Shemale Olivia Love humiliates her slave

She Olivia Love wants her cock sucked today so she order her slave to suck her cock and lick her ass before banging him

Shemale Olivia Love getting a rimjobOlivia Love is the name of that blonde standing in front of the camera wearing the sexy red corset and the black leather skirt. You might not see it at first but she’s a transsexual model with a nice shemale cock hanging between her legs. She also gets a thrill out of dominating guys and today is her chance to be a naughty bitch. She gets to take control and use this submissive young guy as her toy. He’ll give up his mouth and his asshole for her pleasure and you better believe she’s doing to take advantage of that.

She gives us a few solo posing shots to turn us on and then she brings him into the picture to worship her body. That’s what she gets off on. She likes it when guys are totally subservient to her and are willing to do as she commands. She wants them to show their willingness to be dominated. She tells him to kiss her legs and he presses his lips against her sexy stockings and does as commanded. She wants her cock sucked so he pulls the panties aside and takes her growing tranny dong into his mouth. This is what a good submissive does for his controlling shemale goddess.

The dick gets hard in his mouth because he’s a good sucker and because she is so turned on by having him under her control. The beautiful scene also shows him rimming her shemale asshole because she knows it’s humiliating to have to lick an ass. To make his submission complete she wants him licking her shoes and feet. She puts her leg in the air and like a dutiful slave he puts his tongue to use. The gallery ends with a great picture of her standing behind him sliding her cock into his asshole.

There’s certainly a lot more she could do with her slave, so if You loved watching Olivia doing dirty things to her slave, head for TransSex Domination to see more stuff of that kind.

Tranny nurse Sabrina makes a guy suck her cock

Tranny nurse Sabrina pleasures a guy as he desires, first she makes him suck her dick, then puts on a condom and fucks him doggy style.

Tranny nurse getting a blowjob from a guyWouldn’t it be great if we all had a tranny nurse at our disposal to come over to our house and fuck use whenever we were feeling a little unwell? This is what today’s gallery from Latina Tranny is all about, and that’s the situation this guy lives in. Today he’s given his tranny nurse Sabrina a call and she’s here to try and pleasure him as he desires. She has him suck her tranny dick to get the party started and then she treats his asshole to a rimming that’s sure to spice things ups.

The rimming is to loosen him up for the eventual entrance of her shemale cock, of course! Nurse tranny puts on a condom and has him get on his hands and knees to enter him properly. A gentle push and she’s inside. This isn’t the first time he’s been fucked and it certainly won’t be the last. In addition to doing him doggy style Sabrina also does him missionary and in the sexy spoon position. It seems like the lovely tranny nurse has total control over him as she makes him suck her cock until she’s ready to cum and then she blows her load on his face.

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Fun time with russian shemales in Moscow

I was dying to come, so I asked the shemale whether she could suck me at the meantime. She slip down under me, and just grabbed my member with her mouth

Our new forum member who calls himsels BigBell609 has recently visited Moscow and obviously had some fun time with Russian shemale escorts. Now he wants to share the juicy details of his fun time in Moscow. I know, you’re going to like that 😉


The first day, I was with my Russian friend, who introduced to me the Russian shemale escort. Since I know he is a big fan of shemales, so I wasn’t shy of asking him about shemale escorts in Russia. He called in a shemale escort for me rightaway. I was staying in a hotel in downtown Moscow. Since my company paid for the expenses, I was staying at a quite nice 5-star hotel.

Soon (about forty minutes later), someone was knocking on the door. Then came in this astonishingly good looking lady. My friend talked to her briefly in Russian. Then he turned to me asked me to give her $$$ (apparently she did not ask for Russian money), which I happily complied. My friend waved to me goodbye and he went out of the door. To tell you the truth, I was extremely nervous. I have been to other shemale escorts before in the States, and not being this nervous. In fact, if some of you have read my other post, you know I had a shemale girlfriend a few years ago. Well, maybe because I was in a foreign country.

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Two tgirls chatting

I’m rubbing my breasts on your thighs, giving your balls just a small kiss, looking into your eyes as i take the head of your cock in my mouth!

Tonight I’ll continue publishing the chat logs from our chat room! It’s so much fun reading them and pretending you’re taking action in that too! Like in today’s very hot chat between two tgirls, Jennifer and Allison…

Jennifer: Hi
allison: hey baby
Jennifer: hi sweetie
allison: whats new
Jennifer: nothing
Jennifer: i’m still horny from last night
Jennifer: with you
allison: i thought about it all night
Jennifer: me too
Jennifer: i had a big hard on
Jennifer: all night
allison: what r u doing right now
Jennifer: since u came on
Jennifer: playing with my cock
allison: yes
allison: thought so
allison: me too
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Review of Shemale Mov – a huge tranny porn video archive

Shemale Mov boasts a huge tranny porn video archive built from DVD scenes. Tremendous number of categories, including couples, solo, threesomes and group sex, shemales fucking guys, fetishes, pornstars and ladyboys.

Shemale Mov claims to be the biggest collection of shemale movies on the net, which is pretty bold. There are a lot of shemale sites out there and it would be hard to beat them all, but even if this isn’t the biggest one they definitely have tons of tranny porn inside.

Screenshot of the VIP area

I know that because I just finished watching the preview trailers they make available on the tour. They have 28 just sitting there waiting to be watched and waiting to turn you on. If you’re at all curious you’ve got to check them out. Get all chubbed up before you join and witness the wonder that is the member’s area.

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Shemale Carla Novaes and her caged slave

Shemale Carla Novaes makes her slave lick her feet then shoots a load of her shemale jizz on his face

Shemale Carla Novaes makes her slave lick her feetCarla Novaes from Shemale Revenge is a stunningly sexy shemale. She has big tits, long legs and a tight ass to go along with her thick cock. In short, she’s the perfect sexual being…

There’s at least one man that agrees with my assessment, and he lives in a cage in Carla’s basement, ready to serve her whenever she desires. He willingly agreed to be her sex slave and now he lives the life of his dreams, sucking her cock and letting her fuck his ass anytime of day or night. This gallery begins as Carla wakes up her slave and tells him to get ready for her cock.

She likes to remind him of his place in the world, which is why she has him lick her feet at the beginning of each sexual session. She also likes him to suck her cock through the bars of his cage because it reinforces the notion that he has no free will, that he is hers to control as she sees it. After the cocksucking session Carla sits in a chair and has her slave straddle her. Her hard cock soon finds its way into his asshole and then he’s instructed to ride her. After a long fuck his reward is a shot of her shemale cum on his face.

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Beautiful ladyboy Kim

Absolutely gorgeous webcam ladyboy Kim posing for me, wanking off, riding a dildo and fucking her ass with her own dick!

Sweet face of a webcam ladyboy KimI was not too discouraged with my yesterday unsuccesful webcam chat, so, full of hopes, with my cock in my hands, I logged in to my Imlive account to see who’s online. And it didn’t take too long, this webcam girl momentarily hooked me with her sexy smile. Her name is xxSHEMALExx. If you’re only looking up top there’s no indicator that she was born a boy. She’s really gorgeous, and her face is so cute and feminine, in fact this is what drew me to her in the first place. Her real name is Kim and she began our show with a little tit play. I was pleasantly surprised to see a natural pair of A cups on her sweet and sexy body, which was totally naked by the way. After a bit of chat to start things off she panned the web camera down to her crotch and started stroking her lovely shaven cock.

Speaking of which, she was decently endowed for Asian. I’d say it was a good 6 inches with a perfect thickness. It was just the kind of cock that will give you a good fuck without causing any discomfort. You better believe I was dreaming of having that thing inside me while I was watching her stroke it. My own dick was raging looking at her go. I especially liked it when she would speed up her stroking and her hand would turn into a blur.

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Pretty and funny ladyboy Alexa on a webcam

I and some Dutch guy fucking hot webcam shemale Alexa in her ass and mouth. Great ladyboy live cam show!

Sweet webcam ladyboy Alexa whowing her anus ring and wanking off Saturday evening was the time I decided to treat myself with some nice shemale cock on a webcam, so I browsed the profiles of all ladyboys that were online and i picked the one by nick ErotiqTSbunny, she had great looks and big penis, but most importantly it was her happy hour on webcam (hence, the discounts 😉 ). And I was glad you did, Alexa (that was her name) turned out to be a very friendly and good personality, she always smiled and we both laughed a lot during our chat. When i connected to her webcam, she was obviously having a good time with herself, singing and dancing around in her tight-fitting leather panties. She didn’t notice at once that i dropped in and continued to dance, as for me, all my attention was riveted to that huge bulge between her legs. I thought she must have had a hell of a big cock, at least 8″.

At this point i must confess that I fucked up again. When i watched the show i realized that the sound didn’t record, which was a big loss, because Alexa had a very sexy and pleasant feminine voice. You’d never tell neither from her voice, nor from her looks neither that she’s not a GG (her tits are a bit small but she said they’re starting to grow)…

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Our birthday and pics of Ladyboy Lee

For our birthday we have prepared a couple pictures of Ladyboy Lee, one of the most beautiful TS teens that You have ever seen

Ladyboy Lee with a bulge in pantiesBeautiful Lee licking a dildo

First of all boys and girls let me remind you that it’s our birthday today. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s exactly 2 years ago that TransLadyboy was started and just look what’s become of it now. I’m so happy it’s something more than just another free porn site, but more like a place for alike-minded people to communicate and educate themselves and others about their own sexuality, relationship with ladyboys and many other related things. Thank You very much my dear readers for helping make this what it is now.

In this glorious day let me treat you with a couple pictures of a young, beautiful and very promising Ladyboy Lee from LB Gold (more pics can be seen in a separate thread dedicated to Lee at the forum). I can’t argue that she was the great find for LB Gold, with such sweet girlish face, green eyes, small lovely tits, feet and dick, she surely is a beauty. How can one refrain himself from kneeling down before her, and kissing her hands, her little flat belly, her legs, feet and that adorable asian penis? I’m sure many of you would die to have a girlfriend like this, or even marry her… Enjoy the pics of this young angel and be sure to visit Ladyboy Gold for more

Big eyed ladyboy Daniel shows her feet and soles

Do you love sexy feet of ladyboys? This set will give you a boner!

ladyboy daniel feet shemale solesDo you love sexy feet of ladyboys? Does this picture of pretty soles of ladyboy Daniel give you a boner? You’re going to enjoy this gallery, this fucking horny ladyboy will show you everything she’s got, includind the closeup of her uncut penis.

I’m gonna tell you what i’d do with this ladyboy. I’d grab Daniel’s little scrotum and squeeze and fondle and play with her delicious balls while rubbing my cockhead against her warm soles. Then i’d turn her around and shoot a big load of wad in her mouth, while she is gazing at me with her big eyes admiring my cock! That’s it!!!

Oh, of course the full set is available to Ladyboy 69 members.