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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Again an awesome reader submitted story. One of our lucky readers says he had a great fuck with Ladyboy Jane.

Was in BKK in Oct 07 looking for love in all the wrong places. In particular one sexy cum kitten called Jane from Guess bar, Sukhumvit soi 1. When i arrived i found a complex of beer bars but no Guess bar. Just as i was about to give up i spotted an LB at a little food bar so i asked her she smiled and said come with me. Guess bar was upstairs hidden away but she led me right to it. Alrighty time for fun i thought hehe. No sooner had i entered and ordered my JD & coke who should i spot? No other than my target for the evening Jane. She was just stunning: long legs, awesome tits and face to die for. She snuggled up to me and started caressing my ball bag whilst looking me in the eyes with that fuck me baby look she holds so well.

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TGirl Nikki, the webmistress of Latina Tranny (on the left)Why does a man join a particular tranny site? What makes him choose one over the other? In the case of Latina Tranny I joined for a couple of reasons. Mostly, it was because I knew the person who runs the site, Nikki. She’s a hot tgirl herself and I couldn’t expect anything else but to see tgirls equally hot on her site.

Speaking of Latin countries, it seems like they have more trannies to choose from in South American countries like Brazil. How do they produce such beautiful shemales down there and how much does a plane ticket cost? There are a few pictures on the tour of a shemale named Mariana Cordoba and she has one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen on a tranny. Also I know that Latina Tranny has Bianca Freire, Sasha, Sol, Carla Novaes, Laisa Lins, Camila Saens (and of course Nikki herself) in its collection, so I just HAD to join and see more of it :)

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Another little surprise for You, a real life story by our reader Stu.

I recently visited a shemale. She had the most fantastic body and a very thick cock of about 7″. But most impressive was her lovely brown asshole. Once I sucked her cock to hardness I just had to rim her for all I was worth. She could contract and dialate her anus as my tounge licked and prodded her. All the time I was wanking this big hard cock.

When I mounted her and pushed my cock deep into her ass she griped it with her ass muscles – very exciting. I didnt want to cum too quickly so I pulled out for another suck of the now glistening with precum cock. She fingered my hole and I invited her to fuck me. Although her girth did sting a little at first I soon loosened up and encoreged her to fuck me as hard as she could. My god could she pump deep and hard!!

Do you want my cum she asked – Oh yes came my instant answer at which point she withdrew and presented her throbbing cock to my mouth. Needless to say I took the lot to the back of my throat. I tried to wank while this went on but was told that I would get a special treat if I resisted. She lubed up her hand and pushed four fingers into my still gaping ass and told me to relax. I did so and felt her whole hand slipping into my ass. I had never been fisted before but the earlier fucking and admitedly small hand did the trick. There is nothing like the power of ones cum when a fist is up you and you are looking at a beutifull shemele!!!

Next visit we are going to play with watersports and I am promised no pissing till I get there on that day – I cant wait!!

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Webcam ladyboy playing with her dickI can’t find the proper words to describe how much I loved the webcam show of this awesome ladyboy, FucksyTGurl. Just to say that she’s a great performer and a caring lady would be an understatement, she just went out of her way to impress me.

She started off with her legs spread wide, massaging her half hard dick which was slowly rising from small flaccid member to a lovely 6 incher. Her foreskin was slightly covering her swelling head; she pulled it back to reveal her dick head fully, it looked so yummy, just begging to be taken in mouth.

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A tgirl at our forum, Mandy, mentioned that one of her fantasies would be fucking her own clone. This was something i never thought about and i decided to ask my readers what’s their opinion on this idea. Seriously, many girls and almost all guys masturbate from time to time. Also, as it was revealed in one of my previous polls, many guys would love to suck their own dick. So all in all our own genitalia do not seem repulsive to ourselves.

So, if you had your 100% identical clone, would you fuck him/her? Don’t tell me the poll is missing “i’d only love to be on giving/receiving end“, since the clone would be the exact copy of yours, both physically, mentally and emotionally, so if you are not going to get topped, neither your clone is!


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Here’s the second part of the story posted by our reader Tommy, and i’ll tell you what, it’s even hotter than the first one!

I went back to Casanova some months later, hoping to see that well endowed ladyboy. She was dancing on stage – we made eye contact, she hopped down straightaway and we kissed, while our cocks gently rubbed into each others!

Her name was Yoko. We did the deal and headed back to the hotel not wasting any time. She bounded into the room and in no time she was on the bed, panties down and me sucking her gorgeous dark pointy cock upright. I had no idea where this encounter was going to go, but when she asked me if she could fuck my ass – well – a gentleman can hardly refuse.

She pushed me face down on the bed and lubed my ass and got to work with two fingers to get me loosened up. She tried to enter me – it didn’t work well plus I wanted to see everything – so I rolled ono my back, raised my legs, presented my virgin asshole and soon I felt a first ever cock probing my bud. She slipped in, taking plenty of time to let my ass adjust, and soon got into an amazing rhythym and fucked me solid.

We then swapped over – and for the first time in my life I could see my cock sliding into an asshole – every dream coming true. I couldn’t help myself and came quite soon. The whole thing was like something out of the most amazing dream – gorgeous woman with a great smile, awesome tits, willing ass and a hard cock – what’s not to like about that!!!

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Black shemale Jade showing perky titsTake a look at this ebony goddess, sexy Jade and try to guess whether she has a cock in her panties. You know she does, but this is the kind of girl that can fool even the most experienced of men. She’s exceptionally beautiful, she’s got a great pair of tits and her ass is tight and tasty. She’s got one of those booties that drive men wild.

The gallery begins with her posing in a sexy pink halter top. It clings tightly to her breasts, which are so perky they have no need for a bra. She doesn’t want to stay cooped up in her tight clothes though, so she strips for us.

When her top comes off you get to see her naked tits and they’re stunning. They were perfectly constructed by a gifted surgeon and I’m guessing Jade gave him a blowjob in thanks. Once her top is gone Jade is left to pose in her panties. If you look closely you’ll see a bulge behind the sheer material; that’s her cock waiting to be let loose. This gallery is all about appreciating her sexy frame though, so you’ll have to become a member of her amazing site to see her swollen junk.

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Feasting comes after fasting. What’s with you guys, it’s been over a month that i haven’t seen any new shemale stories from you, and now i’m getting them every day. Which is good of course. 😉 Here’s a shemale story from Tommy about his long-standing shemale fantasy finally fulfilled.

I’d had shemale fantasies for years, and when my job started taking me to Bangkok I walked around Nana Plaza a few times, spotting what I was sure were ladyboys outside Casanova Bar. Once I even went in and had a drink – you know what it’s like there – in no time at all you’re surrounded by hot ladyboys flashing tits, rubbing your cock etc. I had a drink with one and shyly touched the bulge in her panties – that’s all I did that time having freaked myself out!

Months later I went back and met a beautiful ladyboy Natalie – the most gorgeous face, tits and flat tummy that just blew me away. We went to my room in a nearby hotel. She was really lovely and had a small cock that I couldn’t resist sucking – it didn’t get hard but for a first taste was delicious! She gave me absolutley the best blow job of my life – I shot a load in her mouth, she gagged it out on her chest – I kept cumming on her tits – have never seen so much of my own cum ever.

Anyhow, backtracking to Casanova – while Natalie was getting dressed to leave with me another gorgeous busty ladyboy sashayed up to me and told me that her cock was much bigger than Natalie’s – she even showed it to me! I told her I’d be back in a few months – indeed I did and that’s another story… 😉

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Another little first timer’s story and 5 minutes of glory for our reader Greg.

I remember my fist time like it was yesterday.

We met at a bar the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. A the end of the night she asked me for a ride home so natrally I gave Her one. She looked so hot in her tight short black dress. When we got to her house she asked me in for a drink; of course I accepted. After a drink or two we began to make out with one another which led to me geting the best blow job of my life. She knew exactly what I wanted.

I started to take off her dress and sucked on her tits down her tummy when she says I have to tell you something. After she told me she was a ladyboy. She was shocked that I wasn’t running for the hills. I told her that just ment that she was about to fulfill my most wild fantacy then took her dress all the way off to expose her huge hard cock, which i sucked and played with untill she came in my mouth.

We had sex with each other all night many diffrent positions and places in her house. But my fav one makes me hard just to think about it is I was in her sweet tight ass with my hard cock from behind, while we were having sex she turns her head to me and we begin to kiss while i am feeling her perfect tits and nipples with one hand and jerking off her big sexy hard cock with my other hand. We continued to make love in this position untill we both came. Which was at the same time. Truly was an amazing night that i will never forget.

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This little nice story was posted at our blog today by a guy who calls himself “Shemale Horny”. Enjoy reading.

I was in the army stationed in Hawaii. My friend took me to a club down on Hotel st. We got a little buzzed but i remember there was some of the most beautiful women there or so it seemed. One of them was giving me the eye so i went over to her and bought her a drink.

One thing led to another and we ended up at the motel. We started with foreplay and then she wanted to suck my dick and it was the best blowjob i ever had. After that i must have dozzed off for awhile because the next thing that happened changed the way i feel about shemales forever…

Back to the story, i was on my stomach butt-naked with her on top of me fucking me in the ass saying i know you like it don’t you, and i replied fuck yea!!! I could not belive it but i loved it. I ended up fucking and getting fucked the rest of the time i was stationed there. I love shemales her name was Peaches. I am married figure that,but every time i cheat it is with a shemale. I guess i love them because i see them as a better woman.

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