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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Black shemale Jessica showing her big shiny cockJessica is a gorgeous ebony tgirl from Black Tgirls and she’s playing the part of a naughty slave today as she poses in black lingerie and a collar. She’s ready to be leashed and paraded around the room or simply fucked hard. This girl is happy when she gets to show off her flawless body and I think after you see just a few pictures you’ll agree that it is indeed perfect. She looks flawless in her sexy underthings and that’s before you even get a glimpse of her big black cock.

When the schlong comes out things get even more fun. It looks so yummy and shiny that you’ll have a hard time not sticking out your tongue and making it even more wet by licking it up and down. There’s one close up picture in particular that shows her black cock looking rather large and beautiful. If you’ve ever been aroused by black shemale cock that picture is going to make you hard in an instant.

You might lose your load but hold on a little longer because there are more hot pictures to be enjoyed at Black Tgirls. Check her out now!

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Here’s another one of those “first time with a shemale” stories posted by our reader. Thanks for sharing, Randolph, and if all of this is true you must be a very lucky guy 😉

Randolph sat at his computer working on his journal. He found it difficult to put into words the experience with Misha. Her appearance in the femdom outfit surprised him and also made him feel uneasy. He had never experienced femdom before but after reading the Playboy article he realized that Misha’s performance was a very mild version of femdom. Pain and suffering and extreme humiliation were not things he wanted to participate in and he was glad it didn’t happen. However, the sex fantasy role playing was fantastic. He had not realized how much effect imagination combined with a sexy provocative image can have on desire for sexual experience. He realized that the femdom role made him focus on oral sex, during the time Misha was on top of him, the thought of intercourse with her did not occur to him, all he wanted to do was lick her sex. The combination of her aggressiveness and the intense desirability of her swollen wet sex overwhelmed his senses and his cock exploded with cum without being directly involved, his mind took care of it.

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It’s not always that the first experience that guys have with shemales is a bliss and a dream come true, there can be unlucky exceptions too. Our reader, who calls himself John Doe, was hooked on shemale porn for a long time and finally decided to turn his fantasies into reality. What a big disappointment it was for him.

I was stationed in the middle east, and everything was ok, until a few months later when we got the internet in our rooms. That was the best thing that ever happened. Being so horny all the time, and being in such a shithole place, I started to experiment with all sorts of different porn genres. Finally I was exposed to shemale porn, and I got hooked like a fish on a fishing hook.

I consider myself straight, and have always been sexually attracted to genetic females, and have always had sex with genetic females only…UNTIL

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Tgirl Mandy with her cock in her handIt’s time for a sexy show from our favorite t-girl Mandy. She’s sitting in and old time barber’s chair that she must have bought from a yard sale or something. I guess this girl rolls old school. She’s naked when we first see her and then she puts on a very sexy pair of pantyhose. She looks lovely in them, especially when we get a full body shot and can simply gawk at her beautiful frame. What I wouldn’t give to run my hands up and down those sweet legs.

Halfway through this gallery we switch over to another set of pictures shot in the same room. It begins with Mandy TGirl taking off her pants and taking her cock in hand. There’s a shot where we see some tasty juice coming from her cock and then it goes wide again and we watch as she strokes herself furiously. Mandy intends on getting off while we watch and I intend on joining her. Why don’t you check out her site and see what she has to offer you.

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If you are fascinated by Asian ladyboys, you have probably tried to find Japanese shemale porn on the web and, I dare to guess, most probably found nothing worthwhile. Not only Japanese ladyboy content is scarce on the web, it is also heavily censored in its vast majority, so that the most lovely parts (i.e. ladyboy dicks) are blurred or pixilated. It was so and there was nothing else we could do but to live with that. Until just recently.

Sexy Japanese ladyboy Emiru in red bikini Two Japanese ladyboys in a blowjob scene

On October 1-st, 2008 it was announced by Seanchai, the owner of Grooby, that the new site, Shemale Japan, has been launched. He has combined his efforts with a talented photographer from Japan and they managed to create this first site for the Western market that features Japanese ladyboys, or New-halfs as they call them. The good news is that unlike most of the material shot in Japan, it’s neither censored or pixilated, so it’s only at Shemale Japan that you’re going to see those lovely ladyboy dicks without any censorship bullshit.

From what i could see at the tour pages, they do have killer content. Japanese shemales are entirely different from any other shemales you have seen before. Most are petite, with flawless bodies, manicured and pedicured, soft and unique facial features and very naturally feminine. The type of content featured on Shemale Japan is also different. More uniforms and costume play, more focus on features unique to Japanese porn (like bukkake). They also do their best to focus the content on each model’s unique specialization, be it domination, feet, nails, smoking, stockings, dildo, schoolgirl uniforms, sucking and fucking – it’s all here.

Grab your pass to Shemale Japan now!

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