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I’ve already seen the lovely shemale Nadia in a webcam show before but this one is way hotter. It’s been more than four years and the tasty shemale is still going strong doing her dirty deeds on webcam and entertaining men in every way possible. Nowadays she has big perky titties that look freaking fantastic and they look great. They were clearly done by someone with serious talent, as you’ll see in any show you do with her.

My fantastic shemale webcam show with n01Nadia, who works at I’m Live, by the way, started with her in a cowboy hat and pink fishnet stockings. Amazingly, her dick was already rock hard and when she says she has seven inches she’s not kidding. Her shemale dick is long, hard, and it looks gorgeous. It’s totally straight and perfect with nice shaved balls hanging below it too. The brunette shemale beauty was armed with a long pink dildo and had her keyboard there as well so she could type while having fun on a webcam.

I wanted to see some hot dildo fucking and she totally obliged :) First she bent over and put her fingers in her shemale ass, slipping them inside with ease. Seeing her in the doggy style position just begging to get fucked sent a rush of hardcore thoughts through my brain as I dreamed about fucking her. She gave her booty some toy fucking from behind and then turned around and started riding the pink toy, with her lovely dick bouncing up and down. As a matter of fact, her dick and titties were glittery because they were all shiny and sparkling, which was great.

Later there was more amazing doggy style shemale ass fucking as she drove a toy really deep into her anal hole. She kept smiling throughout and you can’t blame her. She obviously does a job that she loves. I also got to see her masturbating her gorgeous tranny cock up close. It’s really one of the best webcam shows I’ve ever seen because she’s so joyful. Nadia loves her job and she’s free and willing to do anything. Her page on I’m Live makes it clear that she has a wide range of interests so whatever you want she can deliver. Check her out now!

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Ladyboy Gloryhole is a combination of wonderful things. They bring in the most beautiful, sexy, and arousing Asian shemales possible. Then they put them in a bathroom with a big gloryhole cut in the wall. On the other side of the hole is a black man with a big cock and these sluts are going to suck that dick and get fucked by it, making themselves available for screwing at the leisure of the ebony gods. The previews alone are arousing, especially when you see the big black dicks fucking the tight assholes. These petite ladyboys get stretched!

Ladyboy Gloryhole: a snapshot from members area

Now, to the members area. It turns out the tour is not a perfect representation of what actually happens inside. If they call the site Ladyboy Gloryhole then they should have gloryhole content, right? As it turns out, less than 30 of the 121 scenes inside feature gloryhole sex (I might have missed a few gloryhole videos, so that number could be a little higher, but it’s not going to be much higher). Everything else is just regular ladyboy sex. That’s certainly not a bad thing but it’s also not what You would hope to find inside.

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Today our dear reader Marc tells us a story about how he met his first and the only transsexual lady in life.

Way back in 1988 I was a poor student in New Zealand, my first year at Auckland Uni and going it alone in terms of study fees and books. I had a bad toothache and couldn’t really afford to see the dentist. I put up with the pain for so long until me sister suggested I call a friend of hers called Jenny. Jenny was what we call in NZ a School Dental Nurse, all kids are entitled to free dental treatment until they reach 18. I had met Jenny several times over drinks at parties, her and my sister were close friends. I actually liked her and found her quite attractive, a little aloof, very smart as well. I mean she was after all a health professional.

So I called Jenny and she agreed to see me and examine my sore molar. However it had to be done after hours as she was well outside her contract rules in seeing a poor 19 year old student. On this particular day I pulled my old clunker Toyota up outside the school dental clinic in Auckland at about 5.30, in those days she smoked and was outside the clinic having a cigarette. She used to get ridiculed by her friends at clubs and pubs as a dental nurse who smoked. It didn’t bother me in the slightest, I just wanted my tooth bloody well fixed. She greeted me outside the clinic with a peck on the cheek like an old friend and joked that this was going to cost me a night out at the pub.

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