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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Shemale AllyaLet me introduce You shemale Allya! She’s not asian, like many ladyboys here, and this makes her even sexier and nicer! There was loads of fun talking to her, she’s indeed a sweet and responsive gal. And she has big tits, a great cock and so much more to offer too!

This girl is just perfect! Join her in her chat room but treat her with respect!

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Here’s another real life story by Tony from NZ. He’s in love with a ladyboy from Thailand, she’s not only beautiful but also a succesful lady too! I wish you good luck, Tony 😉

I prefer Ladyboys than girls and if that makes me a gay guy then so be it.
I live on my own in New Zealand and have a Ladyboy Friend in Thailand, whom I am very much in love with. We are planning to live together in Thailand within the next months.
My Ladyboy Friend is very Beautiful and SHE takes great pride in herself. She is a highly qualified person and is successful in per field of business.
I am extremely proud of her and proud to be seen with her anywhere at any time. To be honest I feel people are jealous of me having such a beautiful partner. She is Beautiful in so many different ways and I Love Her to bits.

Oh, by the way, I am successful in my business too, so it is not her money that attracts me to her.

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After calling the cleaning service, I really hoped that they would send some hot young cutie to tidy up my pad. When the doorbell rang, I dabbed the last bit of cologne on and headed for the door.

Upon opening the door, my heart sank. The most beautiful woman stood at my door in a French maid’s uniform. I was speechless; all I could do is focus on her breasts, which were just about to bust out of her uniform. In her hand she had a case which I assumed was cleaning supplies. I finally mustered enough balls to invite her in.

She walked in the door and looked around, this house is not dirty she exclaimed. I know but it needs to be tidied up and I like to watch as you fine young women shake your ass while you dust the fan. She giggled and said my name is Gigi, and I am at your service. I plopped down on the couch and Gigi went to work.

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tranny with two dicksNow, this blonde shemale from 6BuckTranny is very resourceful, isn’t she? Of course she doesn’t have two dicks, but imagine how great it would be is she could fill all your holes at once pumping like mad, driving you into frenzy? Just for that she has a little sweet toy! Watch her posing for your, hardening her cock and slapping it with a dildo. Just when it’s hard enough she will shove it into your dripping mouth!

It will be a complete bliss! She will fuck your asshole with this wonderful pink dildo while her real dick pokes your throat!

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shemale Victoria Holyns in hardcore sceneI have known this site for months now but it’s about the first time that i write about this wonderful TGirl. Let me introduce You Victoria Holyns, a glamour shemale escort and model. She’s sort of unique in that she has her own solo site where you can see her alone and having sex with men. Vicky has a cute sexy face with beautiful brown eyes and nice full lips, lovely breasts and average sized yummy looking cock!

This time it’s a hardcore gallery of Vicky taking a backdoor fucking from a hairy man with moustache. And looks like she really loves it when her lover rams her ass. She’s ready to do everything for him, like, to suck his dick when he pulls out in order to lubricate it better for the next fucking session!

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I remember watching pictures of one panty protest in which a group of women were in their panties with slurs on the front for the President. I believe it was almost a year before I started my Trans Ladyboy blog.

It was sort of humorous, slogans such as “finger Bush”, “weapons of mass seduction” and “Bush sucks” were running around everywhere. Many girls had a military cap on and were sporting signs with similar slogans and gestures. The most interesting (to me!) photo and shot of the entire demonstration was a young lady that was absolutely breath takingly beautiful. There she stood with her panties and a half shirt, holding a sign and sporting a military cap.

As she pranced around she didn’t seem to notice that she was built a bit different from the rest of the young ladies. As my eyes glanced up and down it finally came to light, she had a bulge. I mean yes, she was a tranny hiding a penis in her panties! At first you think you have made a mistake and do a double take. Nope, still there! She was not embarrassed or refused to protest for what she believed because she was different from the rest.

Hooray for her!

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shemale-white-pantyhose.jpgAnother good gallery for those who find girls and shemales in pantyhose way more exciting than in ordinary clothes. Indeed, the look of beautiful legs in pantyhose is so gorgeous, and it’s a big turnon for many people who have this fetish…

Just look at this lady from behind. She has a very feminine waist, thin arms, round ass, breathtaking tanlines, long legs… You can’t stop thinking about tasting her dick right through this pantyhose, sucking her precum oozing cockhead through thin sheer nylon. Then you’d turn her around and give her some hard assfucking. And then just when you’re ready to cum you’d pull out and spew your goo right onto her pantyhose. Wouldn’t that be great?

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shemale Sabrina with perfect dickThere are shemales with beautiful faces, bodies and dicks. There are also shemales with pretty faces and ugly dicks. Sabrina is not one of them. Her face is not something to boast of. I’d say it’s not even mediocre.. But her dick… Yes, her dick is awesome!

Look at this piece of art! Not too often one can stumble upon such a beautiful penis! It’s simply perfect, with a smooth long straight shaft and pink glossy swollen head! Just take a glance at it and you’ll beg her to let you suck her delicious knob. And when she she generously allows you to do that, you’ll suck and lick and gobble and gag on her cock until she spurts all her shemale juices into your mouth!

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I still remember my first time with a shemale. It was a tall thin blonde that came into the office of our law company one day. I knew she was an attorney of one of our clients and I thought her boss, and my friend, sent her to express gratitude for the very good deal we helped him to close.

As I stood up from my chair to welcome her she pushed me down back into my chair and came around while opening her trench coat. There was nothing on underneath the trench coat but there was some equipment that I was not accustomed to, a cock! I knew her before but I had no idea she was a shemale!

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Lucky guy sucks two shemale cocksAll of you who fantasize about getting dominated by a shemale would kill to be in place of this guy enjoying a company of two hot brazilian trannies. This is pure and complete domination, he doesn’t get even a tiny bit of a shemale ass, nor any of them gives shit about rewarding him orally… No, they just mercilessly use him like a whore to their own satisfaction.

Can’t say the guy has anything against that, he obviously enjoys serving these two wonderful cocks, lusty to feel them deep within his fuckholes. Look at this picture of him sucking one shemale cock while beating another. Look at his pose, where his leg is. He reminds me an insatiable spider in his web, anxious to suck every drop of juice out of his prey. And i’m sure this is what he will finally get, a nice creamy facial from two shemale devil’s whores.

See more crazy stuff like this at inimitable Shemales From Hell site.

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