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With all my absence lately i have missed one very important event that took place back in January. The ebony TS goddess Jade had re-launched her site, Sexxxy Jade, and it’s quite an experience!

I think it’s possible that Jade is the hottest black shemale on the planet, a fact that she proves beyond a reasonable doubt in this gallery and in the many on her site. Here she’s in a dominant kind of mood and I know that’s something the horny submissives out there can appreciate. She’s wearing a black fishnet stockings and this is something definitely boner inspiring. She’s wicked hot and she emanates a strong sense of dominance and control. Wouldn’t you like to give over control of your body to her, to let her use you as she saw fit?

There is also a fantastic picture gallery of Jade with this piece of action where you get to see more of her perfect body and cock. Jade’s black latex teddy and black gloves combined with those black fishnet stockings look even sexier (i think i’ll publish this gallery in a day or two). Anyway, if you still haven’t seen Jade’s redesigned site i urge you to do so. Hit the updates page on her tour and you’ll see all the hot sets that she’s added lately and you can appreciate just how gorgeous and perfect this lovely lady is. The gorgeous gal updates a ton to keep her members swimming in naughty content so you can’t go wrong with joining. She knows how to make men happy so put your faith in her and you’ll be rewarded.

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Today i’m going to deviate from our usual subject and discuss something else than beautiful ladyboys. From what i hear it seems that this frigging crisis has hit pretty much everyone’s wallet and many of my friends had to change their life plans to adapt to new situation.

What about You? Have you been touched by the deadly breath of the global financial crisis? Please discuss.


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I know, I know, many of you have been wondering why there were no updates at Trans Ladyboy for more than a month. The reason is simple, it’s all that frigging global financial crisis to blame and Your most humble servant had some really important things to take care of (unfortunately, to the detriment of shemale porn).

Anyway, life goes on and while I was away many interesting things happened at our forum. I’m going to present you a new work of our forum member Randolph whose hot tranny stories have been already published here several times. Today’s story is about a married guy whose wife found his collection of shemale porn and they had to split up. This was only for the better, otherwise Charlie wouldn’t have met a tgirl of his dreams, Khloe Hart (no less) and his magical transformation wouldn’t have taken place. This is a purely fictional fantasy with a very promising beginning and a surprise ending. Enjoy reading.

Charlie was an investment broker living the good life in a Hollywood hills mansion. He wisely sold most of his investments’ just before the crash. His assets now consisted of the mansion, a Murano, a Tesla, lots of cash and some good stocks. They (he and his wife, Darla) had a gardener and a maid, Kim. It was a bright sunny Saturday morning when Charlie went down stairs for breakfast. His trophy wife, Darla, was sitting there waiting for him. He kissed her good morning and she looked at him with a solid cold stare. Is something wrong, he said? She looked at him with contempt for a few moments and then said. “I checked your computer for some news and found your collection of shemale porn. You son of a bitch are you some kind of pervert? Charlie was at first speechless, he thought he had secured his shemale porn collection. Well now you know, he said. I also know some things about you, my dear. I have noticed how friendly you are to Kim, how you are often touching her. Late the other night, I noticed you were not in bed so I went down stairs to see what you were doing. As I passed Kim’s room I heard soft moans. I carefully opened the door slightly and peeked in; you and Kim were both naked. Kim was on her back and you were eagerly licking her pussey. So if I am a perverted son of a bitch, what are you? If you prefer being a lesbian so be it. Shall we split up? That’s fine with me she said. I want the house, the Murano, plenty of cash and of course Kim. Ok you can have it; I will take the Tesla, the stock and half of the cash. There are other good things in the world besides pussey, he said, with a slight grin. They agreed, signed divorce papers and Charlie prepared to leave.

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