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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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A friend of mine ICQed me yesterday and asked to take a look at his newly launched site, Dick or Clit. I knew I could only expect top-notch stuff from this guy (he’s the one running ShemaleMov after all) so, I just had to see his new work.

Well, I gotta say I was pretty impressed. Although I’ve already seen several quizzes of that kind, this one was special in its own way. You know, It’s always hard to tell, shemales are so feminine and sexy, and they always pick the hottest ones that look like women for quizzes like that (except for that little something extra that make them so attractive). Despite my huge experience in that area I got some of the tastiest shemales wrong, but at the same time I saw several trannies that I’ve never seen in my life, so this was an eye-opening experience in some sense. 😉

You will have to find out who’s got the cock. Each quiz contains 12 photos, 6 of them are shemales, 6 are females, there are also different niches covered, like Asian shemales, black shemales and Caucasian shemales. Each photo is also linked to a gallery with free content, so you can have fun and watch sexy pictures of naked shemale and women at the same time…

Shemale or female? Dick or clit? Test your skill now and post your results 😉

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Shemale Yeiydi licking a huge cockThe beautiful blonde shemale Yeiydi is wearing a white corset top and a pair of white stockings attached to the corset. She’s bent over at the waist and she’s holding her ass cheeks apart so her boyfriend can slide his dick into her shemale ass with ease. He pumps her tight hole and his meat is so big that he can’t even fit the entire thing inside her. What a lucky dude he is! When she flips over on her backside there’s a great shot of her ass stuffed with his cock while her own rock hard dick bounces. Now that’s entertainment!

After the anal is over he pulls out, takes his condom off and basically feeds his cock to her. She gives his fat dick a hot blowjob, sucking his sensitive head while stroking the shaft with her talented hands.

One of my favorite picture in the gallery is the one that shows him tea bagging Yeiydi. She’s practically devouring his shaved nut sack and I’ll bet they’re all salty and sweaty. If you go to Shemale Club you’ll see the entire set, which includes shemale Yeiydi getting a hot load on her face.

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Another lovely short shemale story from our forum member, this time from a guy who calls himself “I Fucked A Shemale”

I was at my best friends house a couple of years ago. I was maybe 18 i believe. His step mom was there. Well his new step mom that his dad just married like a few days before. Well I had to go to the bathroom, so i went to the bathroom. I had walked on in and then i heard the shower on. It was his step-mom. She told me dont worry to come on in. So i came on in sorta not wanting to. Only because i was a virgin either way and i was still insecure about my self. So i just decided to sit down and pee. I was there and my eyes started to wander. I then started to look behind the curtain. Then I saw her standing there. She was wet and i could see her nice ass. So I got hard and started beating off. Then all the sudden she turned around and saw me there beating off.

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Kinky ladyboy EmYou know how I know ladyboy Em from Ladyboy Gold is a hot slut? She has a sex swing in her bedroom! This gallery is proof of her love of sex even though she’s alone. In fact, the way she poses it’s like she’s just waiting for you to come and join her. Imagine that you’re sitting a few yards away from her as she climbs into the sex swing. She forbids you from getting up and joining her because she wants to tease you until you’re ready to burst. First she’s looking right into your eyes and smiling, knowing that you’re probably looking at her ladyboy cock or her massive ball sack or her little titties. Perhaps you’re intrigued by all the tattoos she has?

When Em turns around you see yet another reason why she’s such a popular babe and another reason you’re going to be wild with desire. Her ass is flawless in every way. It’s tight and small and it would definitely love a good smack if you wanted to deliver one. After playing in the sex swing Em comes a little closer to you, crawling on the soft rug on the floor and playing with her ladyboy dick. You’re still not allowed to move and she’s still having fun with you. Are you going to let her tease you like this? If you want more of Em you can see several picture galleries and videos at Ladyboy Gold. There are seven other shemale superstars there as well.

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Our new forum member who calls himsels BigBell609 has recently visited Moscow and obviously had some fun time with Russian shemale escorts. Now he wants to share the juicy details of his fun time in Moscow. I know, you’re going to like that 😉


The first day, I was with my Russian friend, who introduced to me the Russian shemale escort. Since I know he is a big fan of shemales, so I wasn’t shy of asking him about shemale escorts in Russia. He called in a shemale escort for me rightaway. I was staying in a hotel in downtown Moscow. Since my company paid for the expenses, I was staying at a quite nice 5-star hotel.

Soon (about forty minutes later), someone was knocking on the door. Then came in this astonishingly good looking lady. My friend talked to her briefly in Russian. Then he turned to me asked me to give her $$$ (apparently she did not ask for Russian money), which I happily complied. My friend waved to me goodbye and he went out of the door. To tell you the truth, I was extremely nervous. I have been to other shemale escorts before in the States, and not being this nervous. In fact, if some of you have read my other post, you know I had a shemale girlfriend a few years ago. Well, maybe because I was in a foreign country.

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Ladyboy gets fucked by an asian dudeYou see a ton of galleries featuring ladyboys but you rarely see Asian men in those same galleries. Maybe Asian dudes don’t really dig chicks with dicks? Either way you’ve got an Asian dude in this gallery from Asian TS and he’s making sweet love to a hot shemale ass. She’s rubbing his chest when the gallery begins and she eagerly takes his cock into her mouth, licking the soft head with her tongue and trying to get him rock hard so he can enter her asshole.

That’s the ultimate goal of any adventure with a ladyboy and this one ends in the proper place. Halfway through the photo set she puts a condom over his hard cock and climbs into his lap to bounce on his bone. It’s fascinating to see her go as she impales herself completely on him. It’s all the way up in her shemale asshole and it’s just fucking awesome. Her cock is hard too and it’s really quite large. I’ll bet after this hot gallery was over he had her fuck him too. Maybe i am wrong though, visit AsianTS to find out 😉

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Shemale Anna Alexandre posing in a schoolgirl outfitI have mixed feelings about today’s gallery, after all the tgirl featured there, Anna Alexandre, is not with us anymore… But boy, does she look beautiful in this gallery! When was the last time you saw a tranny this beautiful? Have you ever seen a tranny that looks like Anna? In this gallery from Shemale Club she’s turning up the heat by posing in a beautiful schoolgirl outfit, and I do believe it’s one of her best sets. Her top is sheer and it lets us see her lovely tits underneath. She’s also wearing a short plaid skirt and a sexy pair of white knee high stockings. The outfit is finished off with a pair of ruby red shoes.

Anna is pretty much perfect looking and I can say with certainty that she’s one of the most beautiful shemales in such a sexy costume. She’s sitting on the stairs in her cute little outfit and she starts to strip for us, which is the point of a gallery like this. We want to see this cutie in the buff! Eventually everything but the skirt comes off and she’s not wearing any panties underneath it so we get a glimpse of her cute and delectable shemale cock

Let this post serve as a tribute to the memory of Anna Alexandre, she was a true superstar and will be missed. More of this set can be found at Shemale Club.

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Tonight our reader Tommy is willing to share some juicy details of his latest shemale incident. I was pretty amazed my the variety of positions they tried and can only regret it was not me there with that beautiful shemale Andrea.

I checked in to my hotel and checked into the excellent website and searched for shemales in town. I happened across a lovely shemale Andrea and called her on the phone and made a date. She sent me a text saying that she was in a taxi and would be at the hotel in just a few minutes – could I meet her in the lobby and I’d recognse her as she was wearing a yellow blouse. I’d showered up and headed down to the lobby. I saw a taxi pull up and saw a yellow-bloused goddess pull up, but my heart sank – surely she couldn’t be a shemale – she had to be a genetic girl. Now, I know shemales when I see them. I couldn’t believe that somehow I’dd gotten my wires crossed and hooked up with a straight girl. But I still went up to her to say hi and to sort things out, and yes it was Andrea. Even her voice was 100% female – I was totally confused at that stage.

Anyhow we got to talking and she asked my why I liked shemales. Bingo! She was so 100% gorgoeus I couldn’t believe that she’d have a cock under those jeans, but I had to suspend my normally reliable shemale-radar. We got to my room and chatted for a while before she pulled off her yellow blouse, revealing a strapless black bra that held the promise of luscious lickable size 36 boobs – silicone enhanced as she told me later.

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This lovely shemale story was written by our dear forum member Cham and, although he claims it to be a work of fiction, the plot is very vivid and realistic. It’s a story about a macho-man Jake who lost his shemale virginity with a beautiful Leona. Thank You Cham, it was a very successfull first attempt at writing and I believe many more people will be able to enjoy your story now.

I think of myself as resolutely straight. I look at a lot of porn although I have plenty of girls to fuck. Steven, an old college buddy, dropped by and proposed that we go to a shemale bar that night. I was shocked and refused. But Steven retorted that if I was sure about my sexuality, I should have no problems being there. I could just have a few drinks, take in the scenery, and after we left we could pick up a couple of hookers for a blow job or a fuck.

We got there quite early and I parked myself at the bar, and watched the talent coming in. In spite of myself I was amazed that some of them looked so hot! I would normally have been hitting on them, but I had to remind myself, that there was a cock between their legs! They flowed in, in all shapes and sizes, mostly heavily made up and wearing skimpy outfits that left very little to the imagination.

Many were dancing, some with other shemales, some with the punters who had come in. I watched, and after a couple of drinks when the dancing started to get dirty, I found my cock stirring. After all, I thought to myself, I could just fuck one of them in the ass, and even get a blowjob.

And then she walked through the door. She had big eyes, a pouty face, huge tits, and an ass to die for. She wore a black item that barely concealed her tits and ass, and ultra-high heeled stilettos. She caught my eye as she entered and smiled at me. I just knew that I had to meet her. She was now at the bar, and like all men, I rushed up to offer to buy her a drink.

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