Masturbation World Record

This guy who achieved 27 orgasms in 24 hours has a world’s masturbation record

Jason Cruz is now the new king of masturbation who achieved 36 orgasms in a 24 hour period! The previous record was held by a german student who achieved 27 orgasms / 24 hours.

During the 24 hour masturbation marathon the world’s record-holder remained focused and aroused by his impressive library of pornographic films. With over 400 films in his library playing at 3 TVs all the time, he had a continuous stream of footage. It is apparent by the massive development of the muscles in his forearm that Jason Cruz is not your average masturbator. In an interview he was quoted as saying, “masturbation for me is a way of life. I’ve been training for this day since I was 13 years old and I’m happy with my performance today“.

When asked what his next world record achievement would be, Jason Cruz said “my immediate goal is to get a bag of ice and some lotion on my penis to soothe the burning”.

The previous record was held by a german student who achieved 27 orgasms in a 24 hour period.

Will the military coup in Thailand affect sex industry?

The military coup recently took place in Thailand

The military coup that recently took place in Thailand is on all the news now. Although my friends there say that everything is going fine so far, and the coup is only for the good (they say the old prime minister was not such a good guy), many sex tourists are doing their best to get the hell out of Thailand within several hours.

So, what do you think about this situation? What are your forecasts?

London Masturbating Marathon 2006

Article about quite interesting event – The London Masturbating Marathon 2006

I have found this article very amusing 😉 Enjoy reading

Get ready for a truly hands on experience as the London Masturbating Marathon 2006 will take place in the capital this August.

The London Masturbating Marathon 2006, provisionally dubbed the Wank-A-Thon by Channel 4 for a special TV programmer which they will be screening, will see hundreds of happy Londoners getting their jollies in public all in the name of charity. Participants will be attempting to break the world record for continual masturbation. The current record was set in America and stands at eight and a half hours exactly.
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Our shemale blog has a new design

The shemale sex blog has got a new design. the old one was pretty much a failure

Well, guys, i’m going to take several days off, so i won’t be updating the blog for a while. However, i will log in from time to time to see if you have anything new to tell us…

As a small gift to all of You, i have modified the design of our shemale blog to make it more usable and look more attractive. Thus, please vote on my poll:

Trans Ladyboy Shemale Sex Blog is back

Shemale Sex Blog is back on track after being shut down

My dear readers,

our Shemale Sex Blog is back! The last five days were tough. The blog was shut down by a hoster (i suppose he didn’t like shemales), and worst of all i didn’t have a good backup. So i basically had to restore all posts that i have made since September 2005 to get the blog to work again. And i believe it’s all done correctly and the blog should be working as before now.

All in all, our shemale sex blog is back on track 😉 Stay tuned for more hot shemale galleries.

Shemale Sex Lover

Small Penis size problem

Have a short penis? Be sure to read this piece of information

It’s not a secret that some of us guys suffer from a short penis problem. This doesn’t mean we’re bad or handicapped or something, this just means we sometimes lack confidence and want to make our sex life better.

I recommend taking a look at this article that can help You overcome your small penis size problem.

Update: the article has been removed from the target site. Well, try your luck somewhere else 🙂

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Privacy Policy Statement

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Trans Ladyboy blog and forum collect personal information such as your name, date of birth and email address, when you register and knowingly provide it to us. We do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any third party without your permission. We place great emphasis on protecting the privacy of our customers.

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