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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Today’s post is not a usual ladyboy sex story that we all got used to, but something more romantic, down-to-earth and non-porn. Thanks British Buy for sharing this story and being so brave in making your fantasies real and finding your true love.

I wasn’t looking when I found her. I wasn’t really looking for anything, except perhaps some relief from that late night restlessness when you’re too tired to sleep. Her chat name, like her real name, was Agatha. There was no reason to suspect that it hadn’t always been so. It was later on Yahoo Messenger that she told me; by which time her photos had failed to rouse my suspicions. She thought I’d run away. I didn’t.

This was June, and the summer rolled on. Daily Yahoo chats turned into daily Skype chats, which soon turned intimate. When we first let ourselves go on jerky cams, an age of frustration and low libido flowed out of me, and we both came together like 18-year-olds; urgent and fevered. This carried on almost nightly throughout July and August; she was 7,000 miles away, but I felt closer to her than I had to anyone in years. But it wasn’t just the sex; she was sweet and funny, and she had a quick mind, and she wasn’t bitter in spite of the knocks life had dealt her. Against all common sense, I was falling for her, and I knew that for once in my life I had to stop dreaming and make it real.

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Big pair of tranny titsHow many of you dick a busty tranny babe? Go ahead and raise your hand if you’re in the mood to see a big pair of tranny tits on a hottie. Good, I see that many of you are being honest with yourselves. You’ll be pleased to know that I have a fabulous glamour gallery for you today starring a fine looking Latina tranny Maria wearing some of her favorite lingerie. She’s wearing fishnet stockings and super sexy red latex boots over them, although you can still see the tops.

She’s wearing a sexy red latex pair of panties with a pair of eyes on them, like her cock is always looking out at you. The top is a super busty cropped bra thing and it pushes her already huge tits up even higher. Finally there are arm length leather gloves with open hands. Put it all together and you have one of the finest tranny glamour galleries on the whole Latina Tranny site. Did I mention that she was also incredibly beautiful?

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Sexy slender ladyboy in a softcore sceneThe sexy, slender tgirl from ladyboy player is wearing a green satin shirt as she poses in front of the camera and she looks beautiful. She has long dark hair, a wildly feminine face and a super hot body that you’ll see more of later. To start she’s posing in the shiny satin and letting us see it from every angle so we can best appreciate just how gorgeous it is. You don’t see ladyboys this beautiful every day so it’s important to spend some time with her. Soak up just how gorgeous she is and how tight that body is.

She starts her ladyboy striptease halfway through and the first treat is the gorgeous black and pink bra she’s wearing. As more of the satin shirt comes off we see that her body is incredibly slim and tight with a great tummy, a nice little ass and long legs for caressing. This lovely stripping ladyboy is interested in you seeing everything that she has to offer so she turns around and pulls off her panties, giving us a great view of her asshole. She wants you thinking about fucking her in the butt or sucking her cock. She wants the dirtiest thoughts possible running through your head so give her a chance to make your dreams come true. See more of this hot ladyboy at Ladyboy Player!

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Jamie Coxx cums in her mouth
Jamie Coxx is a beautiful tgirl model and as she says she’s “anything but the girl next door.” She does it naughty all the time and when the time comes for excitement she doesn’t hesitate to bring the pleasure. This fantastic video comes in four parts and it’s worth downloading them all to experience everything she does. When it starts Jamie is on her knees with her ass facing the camera and she’s lubing everything up. All butts look better when they’re shaved and shiny and hers fits the bill today as she has the oil covering just about every inch of the rump. She’s running her fingers over the hole too in hopes of teasing you into dreaming of giving her a good fucking.

Jamie is dressed like a slut throughout the set in sexy fishnet stockings, black boots, a sheer cropped top and sheer gloves so she looks amazing. In the second video she gets on her back and thrusts her legs over her head. She’s going to try and suck her own dick and chances are good she’s going to have some success. In the third video you’ll see that she gets her cock into her mouth with relative ease. At the same time she fingers her anus and if you’re not thinking about how much fun it would be to fuck Jamie Coxx at that point then you’re on the wrong site. Just imagine how awesome a flexible chick with a dick like this would be! Because Jamie is a slut she shoots her cum into her mouth at the end of the gallery and drinks it all down. That’s fucking awesome and You just HAVE to click here to visit Jamie’s site and see more of hers.

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Here’s an very exciting story from our reader Salty47 who have given his ladyboy GF a blowjob for the first time and then sucked out every last drop of her delicious cum.

This post is not at all like my first experience. We met and became good friends. I never gave a thought to her body parts – but she seemed to have a great body. We went out to a lounge in a local hotel with a large group and had a few drinks. The next week I asked her out and she said yes. We dated for a few weeks and had a lot of fun but she never let me get too far.

Things kind of cooled between us later we went away for a weekend with a few friends. As we sat at a fire I told her I wish we had kept dating. She told me she had wanted our relationship to go to the next level but didn’t think I felt the same. I guess i had given her some unintended signals but now we were talking about it – so maybe????

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Lusty Asian ladyboy SamanthaThis webcam ladyboy calls herself Muscle Power TS and she absolutely loves performing for her fans on camera. The most important thing to note is that this beautiful Asian babe of course has a nice and big cock between her legs and she seems to have the ability to get hard at any moment. She brags that she can fuck all day and all night and I’m inclined to believe her based on what I’ve seen. I like that she talks about loving naughty stuff on her webcam page and she comes through with it during her show.

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