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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Shemale cock in a sweet syrupStanding in the kitchen is a sexy shemale with a lovely cock posing alone. She’s wearing a pair of black stockings, a braless red corset top and black high heels. She looks good, obviously, and she’s holding a mixing bowl. At first it’s a mystery as to what she’s going to do with that mixing bowl, but then we see a white liquid appear and I can only assume that she’s got some sort of corn syrup mix going on there. She pours it on her shemale cock and keeps stroking herself so that she’ll stay hard.

The mixing bowl is fun and it adds a little extra flavor to the gallery, but in reality this gallery is about watching a sexy shemale play with herself. It’s really about checking out her shemale cock, which is exceptionally beautiful. She’s got size and she doesn’t mind flaunting it for us.

The rest of this gallery can be seen at Shemale Club. I can only imagine how great it would have been to be the photographer on the other side of the camera. I’ll bet he had a boner while shooting this gallery. I wonder if she helped him with that. 😉

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Ladyboys playing with a huge red dildoThe dildo-tastic gallery brougt to us by Ladyboy-dildo begins with a beautiful ladyboy showing us her big fat cock while she sucks on her favorite red toy. That thing is going to end up in her asshole and you know that’s what you want to see. When you get a glimpse of her cock do you dream about sucking on it? Would you like to have that fat ladyboy wang in your mouth? The hot slut has a friend join her during the set and that spices things up a whole hell of a lot.

When the second ladyboy shows up she takes charge right away, grabbing the thick red dildo and sliding it inside her lover’s asshole. It’s thick but it fits in there with ease and it looks awesome! When you see the full length of it outside her ladyboy asshole you can really appreciate just how much is sliding in there. They’re doing some seriously hot ladyboy ass fucking! When she hands control of the dildo back over to her young lover the two of them get all spicy and sexy together again.

They start kissing and caressing and rubbing and the ladyboy with the toy can’t stop jamming it into her asshole. She must like how full it makes her feel. She’s no doubt dreaming about having a big cock slipped inside her and she would probably love if it was yours. Wouldn’t you like to have a threesome with these dildo loving ladyboys? A lot more hot stuff awaits you at Ladyboy Dildo, so step inside if you love hot dildo ass fucking action.

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Not only the readers of our ladyboy blog love jerking off to our shemale sex stories, some of them are also willing to share. A guy named Steve was always curious about how a shemale cock would taste in his mouth and he just had to let it all out. TFS, Steve.

I have always wanted to know what it is like to suck a beautiful shemale cock and would have a fantasy of deep french kissing a sexy women and would slowly kiss my way down her breasts down to her tummy using my tongue over every inch of her body. Then i would slowly pull down her panties to see that beautiful pussy just to be surprised to find a very succulent looking cock that i could put in my mouth! I would be like oh you have a cock and she would say you don’t mind and i would then tell her i always wanted to suck a shemale cock and asked her to show me how.

Rosalinda was her name and she slowly put her shemale cock down my throat and worked it in and out of my very wet mouth until i wrapped my lips around that nice piece of meat and took over her thrusting and started sucking it on my own. She started to moan and i could tell she was getting ready to shoot her load in my mouth which made me even hornier than i already was. I wanted her shemale cum to shoot down my throat when she asked if i wanted to do anything else and i stopped sucking her cock just to jump up and take my clothes off so we could 69 each other.

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Ladyboy Ann titty fucking a big cockIs it possible that ladyboy Ann, as pictured in this gallery from Ultimate Tgirl, is the finest ladyboy ever? You’ll have to judge for yourself but she sure does look amazing. The set opens with her sitting on the couch wearing a red latex top, a red latex skirt pulled up around her waist and red fishnet stockings with matching red heels. She is a delicious treat of a girl. Of course, she’s not quite a girl since there’s a surprisingly large ladyboy cock between her legs. It’s rock hard and looks like a real treat. Mmmmmmm… ladyboy cock!

We get two solo shots of the gorgeous ladyboy and then her man comes for a visit. His hands slide down her chest and under her top to grope her tits and he betrays his lust for feet and shoes by caressing hers with lust in his eyes. She gives him the treat of a mini-footjob by rubbing her shoes all over his cock and that seems to get him very excited. Fucking her ladyboy tits comes next and that gives you a chance to appreciate the tattoo on her chest. It’s awfully sexy looking and she is quite a delight, letting him bang her boobies like that.

The ladyboy then goes to sucking him and there’s an amazing picture that’s a close up of her face as her tongue snakes out and she gently licks the head of his cock. You can see her tongue ring and her nose ring and she looks so damn elegant and feminine that you’d never know she had a dick between her legs if you hadn’t already seen it. Of course there’s also the hardcore ladyboy sex. This dude is no madman. He’s not going to miss out on the chance to fuck such a gorgeous Asian ladyboy.

You can see the rest of this fantastic set at Ultimate Tgirl, and not only that: they have an excellent collection of both Asian ladyboy and Brazilian shemale movies to jerk off to, so You’re basically getting two full sites instead of one. Stop by and have a good time 😉

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A ladyboy from Asia gets her ass drilled by a white cockThere’s a ladyboy site that was launched half a year ago yet I never had a chance to write about. It’s called Young Asian Trannies. Here we’ve got a terrific video gallery for you featuring a beautiful Asian ladyboy and she’s a good indicator of the babes you’ll find when you become a member. It’s something to get excited about because this ladyboy is really good looking and she definitely knows how to bring the pleasure for all the shemale lovers who love them Asian.

She’s wearing a schoolgirl uniform and although you’d think that was pretty common among Asian ladyboys it’s actually pretty rare. At first she looks like any other hot Asian chick in a schoolgirl skirt and a cute white blouse. There’s no indication that she’s hiding a ladyboy cock under her little skirt but then the camera pans down and we see a cute little dick hanging there. This shemale is not well hung but she certainly has all the tools to make your ladyboy fantasies come true. Have a look at this hot ladyboy giving a lusty blowjob and I think you’ll know what I’m talking about.

She sucks cock with the best of them and her pretty mouth engulfs that big white dick lustily. She swallows it down and the cute bows in her hair look adorable. She’s looking into the camera with big beautiful eyes and they’re so full of lust and desire that no man could resist the urge to fuck this ladyboy. This guy certainly doesn’t! He guides his latex wrapped cock into her ladyboy asshole and fucks her hard, pumping her rectum with every inch of his white dick while the tranny looks back at the camera and smiles while encouraging him to fuck her harder.

He screws the ladyboy schoolgirl in the last two videos and it’s incredible. It’s everything you could possibly want in a hardcore ladyboy fuck scene and the slut makes it better with her passionate performance. The best thing is that it’s just a small indicator of the fun you can have at Young Asian Trannies. Every scene features beautiful ladyboys just like this one and every scene comes with a high quality video and picture galleries. At the very least you should check out the tour just to see how hot the babes are.

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Candi Lovedoll as a shemale bunnyHave you met this new tranny Candi Lovedoll yet? If not then the time is now because this beautiful tgirl is putting on a wonderful show in a hot solo tranny picture gallery. The set is in celebration of Easter and if you know Candi then you’re aware of her love for costumes. Whenever a holiday rolls around she likes to get dressed up and even if it isn’t a particular season she still likes to put on something naughty. Roleplay is one of her favorite things to do and in this foxy tranny photo gallery she’s playing the Easter Shemale Bunny, sort of.

It’s sort of the Easter Bunny mixed with a maid and then the gallery shifts to her wearing some slutty, shiny clothes in the second half. Anyway, in the first half the blonde tranny is wearing a pink latex dress, bunny ears, a little lace apron and white stockings with pink high heels. She looks unbelievably hot, to be honest, and I can’t imagine that you won’t be thinking about plugging that tight tranny asshole with your cock when you see her prancing around. When she takes off her panties and climbs up on the table for shots of her ass from behind she’s practically offering her butt for banging.

As I mentioned the second half of the gallery features a new outfit. This time it’s a skintight shiny silver top and a skintight pink latex skirt. Once again she’s wearing a thong and once again she can’t wait to take it off. As soon as she gets naked she wants to flash her balls and dick and asshole at us. It looks good enough to eat and then fuck and fill with hot cum. See more of Candi Lovedoll at her brand new solo site. Wouldn’t you love to load this sexy tgirl slut with your jizz? 😉

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German pop star Kim PetrasThe young German Pop singer – Kim Petras is now a girl of sixteen, she is the well known figure now for having taken hormone replacement therapy at the early age of twelve only. Having under gone Gender reassignment Surgery in November she is now one of the youngest and one of the most confident and determined transgender.

Head of the Psychiatric Special Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents with Identity Disorder, Dr Bernd Meyenburg states ‘Very few youth psychiatrists have any experience with transsexual developments. The families wander from one psychiatrist to the next. I was always against such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of my patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager – I realized that in some cases it is the right decision’. This has been his remarks on Kim Petras, the boy who felt that he was in a wrong body since the age of two, now transformed to a young girl and popular pop singer.

‘I know that because of my past people will always bring up the subject, I can’t get away from it. But I hope that one day I might be better known for something else like my music.’ says Kim.

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