Paid a fortune to get fucked…

She upped the tempo and rode me hard, and I was fucking back onto her till we exploded together

An excellent story by our reader Marcus, who paid hefty price to fuck a gorgeous celebrity domme, but it happened the other way around. He still thinks it was worth every cent though 😉

Many years ago I paid a fortune for a one off session with Christy Mc Nicol the famous Australian woman at her studio in Brisbane. I can recall the session well. With some nerves at the time she put me at ease. We started talking over what it was that I wanted, no money had changed hands at that stage as she interviewed me basically. In those days I was a non smoker and I recall that I detested the habit. When she lit up I had no qualms at all, she was so feminine and just regal really. She asked me a range of questions and what it was that I felt at the time. She wore a black PVC get up similar to what she wore in a scene I saw recently on a porn movie. Just below the knee boots which complimented the mood she was in I suppose.

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I jizz in her! She jizzes in me!…its the best sex I will ever have!

I sucked her ladycock the first time we met…but when we fucked bareback…

klanestine313 posted this as a comment at our blog, but I feel this deserves to be on the main page 😉

I only have this to say about dating a T Girl! i have been in a long distance relationship with an Asian T girl from Toronto. I have been seeing her and dating her steady since then! I love her to DEATH! She is the most sensual and sexual person I have ever known!

The first time we met…she gave me a blowjob I will always remember! And about two days later we had intercourse! It was the best sex I have ever had…until we met again! i just got home from a military deployment…i went to see her in Niagara falls Canada!…she let me fuck her bareback…and she said she wanted to feel a mans cum in her ass!…so she will feel what it means to be a woman! So..i did what she asked…I jizzed right inside her!

We have been fucking bareback ever since. I have to tell everyone here. She was my first T Girl…and it was the best sex ever! I sucked her ladycock the first time we met…but when we fucked bareback…i really into sucking her ladycock and she said I do it so well! I have to say…I love the feeling of her jizz jetting into my mouth! To feel he spasm and fuck my mouth like it was a pussy!…I swallowed her so entirely..then I kept on sucking and loving her for a while. She was so turned on..she bent over and gave me the best sex ever! When I came, we were both in the standing position.

We have fucked over 30 times since then, and she never makes me wanting! I jizz in her! She jizzes in me!…its the best sex I will ever have! I will say this…even though genetically she is a man…i have never seen her anything other than a woman. Her and I will get married one day! I love my Asian ladyboy that much!

Fucking Hot Shemale Slave

A young and sexy horny Asian shemale wants to get hard for you and become your slave

Hot webcam shemale slave will do everything Just imagine the beautiful FuckingHotSlave in front of her camera wearing beautiful black mini-skirt, a pair of white lace panties and a sexy white bra. She looks at you with lust in her eyes and she begins a seductive dance designed to make your cock grow. She shakes her ladyboy ass at the camera and flashes her tits. She runs her hands over her smooth legs and her booty. Then she takes things to the next level by whipping out her cock and giving you a chance to have your dreams.

You’ll see the dick of FuckingHotSlave and you’ll have something strong in mind. Perhaps you’ll think of how you’d like to suck on her Asian cock. You’d like to take it in your mouth and down your throat while she holds your head and pumps your face with her meat. You want the babe thinking of how tight and warm you are and how good you make her feel.

She loves kinky stuff and will happily wear leather, rubber and latex for you if it turns you on. She likes to smoke and will spank her own ass too.

If you sign on for a long show with FuckingHotSlave make sure you ask her to cum in her own mouth. She loves doing that and it will make a terrific mess. She’ll flip her legs over her head and jerks her cock hard and fast to make the cum shoot. It all lands in her mouth and then she swallows it! That’s what a great webcam babe is willing to do for you if you’ll let her. Check her out live on webcam.

She took my virgin ass in one wonderful deep thrust

I was like a cock crazed slut I wanted her shemale cock so much I was crying for it.

I’m gladly publishing a story that our reader Ray sent us. This is about him exploring the earlier unknown side of his sexuality with his beautiful pre-op friend Mimi. I’m sure many of you would pay dearly to be in his place 😉 Ray has the floor now.

* * *

You have not had sex until you have taken a well hung shemale with a full pair of tits bree you like aslut in heat whilst you are wearing ultar sheer lingerie nylons and stiletto heels.

I am a western guy living in Jakarta. About 4 years ago a pre op friend of mine was at my place for a weekend. She has an incredible figure 34D 25 38 and incredible legs.

Late on the Sunday after noon we were lounging on the patio when she suddenly leaned over and kissed me.The sensation of her full lips brushing mine felt electric and my responce was immediate and hungry. No woman ever fired me up so fast and I wrapped my arms around her neck and was moaning into her mouth as her tongue drove me wild.

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Shemale Olivia Love humiliates her slave

She Olivia Love wants her cock sucked today so she order her slave to suck her cock and lick her ass before banging him

Shemale Olivia Love getting a rimjobOlivia Love is the name of that blonde standing in front of the camera wearing the sexy red corset and the black leather skirt. You might not see it at first but she’s a transsexual model with a nice shemale cock hanging between her legs. She also gets a thrill out of dominating guys and today is her chance to be a naughty bitch. She gets to take control and use this submissive young guy as her toy. He’ll give up his mouth and his asshole for her pleasure and you better believe she’s doing to take advantage of that.

She gives us a few solo posing shots to turn us on and then she brings him into the picture to worship her body. That’s what she gets off on. She likes it when guys are totally subservient to her and are willing to do as she commands. She wants them to show their willingness to be dominated. She tells him to kiss her legs and he presses his lips against her sexy stockings and does as commanded. She wants her cock sucked so he pulls the panties aside and takes her growing tranny dong into his mouth. This is what a good submissive does for his controlling shemale goddess.

The dick gets hard in his mouth because he’s a good sucker and because she is so turned on by having him under her control. The beautiful scene also shows him rimming her shemale asshole because she knows it’s humiliating to have to lick an ass. To make his submission complete she wants him licking her shoes and feet. She puts her leg in the air and like a dutiful slave he puts his tongue to use. The gallery ends with a great picture of her standing behind him sliding her cock into his asshole.

There’s certainly a lot more she could do with her slave, so if You loved watching Olivia doing dirty things to her slave, head for TransSex Domination to see more stuff of that kind.

Suck like no other

I continued to suck her big fat uncircumcised cock head deeply into my throat as she taught me to suck like no other

This is a guest post from our reader, Richard In Houston. He met a beautiful young lady, Terry, who taught him to “suck like no other”. An awesome shemale story to read, if You ask me!

I was separated from my first wife the first time it ever happened to me. We had only been separated for a few weeks. I was working in New Orleans and was driving around the French Quarter in my car when I whistled at what I thought was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen as she approached the entrance to a club on Toulouse street. Perfect breast, perfect legs, slim waist and just a beautiful living doll that I doubt any man could resist. I was just as surprised when she looked at me and motioned for me to park and follow her into the bar.

Parking my car as fast as I could I rushed into the bar only to have my heart broken when I saw her with two much better looking guys than me, but since I was there I figured I’d get a beer anyway.

The place was packed as I expected it would be and I walked around the round bar where I could still see her as I ordered my beer. Just then a very tall woman with the most beautiful short, straight platinum blonde hair and a pair of beautiful perky (not too big, not too small) breast put her arm through mine and with her face only inches from mine said in a sexy voice, “you’re not going to drink that all alone are you?”

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Dominant japanese ladyboy Reina explores a guy’s asshole

A submissive guy gives ladyboy Reina a blowjob with his talented lips and tongue, then takes her cock deep up his ass

Dominant Ladyboy ReinaThe Japanese ladyboy is named Reina and she looks sexy in her skimpy outfit. She’s sitting in front of the camera enjoying a smoke and you can see that there’s an air of control and power that she exudes. She’s the dominant type and this ladyboy is going to fuck her man today and show him what it means to be submissive in the sexy gallery.

It starts with worshipping her ladyboy feet as she wants to feel his tongue and lips over every inch of her sexy skin down there. If he shows that he has a passion for her feet then he can explore her ladyboy cock with his mouth and maybe even his ass.

The beautiful ladyboy lets him kiss and caress her soft legs as much as he wants and it seems to turn him on because he gets awfully worked up doing so. It turns her on too and soon she’s sporting wood. That’s when his mouth goes to work as he gives the ladyboy a blowjob with his talented lips and tongue. He wants to feel her cock throbbing so it can be used to hump his rump. The deeper she goes into his asshole the better he’s going to feel and she knows it. He’s a bitch for her cock and he takes every inch she wants to deliver. It’s an intensely arousing and passionate scene with a dominant Japanese ladyboy letting her man worship every inch of her body before he gets to take her cock…

Stop by and check out Shemale Japan to see more of this set: they have tons of stuff like this for You to enjoy!

Fucked and sucked by a ladyboy

She lowered her mouth over my cock head and started sucking it while banging my bottom with her ladyboy dick

Our reader Maxie wants to share what it is like to be fucked up bottom by a ladyboy and getting a blowjob from her at the same time. Seems very exciting, what do you think? 😉

On a recent visit to Thailand I went further than I ever thought I would. I picked up a “young lady” Bangkok which I knew to be a ladyboy. She was very good looking and then some. She appreared from the outset to be nice, very quietly spoken, her English was ok, just. But she seemed genuine. I explained that I wanted something different and to experience the real thing. In 30 minutes we are in my hotel room, equipped with condoms, a small vibrator, KY, cigarettes, Vodka and surgical gloves. She poured me a very strong Vodka and generally just made me feel comfortable. After a lot of small talk she made the first move and began to kiss me and caress my cock slowly, I responded and after some awkward kind of refusal she finally allowed me to get my hands on her girly clit.

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Shemale Tempest torments and fucks a sissy guy

Sissy boy is blindfolded, bound up and fucked by a dominant shemale Tempest. See her nearly biting his dick off

Shemale Tempest choking a guy's dickSo you want to see a sub guy fucked by a dominant shemale? If so, today’s gallery from Transex Domination will not leave you indifferent. This poor sissy boy is blindfolded with a spike iron mask and his hands are chained above his head. Like this is not enough, he’s gagged too and the incredibly vicious shemale that did all of that to him is right next to him. Her name is Tempest and she’s enjoying it a whole lot and the pain that runs through his body no doubt turns her on even more. She likes dominating bitch boys and she’s dreaming of how good it’s going to fill his nasty asshole with her hard tranny cock to fuck him deep.

She puts him through hell, tormenting, humiliating and almost biting his dick off. After he fully submits to her mistress, she decides she needs a blowjob and removes his mask. When she feeds her shemale cock down his throat he responds because that’s what comes naturally for him. He’s a slut first and foremost and he sucks dick with the best of them. He gets her shemale rod hard with that wet and talented mouth and then she starts roughly fucking his asshole with her fat shemale cock. By now he’s Tempest’s bitch. He is owned by her and she will use him however she pleases. If she wants to pump him and then toss him out that’s what she’ll do. If she wants to keep him around for a few weeks to play with that’s what she’ll do.

This shemale really likes to take her bitches doggy style. That’s how they know they’re just her sluts. The guy gets fucked hard doggy style and Tempest is driving deep to make him scream. It’s truly a world class hardcore scene. Check out Transex Domination for more rough stuff like that, it’s a fucking great site if you ask me!

Black shemale Jade feeds her cock down her man’t throat

Shemale dominatrix Jade pulls out her big black tranny cock and feeds it into her boyfriend’s mouth. He loves that and happily starts working on her big schlong.

Black shemale star Jade getting her cock sucked by her bf SteveSeveral days ago I posted a video of a black shemale Jade fucking her buddy and promised to throw in a picture gallery with the beginning of that episode. Of course, You’ve all been good boys and girls, so here’s your reward. Enjoy watching.

Jade the beautiful black shemale has a strong man Steve at her disposal (the one she’ll screw without remorse later on) and the gallery shows the two of them getting into their fun sexual play. She comes into the room to find him playing with his cell phone but this sexy, dominant black shemale wants more. She wants him to pay close attention to her, to service her hot body and show her that he loves her. She demands that he prove his devotion and he’s no madman so he happily starts working on her naughty body.

She pulls her hot black tranny cock out from under her tight teddy and feeds it to him. He opens wide and gleefully sucks on the fat schlong because he wants to show this sexy shemale dominatrix how much he loves her. The two of them are quickly lost in their lust and she lets him play with her tits and slowly strip away her dominant teddy to reveal the beautiful body that lies beneath.

Make no mistake though, this gorgeous black shemale is in full control of the scene throughout. She tells him what she wants and he does it because that’s what good boys do. Towards the end of the gallery they’re really getting into it as she literally feeds her black cock into his mouth and down his throat.

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