ladyboys? Try the forum – this active forum specifically discusses Pattaya (& Bangkok) Ladyboys.

Dating a Thai Ladyboy – Fantasy vs. Reality

thailand-ladyboyWhenever you walk on the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or which ever beautiful city / island Thailand has to offer, your eyes will meet a world in which you want to dissolve yourself in. Amongst all the beautiful ladies waiting on or asking for a good time, you will find something that will totally blow your mind… You can spot them up from a distance because they really love carrying themselves in a majestic way, turning heads around and standing up from all other girls. You know it in your heart that you will want one of them (or more) to stand by your sight, make your nights white as day and your days intense as an explosion. But what is there to know about dating a ladyboy?

Cultural Differences

First off, there’s the cultural differences. If you are a foreigner it’s most certainly that you are used to the lifestyle accustomed to your home country,   and since in Thailand you are a visitor, you might think they will indulge you in everything. And even thought Thai people are very hospitable, it’s not the case. They do follow their own rules and believes. You can’t act like you own anyone and do as you please, even if at first they smile and show you consent. Just be civil and act like you would do anywhere else. Here’s a tip that will help you in your relationship: Attempting to learn about the Thai culture and lifestyle, language and perhaps religion is often considered a big plus by your ladyboy partner.

Another important rule: If you are looking for a ladyboy to spend time with, you should under no circumstances ask them if they are ladyboys. It will be very clear which ones are the ladyboys and which ones are girls, and most of them (speaking about 99, 9% of the time) will not lie about their true gender. The Thailand myth “waking up with a ladyboy next to your side thinking it was girl” is absolutely not true unless you become uncontrollably drunk, are cross eyed and you were pissing yourself in the barstool. In any case, remember that these babes can make you feel like it’s the first time in your life you ever had so much fun and it’s not just a fantasy coming true, it’s actually overcoming one.

2Expectations, yours and theirs

On your first encounter with a ladyboy you must resist the urge to treat her like you would treat an easy girl. You will get punched if you don’t show some respect. These girls are not shy and they can and will defend themselves on the spot, making you feel like hell if you mess it up. Be natural but not cocky, play nice and ask her about places she likes to go. You may find she’s more comfortable in surroundings she’s used too, rather than taking her to a fancy restaurant most ladyboys don’t appreciate. Get to know her a bit, show some interest. After you both feel comfortable with each other, chances will fly in your favor from all the corners. Anything you want will happen, no matter how kinky it is. The thing is, it will be very difficult to choose, since just on a simple walk in Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok will be an endless shear of insanely hot ladyboys reaching their hand towards you and inviting you to… well, a drink or “something”. As long as you just let it flow and do not act like a jack, you’ll be fine.

Traveling with a Ladyboy

If you have something more in mind than just a hookup, you can offer your partner out to travel anywhere in Thailand, spending time together like a real couple (and who knows, maybe that you will become one day). Keep in mind that it’s very normal in a Thai relationship that the partner with the best economical background provides for his/her significant other. It will make her feel right at home, and you get the best of both worlds, a ladyboy babe at your side making your time worth spending without the fuss and mood swings to drive you crazy. Thai society keeps an open mind about ladyboys and ladyboy relationships in general so you should never feel embarrassed to grab her by the hand and act like she’s your partner.

Long distance relationships with a Ladyboy

Thinking of a long-distance relationship with a ladyboy? It won’t be easy since they are rather active creatures and they don’t usually settle for a guy right away. But, you may find the one who wins your heart and wants to spend the rest of her days in your presence. The problem is that even if you talk on the phone, video chat and do anything to keep the relationship flowing from your home country, but you can never be too sure that she’s keeping her panties on just for you. As they are very initiative and always looking to provide for themselves and their families, they may request a small monthly fee to keep the relationship alive. This is very common practice for relationships between foreign men and Thai ladyboys. Often this is where lovers find themselves at cross roads, just another one of those cultural difference which may be hard to overcome.



Since you will find out it’s so easy to fall in love with a ladyboy who gives you everything on the spot, serving you with the beauty of a woman you may consider getting married together at one point in the relationship. This is actually may be tricky (legally speaking), because by Thai law a ladyboy is still considered a male and same-sex marriages in Thailand are not allowed. How ever, it’s not illegal to live together as partners, and as earlier mentioned Thai society is very accepting of these type of special relationships.

To not dive into the legal aspect of same-sex marriages, in fact the answer is YES you can get married to your ladyboy partner. It may not be legal by law, but it’s often done and adored by many Thai ladyboy lovers & embraced in Thai culture. You can choose to have a romantic traditional wedding ceremony (often in the home village of your partner), along with the family, friends to expose your love and make your dreams come true for everyone to see.

The easy way in

Now… the easiest way to start a perfect adventure with a hot ladyboy who will most certainly transform all your fantasies in reality is at the end of a click. If you want to just start knowing ladyboys or meet them, you can try ThaiFriendly, the most popular dating site for Thai ladyboys today. From there the possibilities depend only on your limits.

If you want to throw a helping hand to the people out there who want to join in this amazing world of dating ladyboys, please share your experiences with us in a comment. What to do, what not to do, where, when and so on.

Dating a transsexual woman

An insight from a transwoman for all men trying to meet and date an attractive transsexual female.

Our forum member, JodieTS, wrote about her thoughts on dating a transwoman, and i do think this needs to be read by more people who dream about having a TS girlfriend.

The following are Jodie’s own personal thoughts on the matter, and as such are certainly not the complete story. She hopes other TS women and those men who are in relationships with them contribute their own thoughts and experiences.

Before we look at trans-dating, may I take you out of trans-land and into cis-gendered land? Think of that stunning “Day-One” woman on this months cover of Rustler magazine? You’d like to date her yes? Now look at EVERY WOMEN YOU ENCOUNTER during the course of your typical day. How many of them could be a hot top model? Probably frak all.

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Trans Ladyboy has been a great success lately, and i was very glad and flattered that many people who were looking for shemales have actually met shemale lovers of their dreams. And only yesterday it has come to my mind what a neglect it is, not to have a special category for ads of people who are looking for shemales. Now the omission has been corrected and I expect all people who were looking to find a shemale partner, as well as tgirls themselves, to post their ads here. This way all information will be kept on one place for your convenience, maybe in a future i’ll divide it by regions, time will tell.

I wish you a happy and pleasant sex life and good luck in finding the partner of your dream!

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