Some New Sex Positions To Try

Read about these hot sex position and be sure to give them a try – you are going to love it!

Most everybody knows the sex positions, so why read this? Well there maybe a few that you don’t know or some that you may can improve on. Read on and you will be pleased with what you learn. New things are essential to keeping your sex life alive. Don’t fall into the rut of the same ole position and technique night after night. Here are some sex positions that might help spice up your intimate life, and, although there were originally intended for sex between a male and a female, with a little imagination you can apply this to a shemale sex as well. Enjoy!

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Should I sleep with a Ladyboy?

I have seen pictures of very beautiful ladyboys and I’m wondering if I should to to Bangkok to sleep with a ladyboy.

This was written by our reader Dave, and, I believe, needs to be seen by more people.

Is this one of life’s more tricky questions or am i giving it too much thought? Should I sleep with a ladyboy when I go to bangkok in a few weeks? I have spoken to lots of my friends who have been over to asia and some of them have had tranny sex and others say no way would they ever do that. As a western man from europe I was thinking about trying it out, you only live once right so why not? Does any one here have any advice or points of view as to whether I should take on this fantasy? I have zero experience with ladyboys having never even spoken to one so sleeping with one just for fun seems a little bit wrong, almost taking advantage of thier situation.

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Miss International Queen 2010

The winners of 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant in Pattaya were announced.

The 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant’s winners were announced yesterday in Pattaya, Thailand. Out of 23 contestants from 15 different countries, the first 3 prizes went to Mini (Korea), Ami Takeuchi (Japan) and Stasha Sanchez (USA).

Miss International Queen. Ami Takeuchi from JapanMiss International Queen 2010. The contestants

Miss International Queen 2010. The 1-st runner,  Ms Mini from KoreaMiss International Queen 2010. Ms Mini's tears of disappointment

Miss International Queen 2010. Crowning the winnerMiss International Queen 2010. Stasha Sanchez,  the 3-rd runner from the US

My friend who attended the Miss International Queen show and who took these pictures, wrote the following to me:

the contestant from Korea was clearly the most beautiful one, however most of the spectators applauded to the ladyboy from Thailand.
This was a big surprise to Ms Mini and even made her burst into tears.
Although it was clear she was going to win.
A ladyboy from Japan won the 1-st prize last year and of course they were not going to make it again.
The ladyboy from Thailand was weak.
But the Korean was just right.
And, of course, the black shemale was really exotic, and got her well-earned 3-rd prize.

A ladyboy marries two of her boyfriends

Somjit Songjaeng, a Thai ladyboy, is to marry two of hr boyfriends at once.

Somjit Songjaeng (42), a Thai ladyboy, is to marry two of her boyfriends at once on November 13-th. She has lived with her 1-st boyfriend for over 6 years, and met her second boyfriend just one year ago. All three decided they could all get married live happily together. The bride expects both boys to attain a prosperous life and the first step for them would be to get a higher education.

A wrong prostitute

A TV prostitute beat a robber who shot her. Sometimes you have to pick your prostitutes more carefully…

Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman was looking for someone to rob, and picked a transvestite prostitute, Mr. Bumpus as he thought that would be an easy victim. The prostitute was 6’3″, 280 lbs and was wearing a pink halter top and pumps. They went into a nearby alley to transact business but then Bowman pulled a gun and shot the TV in the arm. The bullet went through and lodged near Mr. Bumpus’ ribs, however, even though he was shot, the transvestite continued fighting, got the gun away from the assaulter, grabbed him by the hair and beat the daylights out of him. The other transvestites, the friends of Bumpus, him beat Bowman.

The cops said it was one of their more memorable arrests of their lives. The robber was charged with felonious assault and having a gun while under a criminal disability.

Source: Teenager picked wrong transvestite prostitute to rob

3, 120 torrent users busted for downloading Avatar XXX 3D illegally.

3, 120 torrent users who allegedly downloaded the porn remake of Avatar are getting sued.

The news came out last Sunday that Larry Flynt Publications sued 3, 120 BitTorrent users who illegally downloaded Hustler‘s “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D”. So far, this suit is the second largest in terms of numbers of users sued over porn thievery with the largest suit having as many as 5, 011 people who allegedly downloaded and distributed the heavily pirated celebrity sex tape “Danielle Staub Raw.”

This news made me wondering how many of Internet surfers watch stolen porn videos from time to time. We reassure You that Your vote will be totally anonymous and no bits of information will be stored at our servers in regards to Your voting, including your IP address. See our Privacy Policy for details.


Transsexual gene discovered

An androgen receptor gene might be responsible for M2F transsexualism

Australian researchers have identified a gene involved in testosterone action that might be responsible for male-to-female transsexualism. The longer versions of this gene are associated with reduced action of testosterone which has an effect on gender development in the womb. Comparison of the long version of the androgen receptor gene from the M2F transsexual participants with 258 controls showed its significant link with transsexualism. The study has also proven that certain brain structures in M2F transsexual people are more “female like”.

Blowjob tips: how to please your ladyboy lover orally

If you want to become the best blowjob giver for your ladyboy lover, here are some excellent tips that will help you become a pro

For those of you who already learnt to masturbate with our 15 great tips the next step would be obviously to master the art of giving blowjobs to your ladyboy. These were written by our forum member Hank and not only beginners, but also experienced shecock adorers will find these tips really helpful in enhancing their skills. I’m sure you’ll find them useful even if you don’t have a ladyboy lover yet, after all it’s never too early or too late to learn, right? 😉 Anyway, i’m going to let Hank speak now…

In the beginning I was a true beginner… surely, I’d always been an accomplished cis*girl pussy eater and some of the same techniques apply (the ones about FEELING your lover), but this was new until Fey (my first ladyboy) demanded to train me. I never enjoyed getting blown myself so much (and tgirls generally don’t suck any better than cis*girls by my limited experience) but others do, so I had to learn the trade to be a joy to her…

Here’s what I learned:

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German pop star Kim Petras gets SRS at the age of 16

German pop star Kim Petras completed her Gender Reassignment Surgery in November 2008 when she was only sixteen

German pop star Kim PetrasThe young German Pop singer – Kim Petras is now a girl of sixteen, she is the well known figure now for having taken hormone replacement therapy at the early age of twelve only. Having under gone Gender reassignment Surgery in November she is now one of the youngest and one of the most confident and determined transgender.

Head of the Psychiatric Special Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents with Identity Disorder, Dr Bernd Meyenburg states ‘Very few youth psychiatrists have any experience with transsexual developments. The families wander from one psychiatrist to the next. I was always against such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of my patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager – I realized that in some cases it is the right decision’. This has been his remarks on Kim Petras, the boy who felt that he was in a wrong body since the age of two, now transformed to a young girl and popular pop singer.

‘I know that because of my past people will always bring up the subject, I can’t get away from it. But I hope that one day I might be better known for something else like my music.’ says Kim.

Masturbation tips from our reader: more creative ways to wank off

Some nice jerk off tips from our reader Kenny: outdoor wanking, jerking off in a car, masturbation with a dildo, making a fuck doll and tons more!

The masturbation tips that i published almost 3 years ago have always been a very popular read with over 300 responses to them as of now. I equally, if not more, enjoyed reading all the comments of our visitors, however what our reader Kenny have recently posted deserves to be published as a separate article. Thank you Kenny for such a thoughtful and thorough insight into ways to masturbate 😉

I just found your wonderful wanking site and I’m having a nice standard wank while reading the items. Let me start out by saying that wanking is the greatest fun on earth, probably better than fucking, although the best wanks are with other people just watching or participating in any variety of ways. When I’m with girls I love to lick out their pooholes while I wank onto them, into their faces and mouths if they’ll let me, otherwise just on their stomachs. If I’m visiting a foreign city where no-one knows me, I love to open the hotel curtains and let people in other buildings see me wanking and fingering my poopipe. If I go to a short-time hotel with a girl or ladyboy, when the hotel lady comes back with my change and the towels etc, I love to open the door fully naked and let them see me wanking furiously.

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