Dating a transsexual woman

An insight from a transwoman for all men trying to meet and date an attractive transsexual female.

Our forum member, JodieTS, wrote about her thoughts on dating a transwoman, and i do think this needs to be read by more people who dream about having a TS girlfriend.

The following are Jodie’s own personal thoughts on the matter, and as such are certainly not the complete story. She hopes other TS women and those men who are in relationships with them contribute their own thoughts and experiences.

Before we look at trans-dating, may I take you out of trans-land and into cis-gendered land? Think of that stunning “Day-One” woman on this months cover of Rustler magazine? You’d like to date her yes? Now look at EVERY WOMEN YOU ENCOUNTER during the course of your typical day. How many of them could be a hot top model? Probably frak all.

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Miss International Queen 2010

The winners of 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant in Pattaya were announced.

The 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant’s winners were announced yesterday in Pattaya, Thailand. Out of 23 contestants from 15 different countries, the first 3 prizes went to Mini (Korea), Ami Takeuchi (Japan) and Stasha Sanchez (USA).

Miss International Queen. Ami Takeuchi from JapanMiss International Queen 2010. The contestants

Miss International Queen 2010. The 1-st runner,  Ms Mini from KoreaMiss International Queen 2010. Ms Mini's tears of disappointment

Miss International Queen 2010. Crowning the winnerMiss International Queen 2010. Stasha Sanchez,  the 3-rd runner from the US

My friend who attended the Miss International Queen show and who took these pictures, wrote the following to me:

the contestant from Korea was clearly the most beautiful one, however most of the spectators applauded to the ladyboy from Thailand.
This was a big surprise to Ms Mini and even made her burst into tears.
Although it was clear she was going to win.
A ladyboy from Japan won the 1-st prize last year and of course they were not going to make it again.
The ladyboy from Thailand was weak.
But the Korean was just right.
And, of course, the black shemale was really exotic, and got her well-earned 3-rd prize.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2010

Saturday November 20, 2010 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). The TDoR originated from the November 28, 1998 murder of Rita Hester. Please take a few minutes this November 20th to remember the transwomen and transmen who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

For more information please visit these sites:

A ladyboy marries two of her boyfriends

Somjit Songjaeng, a Thai ladyboy, is to marry two of hr boyfriends at once.

Somjit Songjaeng (42), a Thai ladyboy, is to marry two of her boyfriends at once on November 13-th. She has lived with her 1-st boyfriend for over 6 years, and met her second boyfriend just one year ago. All three decided they could all get married live happily together. The bride expects both boys to attain a prosperous life and the first step for them would be to get a higher education.

The Balcony

I took her girly cock in my hand, lightly stroked up and down, licked all around the head of her shaft and took just the tip of her ladycock into my mouth.

Story written by ila.

I maneuvered my car through the heavy traffic of west London. I was on my way to see Keliana, the love of my life and the most beautiful woman in the world. Work had kept Keliana and I away from each other for the last two weeks. Longing to see my darling lent urgency to my trip. Keliana and I had planned to have a late dinner and well we would see where the night would lead us.

I screeched to a halt in front of Keliana’s apartment block. I jumped out of my car and bounded up the stairs. Keliana’s apartment is on the fifth floor, but I wasn’t going to wait for the elevator when it was quicker to take the stairs.

I stopped outside Keliana’s door to catch my breath and have enough time to compose myself. I rang the doorbell and from deep inside the apartment I could hear Keliana’s sweet “hiya darling. Come right in.” My heart fairly leapt at the sound of her voice. I turned the door knob and entered. I removed my suit jacket and hung it on the hook beside the door and then kicked my slipped my shoes off and pushed them to the side.

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Transsexual gene discovered

An androgen receptor gene might be responsible for M2F transsexualism

Australian researchers have identified a gene involved in testosterone action that might be responsible for male-to-female transsexualism. The longer versions of this gene are associated with reduced action of testosterone which has an effect on gender development in the womb. Comparison of the long version of the androgen receptor gene from the M2F transsexual participants with 258 controls showed its significant link with transsexualism. The study has also proven that certain brain structures in M2F transsexual people are more “female like”.

Gina’s and Michael’s Night Out, Part 3

Rachael gave a little push and the tip of her cock slipped into Michael. His virgin ass was being invaded and he was enjoying the feeling of a shemale cock in him.

Rachael started first. She lowered her luscious lips onto Gina’s pussy and began eating her again. Michael took Rachael’s ladycock into his mouth and slowly started licking and sucking along her entire length. At the same time Gina took Michael into her mouth. Michael was thoroughly enjoying sucking Rachael’s cock.

Michael varied his rhythm on Rachael. He would suck hard and fast and then he would slow down and suck her gently and slowly. Rachael’s tongue was working magic on Gina’s pussy. Rachael loved to lick pussy and Gina’s was the nicest that she had ever sucked. In no time Gina felt her clit tingling and waves of pleasure were pulsing deep within her. Rachael’s moans were coming loudly now as Michael sucked harder on her cock. Gina gave a long moan of deep pleasure as she felt herself orgasm. Her pussy lips were quivering and Rachael was licking even harder exciting her to new heights.

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Pale skinned japanese ladyboy Maria

Japanese ladyboy Maria with very white skin in sexy black and white panties shows her tits and cock

Japanese ladyboy Maria showing her cockThe sexy Japanese ladyboy Maria looks amazing in her outfit. It’s a little black dress with a black and white coat over it and she is pure arousal. She is bound and determined to get you hard and she starts by bending over and letting us admire her big, soft ladyboy breasts. They are quite the sight to see and they look so soft and sexy as she fondles and caresses them. She has really sexy legs with nice thighs too so make sure you get a view of that.

After doing the bend over and tease thing this Japanese new half will sit and spread her legs. That allows us to look between them and see her sexy black and white panties. The design is so delicate and delicious that it will spark a fire of arousal in your brain that runs all the way down your spine to your cock. You’ll be thinking about what she’s hiding behind her panties too and she’s nice enough to give us a little ladyboy show later in the set. First she’s going to show her ladyboy tits though and those are really perky and pretty so it’s fun to watch.

Her nipples are hard because she’s aroused and her lips are pursed because she’s feeling pure arousal. She wants to fuck and she wants you to be the one to deliver the cock. She seems to get hard without even touching her ladyboy cock. That must be nice. Her dick is cute and sexy and would be so much fun to play with thanks to the perfect size. She is all about turning you on and she is so good at it.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2009

November 20, 2009 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20, 2009 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). The TDoR originated from the November 28, 1998 murder of Rita Hester. Please take a few minutes this Friday to remember the transwomen and transmen that were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

For more information please visit the sites:
Egale Canada

German pop star Kim Petras gets SRS at the age of 16

German pop star Kim Petras completed her Gender Reassignment Surgery in November 2008 when she was only sixteen

German pop star Kim PetrasThe young German Pop singer – Kim Petras is now a girl of sixteen, she is the well known figure now for having taken hormone replacement therapy at the early age of twelve only. Having under gone Gender reassignment Surgery in November she is now one of the youngest and one of the most confident and determined transgender.

Head of the Psychiatric Special Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents with Identity Disorder, Dr Bernd Meyenburg states ‘Very few youth psychiatrists have any experience with transsexual developments. The families wander from one psychiatrist to the next. I was always against such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of my patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager – I realized that in some cases it is the right decision’. This has been his remarks on Kim Petras, the boy who felt that he was in a wrong body since the age of two, now transformed to a young girl and popular pop singer.

‘I know that because of my past people will always bring up the subject, I can’t get away from it. But I hope that one day I might be better known for something else like my music.’ says Kim.