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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Well, guys, i’m going to take several days off, so i won’t be updating the blog for a while. However, i will log in from time to time to see if you have anything new to tell us…

As a small gift to all of You, i have modified the design of our shemale blog to make it more usable and look more attractive. Thus, please vote on my poll:

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My dear readers,

it’s always so great to see your comments on this blog, this means there are many of us whould would like to try it with a shemale. One of our readers, Phil, shared his story about having sex with a shemale for the first time. I had a great time reading it and hope so will You.

Well i had been curious about having sex with a TS for awhile, after looking in the local paper at the personal ads there was one advertising, so i got up the never and rang the number and arranged a meeting with her.

When i got to the address she opened the door, she was in her late thirtys, and looked very much like a female, and when she spoke there was not much of a hint of being a male. She showed me into a bedroom with just a single bed and some wardrobes in it, after i had stripped off she got onto the bed with me, being a single bed there was not much room ( so lots of body touching )she opened her robe to reveal her body.

She had about a size c cup breast, which felt great, she started off giving me a hand job, while she let me explore her body, hers was the first cock which i had touched. As we spoke she seemed to know how i felt, like buying TS mags and having fantasys and stuff, which was good. When she went down on me she moved around so we were in a 69 position so i could suck her as well. Her cock was around 4 or 5 in so it was a good size to start with.

After we had sucked each other for a while she asked if i would like to try anal, she got me to get on my hands and kneesshe put lube on her finger and slid it in, she then put a condom on herself and slid her cock in. I was expecting alot of pain but there was hardly any, once her cock was all the way in it felt fantastic all the feelings were great. She rode me for quite while before cumming, she then got on her back and guided me into her arse.

As i slid into her she held me to her she was rubbing her cock on my belly while we were kissing. Once i had cum we laid on the bed cuddling and kissing each other. So i have to say my first time with a real TS was just fantastic. Just wished i had gone back and seen her some more.

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massive cock os Shemale SolI believe you have recognized this massive shemale cock at the first glance. If you need a hint, go read this post that i made some time ago, about a shemale with a big cock.

Yep, it’s the same great cock and the same pretty shemale Sol, but this time she’s posing for another website, Latina Tranny. And it’s obvious that the photographer worships her cock too :) She appears with her legs spread wide in most of the pictures, showing her pink ass hole, beating her impressive cock and licking her tits. Come stroke this massive cock of shemale Sol and help her climax in your hand 😉

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Shemale Bruna shoves a huge sex toy into her assDo You want to know what shemales do when their asses are sore for a cock but there’s noone around to fuck ’em? They grab huge dildos and start toying their asses with them!

Check out this new shemale niche site, Ass Toyed Shemales, which is totally based on that plot – shemales hungry for a cock fuck their asses with sex toys, dildos, veggies, fruits and everything else that wolud fit in! In this preview gallery You will see a shemale Bruna stretching her ass ring with a huge yellow dildo. Boy, it’s so thick that You’d think there’s not way such giant sex toy would fit in her ass. However it fits perfectly well… Imagine what she would do with your own cock!

See a gallery of Shemale Bruna with a huge dildo up her ass!

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girl sucks ladyboys cockTonight i’m going to tease You with this awesome gallery of a ladyboy and a girl having oral sex from My Ladyboys. Funny, i could not tell at once which one is a girl and which one is a ladyboy. They both are very sexy looking, petite, fresh and small titted. And it’s a big pleasure to watch them slowly undressing each other and starting kissing their tits.

When it finally gets to oral sex, a girl pulls down jeans of her lover, takes an awesome small dick of a ladyboy in her mouth and starts sucking it gently. And then a thankful asian ladyboy licks her delicious twat and inserts her finger into it…

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My dear readers,

our Shemale Sex Blog is back! The last five days were tough. The blog was shut down by a hoster (i suppose he didn’t like shemales), and worst of all i didn’t have a good backup. So i basically had to restore all posts that i have made since September 2005 to get the blog to work again. And i believe it’s all done correctly and the blog should be working as before now.

All in all, our shemale sex blog is back on track 😉 Stay tuned for more hot shemale galleries.

Shemale Sex Lover

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Imagine a REAL LIVE shemale on a video cam talking to You! And You can make her do whatever YOU wish and watch it! Let me tell you guys, it’s a mind-blowing thing!

I recommend trying it now! You only have to decide on one thing.. hehe… Do You want to make her do what You want or obey her instead?


Another good collection of live shemale web cam sites can be found at this site of my friend, Shemale Web Cams.

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Shemale Stephani with a big cockSo far almost 200 men have voted on my poll devoted to how big a perfect shemale cock should be. So far the majority of voters (over 26%) prefer shemales with big cocks.

So i firmly believe those of You, dear readers, who love shemales with big cocks are going to like this particular donkey dong which belongs to a tgirl Stephani. You’d never think that a slim red knickers can hold such a giant member. She starts in a red bra and knickers but quickly removes them and starts masturbating. You can clearly see every tiny vein when Stephani grasps her cock firmly to squeeze her sticky wad out.

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