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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Gotta thank our reader Amanda for this lovely ladyboy sex story.

As an openly gay women I had heard so much about Katoeys in Thailand and that they were affectionate and prepared to do most things. I have to go to Bangkok on a marketing junket so decide to test the waters. The first bar I walked into was confusing to say the least. So I plonk myself down, order a drink and look around. As I took a ciggie from my purse this lady perches herself next to me and offers a light. Going by the size of her adams apple I guess she is a ladyboy, her English was basic to say the least but she was very pretty all the same.

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Ladyboy flashes her hot ass Odette from ladyboy-ladyboy is a pretty babe and she’s doing a teasing solo set for your pleasure. She’s wearing a sheer pink slip with sparkly flowers in the design and it looks smoking hot. It probably helps that her body is thin and gorgeous so you don’t really want to pull your eyes away from her. If you happen to look somewhere else you might miss the next super hot thing that she does in front of the camera. Notice how thin and sexy her body is. She keeps in shape because she knows that guys want their ladyboys tight and beautiful. She knows that guys want to dream about fucking a super slim and sexy ladyboy like her and she loves knowing that someone is dreaming about her.

This ladyboy does a striptease during her gallery and it’s an arousing experience. It begins with Odette’s tits being exposed as she unties the lingerie and lets it fall. Her boobies are perky and sexy and she runs her hands over them doing a little bit of groping along the way. The lovely ladyboy likes how it feels to have her flesh caressed and she definitely likes pulling on her nipples. Wouldn’t you like that too?

Odette flashes her sparkly panties and they’re a delight to experience. She flashes her hot ass and there’s a really nice picture where you get to see her dick hanging down. Once you see it you’re going to dream about it because it looks amazing. Come and see her at Ladyboy-Ladyboy, this hot ass of hers is surely asking for some fuck.

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As if they are in collusion, our readers posted some really interesting stuff in the last 3 days I’m very glad to publish a second tgirl story in a row today. Our reader Sy from Johannesburg tells us about a beautiful girl that he spent un unforgettable evening with, and she seemed to love him too but sadly she thought they should not be together… Enjoy reading.

I’m working in Johannesburg’s northern suburb of Sandton and I had to go to a meeting downtown and so I left a bit early as I know traffic is crazy that side and so I ended up sipping a coffee at one of the street cafes and in the table opposite the was this hot girl wearing a red dress also enjoying her strawberry juice. I suddenly noticed her glance at me but was reluctant to make a move. She smiled at me and made a comment but couldn’t hear clear and asked her to rephrase it but still I couldn’t hear and so she moved closer and told me that she was just greeting me and asked if she could join me and with no doubt I agreed. She was smart and we could talk about almost everything and I had to ask as to where she was working but she told me that she not working anymore as recession cost her the job. She said that she was staying in a flat closer by but she will be leaving in a couple of months, I told her that I had to leave as my meeting was gonna start in 30 and I gave her my business card. Later that day I got a text message telling me that I look like a great company, I phoned and only to find that it was her and we spoke for a long time.

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If you like the idea of a girl going at it with a ladyboy and follow the ladyboy stories section of our blog for some time, you should remember the story about Thai ladyboy Nan that our reader Julia wrote. Well, this is her second report and I hope you enjoy it as much as the first one.

This time I actually had a reason to be in Bangkok as my company needed me to go there and meet a client. However that remained my secondary objective as I had to catch up with ladyboy Nan. Once I had checked in at my hotel I called several times and finally tracked her down at her apartment, I guess it was early afternoon. She agreed to meet me at my hotel in an hour or so.

I was like a virgin about to experience my first time as paced, thought about things and smoked too many ciggies until I got her call that she was down in the lobby. There was a problem and she couldn’t access the room floors. I tarted myself up and raced to the elevators and down to the lobby. I found Nan sitting at the bar waiting for me and what a site she was. Her makeup impeccable and sitting there in a short red skirt, thigh length red PVC boots and a skimpy little halter top. She was nursing a beer and smoking at her bar stool. Actually she was smoking more more ways than one. I nearly lost my breath just looking at her there.

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Brazilian shemale Sarah taking a big cock from behindSarah is a soft and sensual shemale babe with long dark hair, a wicked tight body and a hot pair of big tits that look fantastic. In this gallery brought to us by Shemales From Hell the action begins when she takes this big cock in her mouth and starts sucking it lustily. When she feels it’s hot and wet enough to penetrate her shemale ass she sits on Marcus and starts riding him while her big boobs bounce around.

There’s moaning and groaning and lots of pleasure to be enjoyed for us. At one point she lets him fuck her from behind and he screws her big shemale ass deep and hard and cums all over her hot body. Is there anything this hot chick can’t do?

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TS BARBIE WHORE is her name on and when you see the kind of performance she can put on you’ll be tempted to think that she is in fact the perfect ladyboy whore. She’s incredibly beautiful; so much so that when you see the dick between her legs you might be surprised even though you know she’s a ladyboy.

When the beautiful ladyboy does a webcam show she makes sure to entertain. If you want her dressed in something naughty she’ll accommodate but for ours she was naked because that’s how we like it. She started with some chat and showing off her little tits and then she moved right into modeling her gorgeous ladyboy ass and cock. She bent over and showed that butt along with some seriously butthole action that was too hard to resist. What a fucking sexy ass!

This ladyboy tempts you to dream about fucking her butt and if you’re like the rest of that’s what you’ll do. Then she starts stroking her ladyboy cock and it’s definitely big. She gets fully hard and plays with the fuck meat lustily, stroking and rubbing it until it gets to full size to drive you wild. If you’re not dreaming about sucking that ladyboy dick or fucking her ass and stroking it then you must be mad. TS BARBIE WHORE is awesome see her stroking that lovely dick just for You.

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Shemale Tempest choking a guy's dickSo you want to see a sub guy fucked by a dominant shemale? If so, today’s gallery from Transex Domination will not leave you indifferent. This poor sissy boy is blindfolded with a spike iron mask and his hands are chained above his head. Like this is not enough, he’s gagged too and the incredibly vicious shemale that did all of that to him is right next to him. Her name is Tempest and she’s enjoying it a whole lot and the pain that runs through his body no doubt turns her on even more. She likes dominating bitch boys and she’s dreaming of how good it’s going to fill his nasty asshole with her hard tranny cock to fuck him deep.

She puts him through hell, tormenting, humiliating and almost biting his dick off. After he fully submits to her mistress, she decides she needs a blowjob and removes his mask. When she feeds her shemale cock down his throat he responds because that’s what comes naturally for him. He’s a slut first and foremost and he sucks dick with the best of them. He gets her shemale rod hard with that wet and talented mouth and then she starts roughly fucking his asshole with her fat shemale cock. By now he’s Tempest’s bitch. He is owned by her and she will use him however she pleases. If she wants to pump him and then toss him out that’s what she’ll do. If she wants to keep him around for a few weeks to play with that’s what she’ll do.

This shemale really likes to take her bitches doggy style. That’s how they know they’re just her sluts. The guy gets fucked hard doggy style and Tempest is driving deep to make him scream. It’s truly a world class hardcore scene. Check out Transex Domination for more rough stuff like that, it’s a fucking great site if you ask me!

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