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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Monalisa - ebony shemale with a thick cockWhat’s your favorite kind of shemale slut? Do you like a naughty Latin shemale or a hot ladyboy or do you prefer a sexy ebony shemale with a beautiful and thick cock? If so then it’s time you check out this hot gallery from Black Shemale Stars starring the beautiful Monalisa. She’s wearing a sexy pink satin jacket and an even sexier pink satin bustier under it that makes her body look even hotter than you can possibly imagine. The only way to really experience this black shemale wonder is to visit her gallery first hand.

If you do then you’ll see this shemale posing for us in that sexy, slutty pink lingerie and a pair of black fishnet stockings that make her long legs look even more luscious. She’s in the kitchen and in front of her she has the most phallic of all food items. There’s a banana, a carrot and a zucchini and it’s all quite large but it doesn’t compare to the beauty of her big shemale black cock swinging between her legs. You don’t get to see that right away but you know this sexy shemale is hiding it in there and she’s just waiting to spring it on you.

Monalisa the sexy black shemale is a bit of a tease though. She has a big dick between her legs and it gets hard on command but she doesn’t want to give it away for free. She’s going to drive you wild with her hot body and then she’s going to pull out her cock but if you want to see the full size ass slapper you’ll have to join Black Shemale Stars. Chances are good that as soon as you see the gallery you’re going to feel a powerful need to join because that gorgeous black cock is calling your name. It needs to be groped and touched and it if you’re not there to do it then who is going to help her?

If you like ebony shemales then there are few sites as well suited to fulfilling your needs as Black Shemale Stars. They have all the hot milk chocolate trannies the world can offer and they update every week to keep it fresh and sexy. There’s already a bunch of content ready to be download so if you’re in the mood she’ll give it to you good.

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It has happened!!!

Ladyboy Areeya is a babe that needs no introduction (I wonder if there is any true ladyboy lover that hasn’t seen her yet) and today I’m going to delight you with something more special and unique than the videos of her that you’ve already seen (and jerked off to) a hundred times. Today I give you a recorded live webcam session with the ladyboy goddess.

Breathe deep, you heard that right! Many of us have been dreaming about having a private chat with this most beautiful and sexy ladyboy and now it is finally possible. This weekend our forum member TrannyLick made his fantasy into a reality and had a 20-minute sexy chat with Areeya. Not only that but he was smart enough to record it! I have helped him edit the video and now it’s available here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I’m going to let TrannyLick speak for himself..

After years of following her career and her chameleon-like appearance (she likes to dress in vastly different outfits and costumes in her photo shoots) meeting Areeya was a true honor and privilege! I was barely able to type as my hands were shaking uncontrollably with excitement. My session on webcam was easily the most incredible experience I’ve ever had on any live cam chat.

She was ready to get down and dirty right out of the gate. Her tight little black top came off almost immediately revealing her perfect boobs. As she started caressing and squeezing her titties, her nipples grew erect and longed to be sucked.

Areeya really likes to talk dirty and she used that talent to get me aroused quickly. Soon it was time to release her shemale cock that she had tucked into a pair of sheer panties. I could tell from the start that those panties were not going to contain her pulsing shaft for long. Erect almost immediately, Areeya began stroking the length of her hot rod with great verve and enthusiasm. Her flawless skin wrinkled ever so slightly with delight as her face contorted with pleasure. Yeah, she was ready to play.

It wasn’t long before she started to straddle the camera to display her sweet cheeks and tight round sack. All the time she had one hand on the stick shift and the other expressing her wants and needs via the keyboard. She knew exactly what to say and do to get me standing at attention. Then the nasty little girl knelt down in front of me with her fully erect cock in her hand and started to stream saliva down onto the tip of her engorged member. She iced her erection with the sugary stuff and slowly began to rub one out. The head of her cock glistened with tension and excitement and I could tell she wanted more.

She could have milked me for all I was worth but alas, the session had to end at some point. Regrettably I had to sign off and she was very sweet and understanding. I wish to see her again on webcam so I can go all the way with her. Areeya is without a doubt one of the nicest and hottest webcam ladyboys ever to grace the face of the Earth. My adventure of absolute joy and satisfaction with her will resonate in my memory (and hard drive) with for a long time. I have no doubt that if you have the opportunity to visit Areeya in her webcam private room you should do it without hesitation.

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I’m very proud to publish this mysterious and very erotic and romantic story by our forum member, SMC. This story is indeed very unusual, it combines romance and sex and I’m absolutely sure you’re going to like it as much as I did.

It is one of those days of drudgery, tied to the computer, working for hours, trying to write. It is not going well. I am too distracted. Perhaps things will go better if I work somewhere else? Sometimes, moving from my office and the desktop computer to the living room and the laptop helps. I decide to give it a try.

Nothing doing. I am just as distracted. Only now, away from my office upstairs, with all the reminders of work, I find it even easier to drift away from my work tasks, and I look for anything to do but work. After drifting around on the web from news site to social networking to whatever, I check my email. There is a message from an address I have never seen before: The subject line reads: “I am not spam.”

That catches my attention. Of course it is spam, I surmise, but I must admit to being impressed by the cleverness of the subject line, so instead of instantly relegating the message to the trash, I decide to look. The message content is simple: “It’s me. Click here.”

I put the cursor over the clickable line to see what will show up at the bottom of my screen, fully expecting some long string of unintelligible letters and numbers comprising a URL somewhere in one of the spam or phishing capitols of Africa or Eastern Europe. But again, I am surprised. It reads: “This is real.”

How did the spammer do that? I wonder. Now I am more than curious, and against my better judgment I click, fully expecting it to be the last time I will get any use out of my laptop computer.

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Arabic shemale Mariam shows her sexy dickThis busty Arabic TS Mariam Micol is about to put on a very sexy performance for you. She’s wearing almost nothing when the gallery starts and she looks really fantastic. She’s got a really nice looking firm booty and her legs are long and luscious. She’s also pretty good looking and her lips are the kind that you dream about being wrapped around your cock and sucking you to a pleasurable orgasm.

This lovely lady is here to perform for you and I promise you’re going to be amazed. See, when a tranny like this poses for us shimming her sweet body it’s hard not to get turned on. She’s so shapely and beautiful that you can’t resist getting hard and dreaming about maybe being in the room with her and fucking her tight hole. Perhaps you want to suck her small dick too, imagine what it would be to get her hard, take that lovely penis in your mouth and suck it till she shoots her delicious shemale wad down Your throat.

Mariam’s site is the only one of a tgirl from the middle East that I heard of, so why don’t you check her out and see more pics and vids of that luscious Arabic shemale?

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For those of You who ejoyed reading the 1-st part of the story about Leona, i’m finally publishing the final part. Thanks again Cham for writing these awesome tranny stories.

I would have cried out with ecstasy but Hilda’s cock rammed down my throat and she told me to suck her. I sucked and she was tasty. But she soon pulled out and I saw Jamie’s cock above my face. Hilda’s cock was pretty much like Leona’s, both had smooth cocks that stood to the right and had large ball sacks. Jamie’s was different. Of course, it was black, smaller than Leona’s or Hilda’s, and had an extreme curve, almost a kink, to the left. Coupled with her angelic smile and voice, I think I was in love and eagerly took her into my mouth.

They took their turns with me, “A whore for shemales,” as Hilda put it. Veronika’s cock was a fat and uncut black beauty and I looked forward to taking it in my ass. Mandy was tall, slim and fair, and her cock resembled her except that it looked small until roused and then curved straight up and back leaving the head touching her body. I enjoyed her cock as well. While one would stuff her cock into my mouth the others would toy with my cock and balls. Soon they raised my legs and began to play with my ass as well. I had died and gone to heaven.

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