Ladyboy Amy humiliating her slave

Ladyboy Amy pinned a car burglar and wants to humiliate him by showering him in her hot yellow urine

Ladyboy AmyAre you prepared for one of the naughtiest ladyboy shows at Extreme Ladyboys you’ve ever seen? This cutie Amy has a dirty side to her personality and you’re about to experience it in an amazing picture gallery.

A cat burglar has broken into ladyboy Amy’s hotel room but she has him pinned – I guess he wasn’t expecting her to have such strength. Now that he’s at her mercy he’s begging for her to be kind and he’d really like to have a shot at fucking her, as we all would. He actually takes the liberty of groping her tits, which once again I’m sure we’d all like to try.

Amy’s not really interested in giving him what he wants though. Instead she’s interested in taking what she wants from him and today she wants to humiliate him. First she whips out her sexy ladyboy cock and strokes herself above him. She beats her meat while he looks up and no doubt his mouth waters a little bit. Can you imagine being a few inches away from a ladyboy cock likes hers and not being able to suck it? It would be pure torture. The final humiliation comes when Amy unloads her bladder on his face. She absolutely showers him in hot yellow urine!!! It’s an awfully sexy mess. Head for Extreme Ladyboys now to see the full scene!

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  1. I would love to be in his place too except I wish she’d make me wrap my lips around her dick & drink her piss before she’d let me suck her off & swallow her delicious cum! I love her that much!

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