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Our forum member, JodieTS, wrote about her thoughts on dating a transwoman, and i do think this needs to be read by more people who dream about having a TS girlfriend.

The following are Jodie’s own personal thoughts on the matter, and as such are certainly not the complete story. She hopes other TS women and those men who are in relationships with them contribute their own thoughts and experiences.

Before we look at trans-dating, may I take you out of trans-land and into cis-gendered land? Think of that stunning “Day-One” woman on this months cover of Rustler magazine? You’d like to date her yes? Now look at EVERY WOMEN YOU ENCOUNTER during the course of your typical day. How many of them could be a hot top model? Probably frak all.

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Trans Ladyboy has been a great success lately, and i was very glad and flattered that many people who were looking for shemales have actually met shemale lovers of their dreams. And only yesterday it has come to my mind what a neglect it is, not to have a special category for ads of people who are looking for shemales. Now the omission has been corrected and I expect all people who were looking to find a shemale partner, as well as tgirls themselves, to post their ads here. This way all information will be kept on one place for your convenience, maybe in a future i’ll divide it by regions, time will tell.

I wish you a happy and pleasant sex life and good luck in finding the partner of your dream!

Update: Since July 2008 we have a special forum for Shemale Dating. Feel free to sign up and post your info there

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