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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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School ladyboys Lyla and MayI posted this gallery in “shemale sex” category, although it actually doesn’t contain any (they simply didn’t get to it yet, but they surely will). It’s about two schoolmates, May and Lyla, who came to one of them’s place to study. But the books were so boring. And their fresh beautiful bodies were so close to each other… begging for caress…

It was no surprise their stidues have come to nought very soon. These two asian birds were doomed to merge in love ecstasy with each other. Very sensual and erotic show that leaves you wanting to see more.

Where, you may ask? At AsianTS!

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Shemale angel CassandraI like em young, I cant help it. This hot beauty is an 20-year-old Asian hot babe. From her silky black hair to her thick rock hard dick she is perfect. The way she moves is magical. I swear she works to mesmerize me, I don’t know how she does it but she can have me ready to explore in a matter of minutes. It is cool though because if I ask her to slack off because I want to enjoy the webcam show a little longer she fulfills that request. No matter what I need she is right there for me. She will listen, follow directions and give directions too. My mood changes and she is flexible and changes for me too.

Her body is great and curvy. Her shemale cock is very nice, it gets so hard and the shape of it screams eat me. She likes the way her cock tastes and says that she likes cum. I bet she would really like my cum shot into her pretty little mouth. Since she is young it is cool to think that I am shaping her sexuality during her webcam show. I like the fact that she says she is learning new things and willing to try anything.

Anal sex and talking dirty gets her off. Watching her fuck herself in her shemale ass is too cool. Something about the opening of the ass and watching a dildo slide in and out that makes me wish I was there to make it a little easier for her. As she is bent over with ass in the air and dick crammed inside, I can see her little titties bouncing and screaming for more. They need to be gently caressed by my hands while her hands explore her balls. She will stroke herself and then play with her cock as a little teaser while you are talking to her on her webcam.

Pay a visit to this hypnotizing webcam shemale model, Cassandra. She likes to play fucking games which makes you cum, got a perfect body and the hottest cock I have ever seen in action.

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Glamour shemale model Victoria Holoyns toplessThis is another gallery of glamour shemale model and escort Vicky Holyns, this time pretty innocent and softcore. All you’re going to see is her nice set of tits, sexy round buttcheeks and that exciting bulge on her panties. What i loved was the way she was shot, in dim-lit room, near the mirror, topless, in a very erotic way. Like she was a mysterious exotic beauty that was brought to your room by magic, performing a sexy ancient dance with spirits. Looks charming indeed.

This leaves much room for imagination, especially in the last scene she where she crouches on all fours, inviting you to kneel behind her and penetrate her tight love hole from behind while feeling her soft warm tits… That would be fantastic.

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Ice in red stockings takes a cock in her backdoorThis amazing site, Perfect Ladyboys was introduced in February 2007 (on 02/21 to be precise) and is now completely dead. The website does not update and in fact they don’t even have a single video or picture of the original Perfect Ladyboys series in the members area. It’s advised to check out any other high quality sites like LB-69, Ladyboy Gold, AsianTS, LadyboyCrush, to name a few), what made Perfect Ladyboys stand out was that they focused purely on hardcore scenes with asian ladyboys. Yes, there are many ladyboy sites out there, but none of them seemes to boast such nasty hardcore anal action. As a result, the site turned out to be smoking hot!

Although there was not so much content available for members by the time of launch, it was so fresh and unique that most of people retained their memberships. The girls on perfect ladyboys are simply stunning. Just a small glance at the free tour gives you an idea what you can expect inside. Megan, Ice, Mia, June, they all are frigging beautiful. Watch their devilishly hot hardcore videos, it’s clear to see these insatiable sluts love to have their she-pussies and mouths stuffed with red hot cocks!

At the moment there are about 10 picture sets and as many movie episodes in member’s area. But be warned that trial members only get limited access to the site and need to convert to full membership in order to access all goodies. Members who stay for more than a month also get acess to other bonus sites (produced by the same company), but who cares about that if asian shemales is your thingie. The updates are weekly and they’re quality, with trannies sucking and taking cocks up asses.

What can i say in conclusion? Perfect Ladyboys is now a dead website. There’s nothing to check out or search for. I would like to take a moment of silence for this beautiful ladyboy site being gone. It’s a loss to all ladyboy lovers out there.

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Black shemale with thick curved cockIn her thin rimmed elegant glasses this black hottie looks more like a teacher or a librarian than a slutty cockstarved shemale. But heaven forbid that you come over to her place to borrow some books (unless you want to get assbanged mercilessly). Things could go very hot at first and you’d be glad that you picked up such a nymphomaniac when she started to dance and undress for you. But then you’d realize something is seriously wrong, exactly at the moment she dropped down her white knickers. You’d be welcomed by such huge curved boner that can be seldom come across.

In utter amazement you’d put your hand on her sausage, feeling it pulsing and swelling under your fingers, only to realize that it’s too big to fit even in your palm. Embarrassed, you’d stroke her meat up and down, wondering what to do next, until your teacher broke the silence. “Very good, my boy”, she’d say, “You’ve proven to be a good pupil. Now, how about some oral exercises?” and, overwhelmed with excitement, you’d go down on her.

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Shemale gets both her holes cock-stuffedHello again my dear readers. I want to reassure those of you who wondered why there’s been no updates to my shemale blog in the past 5 days.. Everything is fine and I’m ok. Just a little overworked. I didn’t even want to touch the keyboard. Perhaps avitaminosis? 😉

Anyway is there’s something that can bring a man back to life, it’s a good porn gallery. Like the one i’m suggesting you to take a look at. It’s from Shemales Gone Crazy site, which is filled with the most cockstarving shemale sluts. This one can’t get enough of one male drilling her hole, nah, she wants to get double stuffed! No problem dear lady, you want to get fucked with two cocks – so you will! See how excited she is over two meaty schlongs thrusting into both of her shemale holes.

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I was surprised the very first time i found a web site of NikkiTSFun. At first i thought, another ladyboy site, big deal. Then i figured the tgirl by herself was very beautiful. More than that, unlike many other shemale stars, she’s contactable by email and IM, and for those who can’t get enough of that she performs on her webcam daily. This girl was worth checking out! After we had an incredibly hot webcam chat, I asked her whether she would agree to give me an interview for my readers to which she agreed.. Sometimes it pays to own a shemale blog, like mine, hehe… You’re getting some popularity among ladyboy hotties 😉
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Post-op ladyboy shows pussyI don’t know how it happened, but i’ve never posted a single gallery of a post-op shemale. While personally i think that watching pictures of post-ops isn’t any funnier than real girls (heck, they don’t have a cock, so they are not “special” anymore) someone may disagree here. So let us take a closer look at this hottie.

In her yellow mini-skirt, with nicely shaped tits and very yummy buttocks she looks very sexy and attractive. Almost like a real girl, but one can suspect there must be something tricky about her since she appears at ladyboy site. So, spread your legs babe, show us your little snatch! Well, her pussy looks quite natural, and very suitable for a huge male cock (i’d gladly poke it with my own), but this is not something i’d get much enjoyment of eating. When things get to oral sex, I’d rather go for a real pussy. To each his own though.

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Shemale babe in stockingsI have to admit I love stockings and hosiery and the whole fetish thing and this hot mature chick was not something i’d pass by. She calls herself Sex Shemale. Look at her real good, something a little different, right. That mole on the right side of her lucious lips, it magnifies when she takes her hard cock and slurps away. Her lips will barely wrap around because of the massive size, she is hot! I was in absolute amazement about her flexibility and how she can play with her cock and tits at the same time on her webcam.

Ok ok, so you want the goods on her hot little body. She is a skinny little thing, well through the middle, but the dick is pretty big. Round, straight and ready to give a little pounding. Yes, yes, i know, she is a little bit older, but aww more the wiser. You know how trannies learn as they go. She is not insecure of fumbling through, she is an old pro at this. Tits are small but nicely shaped. Nipples are erect and ready for her biting plus she pulls twists and does all kind of wild things. Long black hair flows over her erect nipples and she gently sweeps it away while she goes down on herself. Ummm good, art of sex is right for this Latina hottie!

What is so cool about this ladylove is that she poses for the camera and fulfills your requests. You know a lot of them just do whatever you want to hurry up and get done. Not this tranny, she enjoys the hell out of performing for you. She gets off on performing. The games that we play would curl the hair on any man’s balls, it is too hot! Meet her in her webcam room and see for yourself!

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As I watched my girl on the dance floor bumping and grinding with her friends, I was wondering if I would get lucky tonight. Little did I know, I was in for a night of my life. My girl, Lisa was sandwiched between two of the most beatiful blondes alive. Their hips swayed from side to side and as they bounced their enormous tits shook under their white shirts. Sitting at that table my cock was so hard I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

Watching them as they rubbed on each other and softly stroked one another I couldn’t believe they were in public, it was like they were getting it on in public. I was waiting for any minute a shirt to fly and tits flipped out with somebody dropping to their knees. Finally the song is over and my girl is headed back to the table. I am hoping that she does not want me to go on the dance floor because my dick is rock hard and totally visible from my jeans.

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