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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Sweet face of a webcam ladyboy KimI was not too discouraged with my yesterday unsuccesful webcam chat, so, full of hopes, with my cock in my hands, I logged in to my Imlive account to see who’s online. And it didn’t take too long, this webcam girl momentarily hooked me with her sexy smile. Her name is xxSHEMALExx. If you’re only looking up top there’s no indicator that she was born a boy. She’s really gorgeous, and her face is so cute and feminine, in fact this is what drew me to her in the first place. Her real name is Kim and she began our show with a little tit play. I was pleasantly surprised to see a natural pair of A cups on her sweet and sexy body, which was totally naked by the way. After a bit of chat to start things off she panned the web camera down to her crotch and started stroking her lovely shaven cock.

Speaking of which, she was decently endowed for Asian. I’d say it was a good 6 inches with a perfect thickness. It was just the kind of cock that will give you a good fuck without causing any discomfort. You better believe I was dreaming of having that thing inside me while I was watching her stroke it. My own dick was raging looking at her go. I especially liked it when she would speed up her stroking and her hand would turn into a blur.

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Today I’ve learnt the hard way that the rating of a webcam model does not necessarily mean anything. I was in a mood for a chat and picked this model, shemaleNXTDOOR (I don’t even want to put a link to her page here). The picture on her profile looked good, the ratings were good too, and the penis size she specified was “big”, no less.

So I logged in to her chat, anticipating the great show. Her dick was limp, and not big looking at all. So after a short chit-chat I asked her to play with herself, to which she replied “Will you leave a 5 star rating for me“? I thought, ok, let’s see what you can do.. So she began wanking off her limp dick, with so bored expression on her face, it was obvious she’s not enjoying it for a second.

After one minute or so she returned to her keyboard and asked me whether I could rate her show 5 stars. It was a big turn off and I was very disappointed, to say the least. I asked her to show me her ass, which she did but again she demanded a 5 star rating a minute afterwards.

At this point I thanked her politely, told her that I already cum and fled. My horny mood was completely ruined, and I definitely won’t talk to this girl again.

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Ladyboy strokes a cock of a guy before taking it up her assIt was a popular night at the club where these two met. It was a club known for ladyboys, but this girl is so good looking her man had no idea she had a dick until they got back to his place and started fooling around in the bedroom. When his hand went between her legs expecting a pussy and found a stiff dick he was surprised. Being an open minded guy, he figured he’d go along with it and have some fun with his new friend. Lucky for him she’s a passionate lover and it turned into a night he would never forget.

The scene has been captured by the folks at Asian Transsexuals and it looks amazing. Their fun begins with mutual oral sex. First he sucks her off and then she strokes his dick a little before opening wide and taking him inside. After that they lube up her asshole (and give us a nice look at it up close) and then he stuffs himself inside. He fucks her in just about every position, eager to feel her tightness wrapped around his dick as long as possible.

They’ve got more from this scene at Asian Transsexuals if you’re keen to go further.

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This is a 100% real story that a friend of mine published at his blog, Transsexual Mania. This guy has moved to Thailand several years ago and seems to be having a good time there. It’s a great woody sprouting story that i’m sure you’ll enjoy too.

Thai Kathoey Ladyboy Fuck Show in Patpong

So last night my TG girlfriend and I went to Bangkok’s Patpong prostitutions zone to see a fuck show. Instead of the “normal” sex show with old women shooting darts out of their twats, we asked the touts to take us to a ladyboy fucking show.

We arrived, bright eyed and bushy tailed. So this guy comes out on to stage with a huge fucking monster dick on him and a condom. Now, I would have prefered them to go bareback, rawdog. But the planets weren’t aligned I guess. So the well endowed boy started stroking his manlihood for all to see. Now I wasn’t into it, seemed a bit gay. Then again, most people would say getting fucked by a tall, slim ladyboy with an 8 inch cock would be gay too, so be it.

This t-girl came out, she was a TIT school member. (TIT school is a term I coined for Transexuals In Training). This hot, slim TIT schooler bent over and got her ass reamed, rimmed, fucked and torn up by this tan Thai guy. He fucked her six ways from Sunday, he even fucked her when he was hanging upside down on monkey bar poles, and did a 360 degree span of ass fucking. Unbelievable.

The look on the ladyboy’s face was absolutely priceless, and OH did I sprout wood. I had a hardon like never before. I had to hide it from my girlfriend and pretend like I wasn’t in to it. If she only knew…

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A strange thing happened this week in Fannin County, Tex. One man, 43, is in prison after stabbing the driver he hitched a ride with over the weekend. He was hitch hiking down Interstate 30 in Arlington when a white 42-year-old female by name “Angie” picked him up. Soon thereafter she invited him back to her horse barn and asked him to perform oral sex on her.

I suppose you can guess what happened next. The guy got quite a surprise when he found out it was in fact not a female, but a transsexual. Don’t know what was going on in his mind, but he pulled out his knife and stabbed Angie multiple times.

Evans was taken into custody and taken to the Fannin County Jail where bond has been set at $50,000. The victim is recovering.

It was very interesting to read the comments of others to this story, You’ll realize how homophobic, close-minded and prejudiced many men are. Here are some for example:

* Holy cow! I was raised in Bailey and I didn’t know we had freaks like that living here!

* this angie person has mental problems, dressing like a woman, trying to have sex with a hitchhiker and not telling him he was a man up front. also there is nothing wrong with carrying a knife, i carry one and when i was growing up all men did the same.

* I think that’s pretty much justified! let the man go, he was only defending himself!

*They should also put that stupid bi-sexual in jail. He/She is the one responsible for getting stabbed in the first place. Besides, it is much less safe to be a hitch hiker and accept a ride with anyone. You never know when it could be a pervert like this one is.

So, who do you think is an offender in this story?

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Shemale getting her ass penetrated by a 8 inch boneThe site is called Shemales From Hell but based on this beautiful gallery I’d argue that they should call it Shemales From Heaven. The tranny that stars in the scene is beautiful with long lustrous hair, perfect tits and a luscious pair of lips that were created to do naughty things to cocks.

Her tattooed boyfriend can’t stay away from her when he sees the green bikini and black boots she’s wearing and in moments he has his lips wrapped around her sweet nipples. Her asshole is the next recipient of his oral attentions and then he gets naked and lets her go to town on his meat.

He’s very well hung but she still manages to give him an incredible blowjob, sucking down most of his length in an attempt to keep his dick rock hard. Next is an ass fucking and she rides him hard, letting all eight inches of his bone penetrate her shemale ass.

They fuck in several hot positions, each one bringing her intense pleasure. I’m guessing the thought of fucking her tight little ass will bring you pleasure as well; I know it does for me. The women of Shemales From Hell love to fuck and you can see it all as a member.

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Ladyboy Eye stripping for youLadyboy 69 prides themselves on finding the most beautiful ladyboys in the world and shooting gorgeous picture galleries and videos with them. They know you have a lot of sites to choose from so they want to make sure you come to theirs.

Ladyboy Eye featured in this fine gallery is a good example. At the start she’s wearing a tiny pair of denim shorts and a sexy sheer camisole. If she wasn’t wearing a bra you’d be able to see the entirety of her breasts; thankfully she leaves a little to the imagination (not for long).

In this photo set ladyboy Eye is stripping for you. She’s pretending you’re in the room, waiting for her to get naked so you can devour her sweet body and penetrate her tight ass with your cock. She wants to take her time though, so don’t get too excited. First it’s her top, revealing a very sexy black bra underneath. Then she loses the bra and pants, getting down to just her sexy lace panties. Finally those are gone as well and the only place you can stare is between her legs where a beautiful dick hangs.

Get more of Eye at LB-69!

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Ladyboy blowing a dick lovinglyToday’s hot set of pictures is brought to You by Extreme Ladyboys, which is dedicated to a fetish side of ladyboy fucking. A stern looking ladyboy is sitting in her hotel room reading. She seems to be all business, but that’s not entirely the case. She met a man while she was eating dinner tonight and invited him back to her place for a night cap. Once he emerged from the bathroom she put her reading aside and took his cock in hand.

This couple had big plans for the night, plans which began with a bottle of baby oil. It was poured all over her body, leaving her looking shiny and beautiful and leaving her asshole lubed up. After lovingly blowing him she pulled her pantyhose down her legs and got on her knees, waiting for him to fuck her from behind. A deep ass boning followed, with a look of pure pleasure on her face the entire time.

This is a girl that loves to fuck and a guy that revels in delivering such a fuck. If you were there with her you wouldn’t regret it for a moment because this naughty ladyboy also loves to suck dick, especially a nice thick shaft. Just imagine having her pretty mouth wrapped around your dick, her tongue swirling around your cockhead and driving you wild.

Visit Extreme Ladyboys for more of her.

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This was a hell of an interesting article at CosmoMagazin eabout the phenomenon of “phantom penises” that post-op transsexuals experience, similar to individuals with amputated limbs.

Experts at the University of California in San Diego, USA, found that 60 per cent of interviewed heterosexual men who had their genitals surgically removed following cancer claimed to continue to experience the sensation of having a penis. Intriguingly, the same study showed that only 30 per cent of originally male transsexuals, whose genitals had been removed as part of gender reassignment, reported the same phenomenon. The researchers also interviewed female-to-male transsexuals, 60 per cent of whom reported the sensation of phantom penises since early childhood.

A mismatch between body image and reality has long been documented in some amputees who continue to report the sensation of having a limb after it has been removed – and even in people born without limbs. Phantom limbs are purported to be the result of ‘cross-wiring’ in the nerves of the brain responsible for the missing limb and surrounding brain regions, said the researchers. The phantom penis phenomenon is thought to be caused by a similar process, and results in patients without a penis still being able to describe its shape and length and even experience “phantom erections”.

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Nikki jerking a huge black dildoFor those of you who still don’t know, Nikki is an amateur Asian ladyboy and I am pretty sure she has a fascination with cum, at least according to the contents of this gallery. If she’s not getting drenched in cum then she’s shooting a big load from her own cock and it seems as though it image features at least a little bit of jizz.

The fun thing is Nikki is all by herself and she’s managed to make quite a mess. She’s holding a dildo in the first few images and it has the ability to shoot cum; all you have to do is load it. Nikki did so and then she jerked it off onto her face, leaving a big mess.

After decorating her pretty face Nikki took her own cock in hand and began stroking it. Her cock is the perfect size in my mind. It’s not so big that it would hurt while sliding into your asshole but it’s not so small that you wouldn’t even feel it. It would fit nicely into your mouth too. If you’re going to dream about being with a shemale I think Nikki is the perfect subject for your fantasy. When she finally cums the camera captures it perfectly and the mess can be appreciated by all tranny lovers. If you want more of Nikki, there is a place where you can get it. Just visit her site, Nikki TS Fun, for a great one girl show.

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