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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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For those of you who already learnt to masturbate with our 15 great tips the next step would be obviously to master the art of giving blowjobs to your ladyboy. These were written by our forum member Hank and not only beginners, but also experienced shecock adorers will find these tips really helpful in enhancing their skills. I’m sure you’ll find them useful even if you don’t have a ladyboy lover yet, after all it’s never too early or too late to learn, right? 😉 Anyway, i’m going to let Hank speak now…

In the beginning I was a true beginner… surely, I’d always been an accomplished cis*girl pussy eater and some of the same techniques apply (the ones about FEELING your lover), but this was new until Fey (my first ladyboy) demanded to train me. I never enjoyed getting blown myself so much (and tgirls generally don’t suck any better than cis*girls by my limited experience) but others do, so I had to learn the trade to be a joy to her…

Here’s what I learned:

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Ladyboy Mint excited by the sight of a big cockNormally Long Mint is the ladyboy that shows off her big cock. She’s got nine inches of meat between her legs so you can’t blame her for wanting to flash it at anyone that’s willing to look. She’s hooking up with a horny fella in this hot gallery though so it’s less about her hard cock and more about seeing this ladyboy get fucked. That’s plenty entertaining though.

Ladyboy Mint starts with a striptease and when her little zip up dress comes off the lingerie underneath is stunning. It’s a corset made of latex and jewel encrusted. It makes her look glamorous and slutty at the same time and when you see it there’s no question you’ll want to fuck her ladyboy ass, which is the point. She’s wearing black stockings and high heels too so she looks like the most fuckable creature on the planet. It’s no wonder the guy wants to bone her asshole!

After some groping of her ladyboy tits he takes his clothes off and Mint gets a nice look at the dick surprise waiting for her. A little bit of sucking and fondling gets him rock hard and then it’s time for an adventure up inside her ladyboy asshole. He fucks the ladyboy slut hard and he fucks her deep. He makes her into his tasty ladyboy cock slut and it looks amazing. He goes deep into that anus and he never wants to stop thrusting.

I bet You’ve never seen this legendary ladyboy fucked this way before so You have to check out Mint’s site to see it all.

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It’s time for another sexy ladyboy webcam show and LadyKC is one of my favorites. She’s a good looking, slim chick with a nice set of natural tits and a beautiful penis. It’s not huge but it doesn’t need to be because you could still have a whole lot of fun with it. Check her out and I’m sure you’ll be imagining that thing inside of you. Do you like to suck on hot ladyboy cock or are you more of a receiver? I’m sure this gorgeous girl would be happy to take a penetration or two. On her webcam page she talks about how one of her fantasies is to have a dick up the ass and a dick in her mouth at the same time. How sexy!

The beautiful ladyboy did a webcam show for me and it was amazing. She was naked from the start and I had a great view of just how hot her body is. She’s really tight and slim with A cup tits (natural) and a cock that’s probably six inches long. She has no trouble getting it hard as it was pretty much erect the entire time. I doubt she cums a lot since she’s got to keep that thing erect all day long for her clients. She was stroking her ladyboy dick at the start of the show and she was doing a wonderful job. I loved seeing her balls jump up and down with each pull on her meaty ladyboy cock.

I think my favorite part of that live cam show was seeing her fingering her asshole. She got up on her hands and knees and the gorgeous ladyboy bent over and stuffed two fingers right into her rectum. She didn’t waste any time getting in there and shoving the fingers deep. It was a remarkable thing to see and she was totally lost in lust. I wanted more, more, more and she kept bringing it. After the fingering she went back to beating off and this cute ladyboy babe really put on a show.

If you visit her webcam page you can read about her fetishes and the things that turn her on so you know what to expect if you want to purchase some time with her. I liked that she listed being a dominatrix as one of the things that turns her on. It’s nice to see a versatile ladyboy! Costumes and role playing also get her going so if you’ve got any requests she will probably try to make your dreams come true. What more could want from your ladyboy webcam hosts?

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Asian Ladyboy Lea sucks a cock through the gloryholeIf someone offered you the chance to fuck a ladyboy through a gloryhole would you take it? Would you stick your dick through the hole in the wall and stuff it deep inside the hot ladyboy asshole? That seems like a pretty tough thing to resist, if you ask me. The hot video gallery from Ladyboy Gloryhole we’ve got for you here shows a sexy ladyboy Lea in the bathroom and of course there’s a nice big gloryhole in the wall.

The sexy scene kicks off with the hot chick stroking her dick while looking at the wall. She sees that there’s a delicious prize waiting for her and she’s excited about the possibilities for pleasure. She wants to suck on that big fat schlong and the guy would love to have her ladyboy lips wrapped around his meat. So of course there’s a ladyboy gloryhole blowjob!

Sexy Asian ladyboy Lea gives him head but things don’t get really spicy until she makes her asshole available for a pounding. Wearing only her gorgeous high heels she stands up, bends over and lets him fuck her ladyboy asshole through the hole. She looks great with a super tight and sexy body and I have to imagine that it feels pretty amazing being inside that tight and sexy asshole of hers. Raise your hand if you want to fuck this tasty ladyboy slut!

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