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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Mistress AmyI regret to say that Amy’s week at Trans Ladyboy is over This is going to be is the last posting of Amy for a while. Nevertheless I do hope it was a great Christmas present for all of us Amy’s lovers. This last gallery will be my present to you for a New Year.

In this gallery from Extreme Ladyboys lovely ladyboy Amy takes the role of the mistress, and she is the kind of girl You’d service gladly. It seems like it would be a pleasure for anyone to suck her ladyboy cock and lick her ladyboy ass. She looks phenomenal as a mistress in this photo gallery. She’s wearing a sexy pink and black lingerie set that includes black stockings and a riding crop that she can use to beat her slave in case he gets out of control. I have a feeling she’s not afraid to use it if necessary.

Her slave is a white businessman that can’t get enough ladyboy cock and loves to play the role of the submissive. Does that sound familiar to any of you ladyboy lovers out there? If so then I think you’ll be thrilled with what Amy brings to the table in these photos. After forcing her slave to suck her ladyboy cock she takes a turn and gives him a memorable blowjob that will be dancing through your head when you go to sleep tonight. She also pleasures his ass with anal beads, a move that I find exceptionally sexy. There’s more of this, including 41 minutes of hardcore video, at Extreme Ladyboys. Check them out! And have a happy New Year!

Shemale Sex Lover

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Beautiful ladyboy Amy giving a handjobAmy looks a little like a naughty nurse in this video from Ladyboy Gold as she’s straddling some guy’s lap while wearing a white button up shirt with red trim. It’s never made clear if she’s playing a naughty nurse, but it’s more fun to imagine that so let’s pretend that she is. The guy has his head on the pillows and she’s sitting on his stomach and facing his cock. Her body is effectively blocking his face, leaving you to concentrate on her hot frame and the work she’s doing on his cock. This is a handjob video and ladyboy Amy’s job is to bring him off.

At first she’s working him gently because he hasn’t quite gotten hard enough (if it helps, you should imagine that it’s your dick Amy is stroking; I reckon You’re probably doing it anyway). Once he gets stiffer she picks up the pace and she also takes off her top. At that point she’s in a pair of panties and nothing else, which means a great view of her ladyboy tits, which are flawless. A little more stroking and he’s just about ready to cum, which is what she’s been waiting for. Amy gets off on pleasuring guys and there’s tons more of her doing so at Ladyboy Gold.

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Ladyboy AmyAre you prepared for one of the naughtiest ladyboy shows at Extreme Ladyboys you’ve ever seen? This cutie Amy has a dirty side to her personality and you’re about to experience it in an amazing picture gallery.

A cat burglar has broken into ladyboy Amy’s hotel room but she has him pinned – I guess he wasn’t expecting her to have such strength. Now that he’s at her mercy he’s begging for her to be kind and he’d really like to have a shot at fucking her, as we all would. He actually takes the liberty of groping her tits, which once again I’m sure we’d all like to try.

Amy’s not really interested in giving him what he wants though. Instead she’s interested in taking what she wants from him and today she wants to humiliate him. First she whips out her sexy ladyboy cock and strokes herself above him. She beats her meat while he looks up and no doubt his mouth waters a little bit. Can you imagine being a few inches away from a ladyboy cock likes hers and not being able to suck it? It would be pure torture. The final humiliation comes when Amy unloads her bladder on his face. She absolutely showers him in hot yellow urine!!! It’s an awfully sexy mess. Head for Extreme Ladyboys now to see the full scene!

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Ladyboy Amy interrogating YouHere’s a photo gallery for the fantasy life brought to you by Ladyboy 69. Imagine you’ve been arrested and are in the interrogation room waiting for someone to come take your statement and hear your side of the story. In walks a beautiful Asian ladyboy named Amy. She’s wearing a tight blue top tied under her ample breasts, a short flirty skirt, black panties and thigh high leather boots. She looks like the embodiment of every police related sexual fantasy ever. She sits in a chair across from you and gives you a naughty smile, signaling that this interrogation is going to be unlike any other.

First she tosses her hat away, preferring to let you gaze at her long flowing hair. Then she shows off her boots by crossing and uncrossing her legs. They’re long and luscious and you’re hard pressed to look away. The skirt is relatively flimsy and she lifts it with ease, showing off her sexy black panties. Then she turns up the heat by taking off her top and displaying her tits in their tight bra. Even in her underwear and boots she looks authoritative. This is a girl that could play the role of in charge domina anytime. Finally she’s down to just her boots and her ladyboy cock looks stunning.

Visit Ladyboy 69 to see the full set of a naughty police officer, ladyboy Amy.

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Ladyboy Amy doing a strip tease in her leopart print bootsLadyboy Amy has become a big star in the world of Asian shemales. Today I bring you a gallery of Amy from Extreme Ladyboys that was taken long before she rose in status. In fact, she doesn’t even have her breast implants here. Instead she’s working an all natural frame and although she’s a little less shapely she’s no less sexy. She’s wearing a leopard print bikini top and a short black skirt as she looks lustily into the camera lens. It was easy to tell from the start that Amy was going to be a star. Just look at how pretty and how sensually seductive she is. It comes easily to her.

She strips quickly, taking off everything but her leopard print top and leopard print vinyl boots. Just imagine that you’re sitting at the end of the bed and she’s doing a sexy striptease and dance for you. Her hips sway back and forth, her cock moving with the motion. Her hand finds the half hard meat between her legs and she gently begins stroking, bringing forth an erection. Before long that dick has grown to full length and she starts stroking harder. They actually sneak a picture in here of her sucking dick, so just imagine that’s your rock hard cock. Go see the full set at Extreme Ladyboys.

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Amy plays with a beaded anal toyHow are you doing tonight my dear readers? Are you feeling exhausted after the holiday to the point You can’t even get yourself to jerk off? Do not worry, I have something up my sleeve that will help you get refreshed and bring You to Your usual horny mood again. And mind You, that “something” is another ladyboy Amy’s gallery, this time from Ladyboy Gold.

Ladyboy Amy is naked and lying on the couch. The blinds are shut behind her and the room is intimately lit for what’s bound to be a high quality scene. Amy’s tits are impressive, perfect round and they sit awesomely high on her chest, just like a good ladyboy boob job should. At first she’s working her dick with her hand, trying to get it to a full erection before proceeding with the second part of the masturbation plan. She’s looking into the camera with such lust filled eyes it’s hard to resist her charms.

After her dick gets hard she grabs her beaded anal toy and begins working it into her ladyboy asshole. Those toys are all about stimulating the anal ring, and it’s actually quite amazing the pleasures they can bring as they slide in and out of your rectum. I’ll bet Amy’s feeling that pleasure as she performs for you. The camera pans up and down her body, catching hot penetration and hot looks at her tits and her pretty face. She really goes to town on herself, working her asshole with vigor and desire

Would you like to see more of Amy? Then be sure to visit her home on the web at Ladyboy Gold.

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Ladyboy AmyFinally it’s Christmas time pals, and if You’ve been working hard all year, then got tired after Xmas services, wrapping presents etc, now it’s time to rest and relax. I am unspeakably happy that even at holidays Your love for shemales isn’t gone and you returned to our blog. Mind You, You’ve made the right decision!

For all of you who have been good boys, girls and tgirls, i’m hereby declaring a Christmas week at Trans Ladyboy dedicated solely to one of the most beautiful and sweet Thai ladyboys, Amy. Check back every day during this magical week to see the new updates. As for today’s post, i’m going to open the series with the gallery of Xmas angel from Extreme Ladyboys. “An angel” could mean a million different things of course, especially since we all know that ladyboy Amy is such a good looking cutie. As it turns out she’s actually posing as an angel in the pictures and she’s clearly one of the most beautiful in the world. If this babe came down from heaven and said that she was going to escort you to your final resting place I don’t think you’d have many complaints. 😉 She’s wearing a huge pair of wings, white lace gloves, and a sexy satin and lace bra and panty set.

I’d like to take a moment to comment on her lingerie because it’s stunning. The design is elegant, the fabric choice is arousing and the cut is perfect. Her tits look big and if you didn’t see a little lump in her panties you’d have no idea this flawless model had a dick hanging between her legs. Amy is at the beach in her angel costume and the sunlight makes her look even more beautiful than usual. If you’d like to see more of this flawless beauty you can check her out at Extreme Ladyboys. There are lots of beauties waiting. And again, I’m wishing you a Merry Xmas.

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That cock is too big!In my opinion, the internet is becoming saturated with poorly drawn shemale cartoons in an attempt to make money off a niche that lacks content. This is why it is always a pleasure to find something as special like that recently opened futanari site, Innocent Dick Girls. While the site is new and thus has one or two minor con’s, its pro’s outweigh them by far.

To begin with, let me just explain what I love about the site. The girls featured there have not only lovely wet pussies to bang, but also huge meaty cocks that they put into use readily. You may, like me, have wondered how these dick girls are possible? Alright, so its fantasy which is perfectly fine with me, and I understand that, yet some deep residing part inside me really wants to know how dick girls are possible? It’s anatomically incorrect, yet this is part of the beauty of the site. “The Story” link at the top, explains exactly how the dick girls receive their impossibly huge anatomical parts, and while it may lack a little in originality and resembles the story of Peter Parker, the Spider Man, the graphics are superb and you get a full resolution comic for free.

In addition to this preview part, the home page of the site features a couple of stories that you will find inside it as you scroll down the page. The nice thing about this is that if you click one of the pictures, you’ll get taken to the thumbnails so you can get a good idea of the quality you’ll get once you’re a member of the site.

Read the full post…

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Sexy ladyboy from LB69 stroking her meatThis exotic Asian ladyboy Jane is wearing a schoolgirl skirt and a tight black lace bra. Her tits look marvelous in the sexy material and they’re going to look even better when she takes them out a little bit later. She’s wearing a tie as well, but she seems to have left her tom somewhere else. That’s all for the best though as we’re really only interested in seeing her get naked. Before she takes off any of her clothing I can tell you that I wouldn’t mind to fuck this sweet piece of ass! Don’t you feel the same way? Wouldn’t you like to pound her tight hole with your stiff cock? Head for LB69 now!

She takes off her skirt first, letting it fall gently to the floor while she stares lustily at the camera. Next she unhooks her bra and cups her tits while turning her back towards the camera. She’s a little bit coy, but she’s not here to deny you what’s rightfully yours. Her breasts look lovely when she turns around and shows them off, but they’re no comparison to her cock. It’s the perfect size for fucking – not too big, not too thick – and it will bring any man great pleasure. For now you’ll have to be satisfied with watching her stroke herself and have a nice orgasm. See more of Jane at Ladyboy 69.

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Lovely Bianca Freire toyingA good looking shemale isn’t a remarkable thing, but a good looking shemale with a great pair of tits, a perfectly female body and a big cock is pretty rare. And with that I present to you Bianca Freire from Shemale Club, arguably one of the finest shemales you’ll every lay eyes upon. In this fine gallery, presented to you by the folks over at Shemale Club, Bianca is putting her body in display. She’s wearing a cute red bra and panty set, although she’s topless within a few moments of the gallery opening. After that she poses for a few shots and then strips off her panties.

What’s remarkable is that as soon as her panties are gone her dick is almost instantly hard. Look at that six inch beauty and imagine your mouth wrapped around it, pleasuring this goddess in the way that she deserves. Or perhaps you can look forward a few pictures and see the dildo penetrating her asshole. Put your mind to work and imagine that’s your dick being stuffed deep inside her ass.

Doesn’t it feel good in there, so nice and tight? There’s much more of Bianca at Shemale Club so I’d pay them a visit to check her out.

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