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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
Open chat
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Our reader, Pete, posted this comment at our blog and i was deeply touched by it. It goes to show that even if you consider yourself to be an old man whose sex life is in the past, you can still date a transsexual lover and be happy again.

I am a 65 year old black man. I have just recently been involved in an affair with a 34 year old Transsexual woman. We have been for sometime conversing over the internet, we got to meet for the first time face to face on my visiting the U.S. as I live in a Foreign Country.

At first I was not too sure about her being a TS, but reading through her letters it became very clear that she was.

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Sexy ladyboy Lee as a cheerleaderLovely ladyboy Lee has a cheer outfit that she likes to bring out every once in a while and today you’re lucky enough to be witness to her sexy uniform striptease. Blue and white are the central colors of her sexy costume and the top is cropped so you can see her hard tummy. She’s an awfully sexy babe and if the site wasn’t called Ladyboy Gold you’d have no idea that she had a dick between her legs. That’s what makes Lee so special :) The best shots in this gallery are those where she lifts her skirt and shows off her ass; hot damn that looks good!

Can you imagine this cute chick rolling around on the bed in your hotel room? Maybe she would do a cheer for you while bouncing on the bed. She would certainly do a sexy striptease like she’s doing in this gallery. I really love seeing those clothes fall off her body and that sweet smile cross her face. She’s such a gorgeous girl and she loves to play. By the end of the gallery you’ll see her fully naked except for having her sexy white socks on. She gets on her hands and knees and shakes her ass at the camera, practically inviting you to come and do something naughty to her ass. That’s probably what it would be like to spend a night with this chick. See more of fabulous Lee at Ladyboy Gold

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Have you ever seen a shemale site where the guys are sissified and fucked by a hot chick with a big dick? Has anyone even tried to do such a site? I have plenty of experience in the niche and Shemale Sissification is the first site I’ve come across that does it well. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about you should really visit the tour and have a look. There are free videos playing for the most recently added scenes and they look pretty fucking fabulous. At the very least you’ll have a good idea of whether or not this kind of shemale porn turns you on.

Shemale Sissification

There’s no question that Shemale Sissification is for submissive guys. The men that start in these scenes are being turned into women in most ways by dominant shemales and that’s not for everyone. However, those of you that are aroused by such thoughts are going to find this site deeply satisfying. They hit the mark in almost every way and should be applauded for going somewhere very few sites have been willing to go.

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Our forum member, Dutchboi, had this fantasy of being dominated, sissified and humiliated by nine Asian ladyboys, with Mint and Nancy being two of them. For some of You this story may sound too cruel, others will find it really hot.

My fantasy is to be at a ladyboy’s apartment and fall alseep after I fucked her. Then I wake up because I am turned around and I find the ladyboy sitting on my back and attempting to lock my second hand in the handcuffs. I struggle but she is pretty strong so she succeeds. She then lets me know I won’t be going anywhere for a long time. She then puts a leather collar around my neck and locks a chain to it, the other end of the chain she locks around an old>

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Those of You that dream about having a beautiful Asian ladyboy fuck your ass will certainly love this naughty story posted by our reader Tommy where he got his asshole violated by a cute ladyboy. Did I mention that she was a first timer and Tommy was her first customer? 😉

Hi, me again with another shemale episode to share with you. This time I was hanging out with friends at Obsessions in Nana Plaza – not a place to go if you don’t want hot transexual action! A gorgeous tall ladyboy was dancing on the stage and I couldn’t take my eyes off any inch of her. After the dance was over she came over and we had a drink and kissed and fondled each other. She didn’t have great tits – OK but not knockout, but a lovely face and great skin and nice figure.

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Indian shemale Victoria about to cumIndian shemale Victoria wants to help you tap into the darker desires that live in your heart. Her site is a solo experience that will blow your mind if you’re into hot shemale chicks, sexy fetish gear or sexy lingerie. Today’s gallery is of the fetishistic variety and Victoria is looking her best. She’s posing in red latex hotpants, a red latex bra and black fishnet pantyhose. She doesn’t waste any time doing a little bit of a striptease, taking off her pants and showing us her ass. If you’re an ass man then you’ll definitely want to check out the show where she turns around and models her beautiful butt flesh. It’s a stunning example of physical perfection.

There are a few shots of Victoria’s high heels as well; she aims to please people with a variety of desires and fetishes. The one thing I haven’t mentioned yet could arguably be Victoria’s greatest feature: her cock. It’s about six inches long and it’s just perfect. She can get hard with little effort, it’s perfectly straight and it’s not so thick that it wouldn’t fit in your mouth or ass. If this beautiful fetish slut wanted to bend you over I don’t think you’d be able to say no, would you? Shemale Victoria XXX, her site, has dozens more galleries of her in sexy fetish gear and also pictures of her in sexy lingerie and normal outfits. Victoria does it all and she does it all for you.

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Live webcam show of Bianca Freire Bianca Freire
Until today I didn’t know that my all-time favourite TS superstar Bianca Freire also performed on live webcams. Imagine what a surprise it was for me when i fould this thread at our forum where our member CreativeMind mentioned that Bianca Freire performs at Live Jasmin. Naturally, i had to see if she performs at multiple sites as well so I logged in to my webcam account and found a profile of Bianca Freire there! Yes, the ony and only Bianca Freire is also giving live shows now! This was simply incredible!!!

Boy, how come i still haven’t chatted with her? This girl is the real deal, i remember seeing a gallery of hers for the first time, and she was absolutely gorgeous! She was and still remains the sexiest and hottest looking tgirl for me, i think i have seen every single picture or video of hers available on the net. And now i find out she’s also available for a live chat, how’s that? Speaking of her room, she was offline all the time i was looking, perhaps i gotta save some money and schedule a video chat with her? 😉 Or perhaps some of our readers already did that and could share the details of their prvate cam chat with Bianca Freire.

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Lovely ladyboy Amy gets creamed onSince the moment this site was launched, I wanted to post a review of it and here it finally is. There are a lot of ladyboy sites out there but there don’t seem to be many that feature tons of hardcore ladyboy fucking. Sometimes you want to see the ladyboy cock in action or at least see her getting fucked. This is what Extreme Ladyboys offers. They’ve packed the site with tons of hardcore ladyboy sucking and fucking and if you’re looking for a taste of the action I suggest a visit to the tour where you can watch streaming videos from some of the steamy recent additions. Seriously, once you see the action they have inside you might not be able to resist joining.

I know I couldn’t so here I go into the member’s area to check out the stunningly hot action that was promised. They make you agree to a terms and conditions before entering the site and then you’re dropped into the content and left to run free :)

Members area of Extreme Ladyboys

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