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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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a ladyboy in a gorgeous stocking setNot too often I get to see a ladyboy as beautiful as this one from Ultimate Tgirl. I wish I knew her name because I’d make it my mission to find her and spend the night making sweet love to her. She’s more beautiful than most genetic females and yet she was born as a boy. Clearly, someone made a mistake when creating her DNA.

Looking at this gallery I can’t decide if I’m jealous or incredibly turned on. I suppose it’s a combination of both. I feel like it should be me fucking this sweet piece of ass, not the shirtless guy sitting next to her in the bed.

The ladyboy is wearing a gorgeous stocking set along with a pair of white heels. She’s stunning in her outfit and I’ll bet that as you browse this gallery you’ll sport the same erection that I had.

She sucks her man’s cock dutifully and then presents her asshole for penetration. He gives it to her in multiple positions, filling her up with his stiff shaft. This is the third hot gallery I’ve seen from Ultimate T-Girl and I’m beginning to believe that I should get a job on the crew. 😉 yeah, I’d love to meet some of these babes…

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Shemale Laisa Lins, bound and gaggedThis picture gallery documents a very naughty shemale movie. A gorgeous shemale Laisa Lins with big tits and a nice cock has been bound and gagged in what is clearly a bondage dungeon. Her hands and legs are spread wide and tied at the ends, restricting her from moving. There’s a purple ball gag in her mouth and she’s completely naked except for a small strap around her crotch. Her cock has not been obscured though. That’s important, because a little bit later in the gallery she’ll be getting a blowjob from an eager chick.

First the shemale’s master is going to torture her a little. He affixes painful clamps to her nipples, almost certainly causing her to yelp in pain. He gives her ass a good smack as well, enjoying the tight flesh. After the clamping the female on her knees begins to suck the tranny’s cock, bringing her arousal to new heights…

Just imagine yourself in this sexy situation, on your knees sucking a tranny cock while she gets beaten on the ass. The tranny absolutely loves it, as you’ll see when she blows a hot load. Thanks to Shemale Mov for this hot scene.

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Ladyboy Tinna gets ass fuckedThis beautiful girl Tinna makes her home at Perfect Ladyboys, a quality site featuring hardcore ladyboy sex. Given that, it’s no surprise that she’s among the most beautiful Asian chicks with a dick I’ve ever seen. This gallery is also unique in that it provides you with hot pictures and a video trailer of the scene, thereby doubly enticing you. The pictures begin with the ladyboy posing solo and stripping from her sexy outfit. Her tits are remarkable; whoever did them is a gifted surgeon and should cut all the ladyboys in the land.

She and her lover get down to business without wasting much time. After sucking his dark cock with her exceptional mouth she gets on her hands and knees and lets him fuck her asshole. There’s a shot where he pulls out and we get to see her gaping asshole. Just imagine doing that kind of damage to a tight ladyboy ass. After what ends up being a lengthy fuck scene the guy pulls out and cums on the ladyboys chest. Wouldn’t you like to decorate a sweet babe like this? The video is even more explicit and well worth watching.

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Shemale Revenge is a recently launched shemale domination site featuring full length hardcore videos and hot picture galleries. This particular niche has become more popular in the past five years and there are a small number of sites out there producing this type of content. The more comfortable men get with their own sexuality the more they’re willing to admit their desires for porn outside the mainstream. The free tour is quite revealing, offering pictures and descriptions from each of the content sets that have been uploaded so far. It’s always a good sign when a site is willing to show you everything they have to offer.

Members area of Shemale Revenge

The member’s area stays with the same dark and foreboding theme, as is fitting for the content type. There’s a welcome message when you first log in that contains a link to the fantasy submitter. If you submit something they find particularly hot there’s a good chance they’ll film it and it will become a future update. Very few sites offer that kind of customization and although there’s a slim chance yours will be picked the idea that it could is awfully sexy.

Read the full post…

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Sizzling webcam ladyboyThose of you who’s been following my adventures with shemales on webcams will be glad to know that yesterday I discovered another shemale beauty who knows her business very well and loves to put her cock into use. I didn’t ask her name, perhaps it was Chai. She was wearing a sexy pink halter top and a cute pair of pink panties when the webcam show started. She said hello and then got right down to business, which I like. 😉

When she whipped out her cock it was already hard; I was impressed. She was about six inches long and nice and thick. She had big heavy balls too. All I could think about was having that sweet sack in my mouth. How dirty! She took a seat on a comfy red velvet chair and began stroking herself, running her hands all over her shaft and her balls.

Read the full post…

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Bianca Freire appearing at Ultimate TgirlFor me, the ultimate t-girl is one that appears in every way to be a woman, with the exception of the cock hanging between her legs. She’d have nice big tits, a slim waist and flared hips. She’d have a plump ass but not a huge ass; I’d like it to be smaller than mine at least 😉 . On top of all that she’d have a nice functional cock so we could have some fun in the bedroom. What’s amazing is that I’ve found the girl of my dreams, Bianca Freire, and she makes her home at Ultimate T-Girl, the site dedicated to exotic chicks with dicks.

I can’t help but admit that Bianca is mind blowingly beautiful in this gallery. Tell me that you wouldn’t hit on this girl if you saw her in a bar, even if you have no desire for chicks with dicks. She’s incredibly beautiful with a stunning female body including the aforementioned slim waist and flared hips. Her tits are big and perky and when she takes all her clothes off there’s a beautiful cock waiting there. She even manages to get her cock most of the way hard so you know if she needed to she could certainly give you a good fucking.

Bianca is certainly one of my favourite tgirls, and you can dig the archives of this blog to prove me right. Also, you should certainly check out her goodies at Ultimate Tgirl, i just love her at that site.

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A guy cums on himself from getting fucked by a black shemaleI don’t see nearly enough black shemales out on the web. Thankfully there are places like newly relaunched Black Brazilian Shemales to provide me with the picture and video content I need to stay satisfied. Like this lovely gallery featuring a great looking Brazilian babe playing with her well hung lover. He begins the fun by kissing her sweet tits and sucking her big cock (you knew it was going to be huge). She returns the favor and then bends over so he can fuck her doggy style. Imagine for me if you will slipping your dick inside this trannys tight black ass! That’s gotta be amazing!

Most sites would leave you hanging at that point, telling you to subscribe if you wanted to see more. Black Brazilian Shemales is different. They want you to know that they do it all and they do it well. Halfway through they switch positions and the ebony babe gets to fuck her lover. She gets him missionary style first and then he climbs into her lap and rides her cock, controlling the depth of penetration, until he blasts his load all over himself, merely from anal stimulation from her marvelous black shemale cock. A facial cumshot is the final reward for his passionate pursuit of her.

Check Black Brazilian shemales out, they have lots of picture and video stuff to keep You satisfied!

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Two ladyboys in bikini, as if they are having lesbian sexIf you’ve ever wondered what’s better than one ladyboy I have your answer: two ladyboys! In this fine gallery provided by Ladyboy-Ladyboy we have the perfect sexual combination. At first they’re both wearing bikinis and it appears as though two beautiful girls are going to have a hot lesbian experience. They passionately kiss each other, their hands roam all over and they take turns sucking each other’s tits. It’s not until their dicks emerge from their bikini bottoms that you begin to get a sense of what’s really going on.

These ladyboys are going to fuck each other and we’re going to watch. Imagine how fabulous it would to have a bedside seat in this hotel room. You could watch these sweet girls go at it, and if you were lucky they’d invite you to join the fun and see what it’s like to experience a tight ladyboy asshole. Watching from the comfort of your home is pretty good too, especially when the photography is so high quality. The shots of anal and oral penetration are beyond awesome. Visit them, there’s a ton more at Ladyboy-Ladyboy if you’re interested.

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Hello guys and gals.

I’ll be honest, i’m very glad that our forum is getting off the ground, with so many members already after 4 months from the launch. At the same time, it’s a pity that all discussion moved over there and the number of comments i’m receiving on my blog posts has reduced, which is again, a pity. The more new readers and, specifically, posters, we have here, the more interesting it will be here for all of us.

So I am asking You for your help. Yes, would you please help me make this place more popular? For example, you could bookmark TransLadyboy at one of the social networks (hover over the button in the header of this post to see the complete list) or mention TransLadyboy at some another forum you participate at, or if you are blogging too, write a couple words about us at your blog or myspace page or whatever.

Thank You.

Yours truly,

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TV Zoe sucking a dickNormally i only write about transsexual girls here, but, surprisingly, this picture set gave me a boner too, so I decided to let you know about it as well. Zoe Fuck Puppet is a well known TV slut with her very own website that chronicles her adventures in cross dressing. For someone with all the male sex organs she’s surprisingly sexy so it’s no surprise that she’s developed such a rabid fan base. This is a girl that people want to fuck, including yours truly. 😉

Today’s gallery shows some other lucky cross dresser getting to fuck Zoe’s tight asshole. The fun begins with a blowjob as Zoe’s cock is fished out of her tight pantyhose. She looks awfully happy as the babe in sunglasses slobbers all over her cock.

Zoe returns the favor, doing a little slobbering of her own. These two TVs look remarkably sexy together, each dressed in gorgeous thank tops. Zoe’s lover has a small but thick cock that gets hard as soon as her mouth engulfs it, which is how it’s supposed to be. Zoe is the first to penetrate, slipping her dick inside her lover’s tight asshole. After quite a bit of thrusting they switch places and Zoe gets on her hands and knees. The look on her face screams pure pleasure. Click this link if you wanna share this pleasre 😉

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