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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
Open chat
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Blonde shemale gets fucked in the assToday’s gellery is presented to You by Shemale Mov, the site that gets featured here quite often. Seriously, there are lots of shemale video sites out there but few present you with the volume and quality that Shemale Mov does.

Today’s video gallery is a great example of what they provide for you (of course, their videos are higher resolution than these samples). The scene stars a sexy blonde shemale and it begins with her posing in a sexy bikini. She’s doing a sensual dance as the camera zooms in on her shemale tits. She pinches her nipples and smiles brightly. From the first moment you see her it’s clear that this is going to be a fun scene. The second video clip shows the blonde shemale getting a blowjob from her man. He sucks cock awfully well and the big erection she has seems to indicate she’s having a good time.

The oral sex is his way of warming her up for further, naughtier play. He puts on a condom to be safe and then slides into her asshole. She’s mostly hairless down there so we have a great, unencumbered view of her shemale butt being fucked! They begin in the spooning position and then she gets on her back and starts stroking her cock while he fucks her ass. He really gives it to her hard, driving his cock balls deep while she looks down at her dick and moans for him to fuck her harder. I’m telling you, Shemale Mov is full of movies just like this one and they update every three days with a fresh scene. What shemale fan wouldn’t want a membership? Go visit them now!

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Some latest comments from our readers

Hedonistman writes regarding golden showers
I’m no urologist, not even an MD, and while most all mentioned above is quite true 1 particularly important point was overlooked. That being that until our urine exits the body, it is totally sterile. In fact it’s “”Ëścleaner’ than the tap water most all of us drink””â€?and so it is ‘safe’ to drink from the ‘source’.

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Webcam shemale that calls herself TS Stallion Cock When I tell you this ladyboy webcam host’s name is TS Stallion Cock? You’re almost certainly thinking that she has a big dick. At least, that’s what I thought when I first saw the name. If you think about it she has a perfect name because you’re automatically inspired to at least look at her page. I mean, c’mon, who’s not interested in a huge ladyboy cock. Even if you wouldn’t want something like that fucking your ass at least you’d want to look at it.

TSStallionCock is a webcam ladyboy and she boasts 10 inches of cock hanging between her legs. Isn’t that amazing? Hot damn that’s so much meat You’d barely know what to do with it. What I do know is that watching her stroke her shemale dick on webcam is a pleasure I’m hoping to experience over and over again. I already did one show earlier today and she doesn’t have any trouble getting hard. Sometimes the ladyboys cum so many times during the day that they have a little trouble getting a full erection but I believe this particular Asian shemale has no such issues :)

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Just another little log of a hot chat… Reading it gave me a boner, and i’m sure so it will to you!

Judi: Hi Sheri, I'm Judi.
sheri: hi
sheri: how are you
Judi: Good Sheri, how are u sweetheart?
sheri: i'm good and horny
sheri: what are you Judi
sheri: you a ts
Judi: I am TS originally from the phillipines.
Judi: Are u a TS?
sheri: mmmmmm
sheri: how big are you
Judi: 9" – it is the only thing big about me, I have small tits.
sheri: thats ok i have big tits and a wet shaved pussy
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Toon shemale Priya sucking a cock of a repairmanFor all you shemale toon lovers i have an excellent hand drawn porn scene up my sleeve tonight. This is one of the newer additions to Innocent Dick Girls, one of the web’s finest sites for shemale cartoons, featuring a beautiful black shemale Priya with a monstrous cock (exactly as you’d expect). She’s home from college and her parents are out of the house. She’s dreaming about sex when the doorbell rings. When she opens it and finds a burly repairman on the other side she’s instantly thinking about his cock in her asshole. What would it feel like to be fucked by him? She doesn’t have to wait long to find out as he can’t resist her big shemale cock and her tight shemale ass.

Priya is a frequent character at Innocent Dick Girls, coming back for lots of hardcore adventures. This one gets pretty naughty as Priya and the repairman try a little bit of everything. She shoves her big shemale cock down his throat, he fucks her tight shemale asshole, they do a sixty nine and finally she sits on his cock so she can ride him to climax. The great thing about cartoon porn is that they can make all your hot fantasies come true. Visit Innocent Dick Girls to see if it makes your fantasies come true.

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Black tranny playing with her huge fat cockNow, this shemale Adriel definitely lives in a beautiful place. There are rolling hills behind her and the trees and grass are so green and vibrant. It must be incredibly peaceful and to think that there’s a beautiful shemale roaming the hills and doing sexy stripteases only makes it more appealing. When we first see this ebony chick with a dick in this gallery from Shemale Club she’s wearing a pair of black boots, sexy red panties and a sheer top. She pulls off her top almost immediately and then it’s time to check out her lovely tits and her tight ass.

She’s a curvy babe and her breasts are really hot. They’re big and round and they actually have a natural look, but without question the most impressive element of the gallery is her shemale dick. When she drops her red thong panties you’ll see the huge piece of meat swing between her legs. Bloody hell it’s big; I swear it’s 10 inches long. It’s also uncircumcised, so if you like that looks then you’re totally in luck. Imagine grabbing her huge fat cock and her heavy balls and playing with them until she’s hard enough to give you the hottest fuck of your life! Visit Shemale Club to see more of Adriel!

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Today’s guest post is written by my old friend, Indian tgirl Victoria (as a matter of fact she’s been a member of our forum almost from the very beginning, although she’s not posted much). I asked her to write about how one of her photo sets was shot and here’s what she revealed.

Indian shemale Victoria cummingHey everyone I am Victoria an East Indian shemale from Canada. This gallery shows off some shots from my photo shot in this hotel in Montreal. This hotel is like a sex hotel. Lots of people call it that name because it has these different sexy rooms with themes. This one room was colored red and had a hot tub and a stripper pole! Yes a stripper pole in the hotel room can you believe that!

We started shooting in my sexy clothes that I was wearing, some tight jeans, open toe shoes and a black corset that made my boobs pop up. I had my cock tucked away in my thong and hidden in between my legs. I love to pose for the camera and as we were shooting I did my best to look hot and my shemale dick grew bigger and bigger showing a bulge in my jeans. The camera man wanted my cock to get harder and ready for action so he grabbed it and rubbed it a little. At this time I pulled off my jeans to show off my ass to the camera and the photographer got a chance to shoot my transsexual butt from all angles. Then the camera turned to my front. I slipped out of my sexy black thong to reveal my dark shemale cock which was already hard then.

It was wet from just posing. I knew all you hot guys would be looking at me. That happens a lot when I get turned on, my dick gets very wet with precum. It can get messy when I don’t expect it with my dick slipping out of my panties and rubbing up against my thighs. There can be so much precum that it seeps out of my swollen dick head and down my thighs!

Well I moved over to the stripper pole and spread my ass on the pole. I rubbed my body up and down the pole. It was hot to have a hard metal pole rubbing up against my shemale ass. At this point I was totaly ready to cum just from rubbing myself on the pole! I yelled at the camera man to get ready to capture my shemale spunk blast out of my cock. As you can see I cum a lot sometimes. It feels so nice when my swollen stiff cock lets loose a big load of hot sticky cum, especially when there is someone to watch or taste it. Wish you guys were there with me!

Thanks, Victoria, for that colorful story. Should you want to see more pictures and videos of her fantastic ass, visit her site, ShemaleVictoriaXXX, you’re always welcome there!

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Latina shemale Giselle wearing a sheer black topWouldn’t you be wild about taking this hot shemale Giselle from Latina Tranny to a club? With that sexy little outfit she might get thrown out of most clubs, but it would be great fun trying to get her inside. She’s wearing a sheer black top with lace decorations and a pink skirt so short it barely covers her ass. If she bends over at all you’re going to see some tasty shemale butt cheek, although that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. She’s got pretty great butt cheeks.

If you don’t believe me check out the pictures where Giselle takes those panties off and models her glorious ass cheeks. You must admit that they’re far hotter than most trannies have and You can hear them calling out to your hands for a hot grope. She wants to be smacked and spanked and played with. We haven’t seen her shemale cock yet though and when we do it’s a wonderful surprise. She’s such a petite tgirl that I was thinking it would be rather small. It turns out that her tranny cock is quite large and impressive. Would you like to see more of hers? Head for Latina tranny for more intimate picture shots of shemale Giselle!

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This was a very passionate and emotional email that i received from our reader, a tgirl June, and i’m publishing it here with her permission.

Most trannies, shemales or ladyboys are not open about their personal equipment, but what happens when they are? How do you tell someone that you look like a female but also have a penis? It is easy just like that! Society is becoming more accepting of individuals that are different from themselves.

In past year’s people that did not fit the norm of society, whatever that is, were outcasts. Work places can not discriminate because of the different physical abilities of their employees. So it is relatively safe to come out and be honest about who you are. Why should you have to hide or live a life of shame? There is nothing to be ashamed of, you were born that way and should live you life in freedom just like everyone else.

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Ladyboy cutie with a perfect assAs You already know, Captain Outrageous makes a point of shooting ladyboys from all over Thailand. They draw from colleges, cabaret shows, beauty pageants and even girls they meet at restaurants. They want more than the typical bar girls that everyone has. Today’s lovely gallery is another example of the quality content they produce. The cutie is shooting in a lovely hotel room and she looks absolutely marvelous as she strips from her jeans and t-shirt.

Once naked she walks to the bathroom and draws a bath. While it’s filling up she strikes a series of sexy poses, two that model her beautiful and perfect ass and one in which we see her lovely ladyboy cock and all the pubic hair that surrounds it. Once the bath is full the lovely ladyboy hops inside and starts playing with her meat. That pretty cock of hers is fully functional, so check her our at Captain Outrageous right now, with her you’ll be able to have all the fun that you’re dreaming about. Grab her sweet balls and play with them and suck them while her cock starts to get harder and ready for action!

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