To spot or to be spotted

If you ever wonder on the streets of Pattaya or Bangkok, it’s impossible not to thing about what is or will be your move, regarding picking up a beautiful ladyboy. Should you dare to be the first one to open your mouth so you can make sure that there will be an open mouth later on for your pleasure, or should you just walk around and give the impression that you are available and one (or more) tgirls should jump you and let it happen from there? It seems a matter of choice really, but you should consider the advantages and disadvantages in both cases. Before that, you should know that dealing with a ladyboy is not the same as dealing with a regular girl.

Pattaya LadyboyTo spot

You see her/them, you like what you see and you decide to make your move. The good part is that you get to pick what pleases your eyes, but that does not guarantee a continuous pleasing for the rest of your body. Well, that’s not entirely true, ladyboys are too much fun… Nonetheless, you pick the cookie that you want to taste and from there it’s up to you what happens next. You can start with a nice ladydrink and dare to see how far you can bend after that. Do not forget rule no. 1: NEVER ask a girl if she’s a ladyboy, if you can’t recognize them from start, wait and see, it will be clear after a while (they carry themselves much better than regular girls, are more daring and look a lot fancier).

The disadvantage here is that you will throw your ego a bit and go to conquer. They will answer to your advantages but if you are a bit lazy, it will seem like a bit of work. Another “problem” might be the fact that you will have the impression of being in charge of everything…which is almost true, but not absolutely true.

To be spotted

This is a lot of fun, because you are the one being treated like the cookie and you’ll have an avalanche of tgirls “knocking at your entrance”. You can be picky, peevish, make jokes, throw in a few lines to see who responds better and play you game as you see fit. It’s not a secret that ladyboys are always daring and direct so you have to bare that in might. Don’t feel offended, no one is forcing you to do anything. Just enjoy the fact that so many gorgeous babes are throwing themselves at you and make you feel like a stud.

The downside? Well… it might be hard to pick, but at least there’s plenty to pick from. TIP Are you a fan of Ladyboys? Try the forum – this active forum specifically discusses Pattaya (& Bangkok) Ladyboys.

Update: Ladyboy Gold Review

It’s been awhile since the LadyboyGold review has been updated. You can easily say it’s been too long: approximately six years (6th of May 2008) since it’s last update and yet I found the website to be online, improved and more importantly still updating content on a steady schedule. Over the years LadyboyGold transformed itself into a premium ladyboy brand presenting seven exclusive Ladyboy websites for the price of one. Today’s main focus appears to be the exact same as in it’s opening year: Showing you the hottest and sexiest ladyboys from Thailand or as directly quoted from the LadyboyGold website:

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Let’s start off with some pictures of the sexiest and latest LadyboyGold models below:

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Today LadyboyGold features over 284 (and growing!) exclusive ladyboy models from all over Thailand including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. There’s too many models to name really and from what I’ve seen they are incredibly HOT: from petite femboy fuckdolls, cabaret show girls, Pattaya’s walkingstreet and Phuket’s soi crocodile freelancers to outright superstars from the famous Bangkok Nana Plaza Ladyboy Agogo’s such as Cascades and Temptations. LadyboyGold sure has come a long way from it’s original line up of 8 ladyboys Amy, Em, Kai, Noon, Paris, Lee, Moo and Wawa.

Individual model profiles show live video and picture previews which can be downloaded instantly after beocming a LadyboyGold member on any device.
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Miss International Queen 2010

The winners of 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant in Pattaya were announced.

The 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant’s winners were announced yesterday in Pattaya, Thailand. Out of 23 contestants from 15 different countries, the first 3 prizes went to Mini (Korea), Ami Takeuchi (Japan) and Stasha Sanchez (USA).

Miss International Queen. Ami Takeuchi from JapanMiss International Queen 2010. The contestants

Miss International Queen 2010. The 1-st runner,  Ms Mini from KoreaMiss International Queen 2010. Ms Mini's tears of disappointment

Miss International Queen 2010. Crowning the winnerMiss International Queen 2010. Stasha Sanchez,  the 3-rd runner from the US

My friend who attended the Miss International Queen show and who took these pictures, wrote the following to me:

the contestant from Korea was clearly the most beautiful one, however most of the spectators applauded to the ladyboy from Thailand.
This was a big surprise to Ms Mini and even made her burst into tears.
Although it was clear she was going to win.
A ladyboy from Japan won the 1-st prize last year and of course they were not going to make it again.
The ladyboy from Thailand was weak.
But the Korean was just right.
And, of course, the black shemale was really exotic, and got her well-earned 3-rd prize.

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