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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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It always aroused my interest whether the guys behind the camera in shemale porn actually get to have sex with the models. Of course, they must be into shemales (otherwise noone would watch the porn they shoot), but, being a business people, they will barely admit it… I, for one, know of one producer who said he vomited when a shemale supposed to shoot her load on a camera actually ejaculated on his face.

So, what do You think?

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Beautiful shemale Yris Schmit jerks offEverybody loves watermelons, so juicy, sweet, delicious and refreshing. Do you want some? What if there will be shemale cock inside it? Check out this hot trailer brought to you by Shemale Tugjobs, this new killer site.

Looks like this beautiful shemale, Yris, loves watermelons too, but in her own special way. She couldn’t wait till the season for these delicious fruits has come, for not only she loves to bite into this fresh juicy pulp, she is also horny to poke it with her she-cock! So she quickly removes her clothes and starts beating her cock and fucking a watermelon, and I bet you would find the taste of her penis the most delicious during this procedure. The full Yris’ episode at Shemale Tugjobs consists of a 20-minute video and two hundred pictures, and this is quite enough content to jerk off too. 😉 I suggest you visit this site and enjoy the uncensored set of Yris delighting her watermelon.

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Blindfolded shemale gets a handjobI am back my dear friends. As You have noticed I haven’t updated the blog for a whole week, I was out of the city and had a limited internet connection. Now I’m anxious to show You this gallery of a blindfolded shemale with her sexy tgirlfriend (by Shemales Fuck Shemales).

If you’ve never had sex with your eyes blindfolded, You can imagine how much it adds to your satisfaction. The fact that you don’t see your partner, combined with a subtle sense of danger and anticipation of pleasure, these tender touches in places you do not expect are great thrills. This sexy tranny surely felt this way when she got led by the hand into a room. She couldn’t see the awesome body of her shemale friend, but she could feel her passionate kiss, could lick her rigid nipples and feel her hot pulsing erect penis in her hand!

And she surely seems to love that yummy shemale dick, she gladly takes it up her ass, but not before she spends a good amount of time licking and tasting it! They then get into doggy style position and the blindfolded shemale gets her ass thoroughly banged by her beloved friend. And, to return the favor, she gives her friend a nice handjob before removing the blindfold from her eyes and creaming all over her titties.

I’d suggest you giving more attention to Shemales Fuck Shemales, they got tons of hardcore stuff like that, including videos. Check them out and You know You will love their gorgeous shemales.

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Hot Asian ladyboy XXXLet me introduce You this luscious hot ladyboy from AsianShemalesXXX‘s collection. And, you know, by “hot ladyboy” I mean she really is smoking hot.

She has a beautiful body with long legs, good looking asshole (that certainly is very fuckable!), round balls and medium sized clean shaven dick. When she turns her back to you and shows her round ladyboy booty and her tight lovehole, it leaves no doubt she would like to feel your schlong penetrating her hot itching ladyboy ass, to take every inch of its length up her tight anus!

She’s so hot! And You will certainly agree that her pouty ladyboy lips were just made to be wrapped around someone’s fat cockhead. Do you want more? Wank off to her at AsianShemalesXXX!

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That’s some scary news. When I checked the age of my site in days, it was exactly 666 days old! When i googled this number i have found some interesting info about it. Besides the infamous Number of the Beast, this number has several other remarkable characteristics. Like, it’s the sum of the first 36 numbers (1+2+3… +36=666), also it is the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers (i.e. 22 + 32 + 52 + 72 + 112 + 132 + 172 = 666).

There’s a whole Wiki page about this number. Read it just for fun, it contains a lot of interesting facts. Btw, if this number scares the shit out of you, you might want to know that the fear of the number 666 is called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. And for the Chinese it is believed to be one of the luckiest numbers since it sounds a lot like the words “Things going smoothly” 😉

Have a good luck!

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Ladyboy Cream gets fuckesThis update from Perfect Ladyboys features gorgeous tgirl Cream who is getting her ass filled with nice hard cock again. In this steam hot gallery she goes out of her way to please her horny lover, and to take his cock in all possible ways. She’s got an awesome body and the guy must really be really lucky to stuff his huge penis into her awesome smooth ass! And it not ends just there; she also gives him a hot blowjob.

I’d give everything to make her do this with my own cock! Just look at his long shaft sliding in her mouth, with her lips wrapping around the cockhead! She really enjoys it and a good blast of cum inside her anus will be a proper reward for her fucking skills. Yet another fantastic hardcore scene from Perfect Ladyboys. You want some Cream pie, don’t You? 😉

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After failing my mid-term exam my day was ruined. I headed back to the dorm crying. Through lunch my friend consoled me and suggested I make an appointment with my professor for extra credit. I called the office of Dr. Writt and was told to show up at 2:00 sharp.

At 2:00 I knocked on the office door and there was no answer. I could hear something and see someone moving around so I pushed open the door. When I opened the door, I was shocked. Dr. Writt said come on in Stephanie. My mouth was on the floor and so was the pants of her partner, who was standing behind her. Dr. Writt was bent over the desk and took enough of a moaning break to announce that for extra credit I could join in.
Read the full post…

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Sexy Ladyboy Wise with curved dickThis set of sultry ladyboy Wise from Ladyboy 69 is not that fresh, but nevertheless I love it and I think a girl like that deserves to be seen by our readers. She looks great in her attire, especially on this very picture, like an innocent schoolgirl, and what is especially sexy about her is her flat belly. She’s also got a lovely slim body, small tittles with brown nipples, long legs, round butt and a very yummy looking curved cock. Personally I don’t favor those braces very much, but I know many guys love them.

After she strips off her clothes, unbuttons her white blouse, removes her bra and knickers, she lets You take a good look at her tight ass. Then she turns around, with her hands covering her penis, and then puts her hands away revealing one of the finest ladyboy dicks out there. It’s moderately thick, clean-shaven, with nice curvature, carefully packed nutsack and a pink round cockhead. Wouldn’t you want to get a hold of it now, to touch its silky skin, to feel it pulsing in your hand? This is a kind of thing you would like to experience, wouldn’t You? 😉 This tgirl is a major turn on. Her full set at Ladyboy-69 consists of 103 pictures, she masturbates and fires off a nice load of her juice. They also have a video of hers giving head to a piece of fruit! Check them out now!

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Mark Your calendar. It was brought to my attention that LGBT (lesbian/gay/bi/transsexual) activists are planning to make May the 15th 2007 the first annual Day Without a Gay protest. No gay parades, no cheering, no other usual forms of protest. On this day, and every May the 15th, they plan to express themselves by doing.. nothing! Like, do not shop, buy gas, eat out or work. There will simply be silence from the 10% of the world and their supporters.

They are a non-profit organization that has a blog and Day Without Gay site, feel free to show them Your support if you wish.

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Shemale goddess rocking on a webcamSweet girl claims to be a love goddess, I think she might be. A fallen goddess that lost her way and ended up on the webcam talking to me! This shemale is the most generous that I have found lately, doesn’t mind taking it all off and following my orders. Just like a good girl should. Her body is slim with long dark hair flowing, she likes to play with her hair as a little tease. Oh, does she know how to tease, is that what you learned on your way down sweetheart!

Nice body with a pretty face and she becomes even more glamorous when you tell her how pretty she is, or what a nice body she’s got. Small little grape like titties are there for the taking – I can just imagine them in my mouth, tongue rolling across them! Sweet little giggles emerge from her when I tell her what I want to do. She seems interested and eager to please. She seems so innocent and sweet, but wait there’s more! You won’t believe what she’s got waiting!

As she strips she pulls this massive cock out of her panties. It grows as she strokes it and she is becoming very exciting with my direct orders. Her outfits nicely accentuate her body and leave just a hint to imagination until she strips down. She is fun loving and a blast to talk with. Her webcam certainly does her body justice. She is very thin, except for her rock hard cock, there is nothing slim about it. Hot and horny has never looked this good on anybody!

My favorite part of the webcam experience is when she blows her load, it goes everywhere. She could sink a ship with that much cum. I would love to have a taste, cause like she said she is a fallen goddess.

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