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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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This recently launched shemale hentai site, SheAniMale had a contest for the best Haloween story. I took part in the contest too, but unfortunately hasn’t won. The winner story was so much better. Enjoy it.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time but those two sweet Halloween Witches turned out to be fucking Halloween Bitches! With a blink of an eye and a wiggle of a nose, I was stripped bare and tied to the bed like some virgin (lol) sacrifice! Not that I was minding much, until the girls peeled back their costumes to reveal a Frankenstein sized cock.

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I seriously don’t know why you would want to look at other shemale blogs besides Trans Ladyboy 😉 However, if You feel you might want to see something new, i have gathered a list of blog directories where you could find other shemale blogs.

Take a look. Then come back 😉
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I have already mentioned that Miss International Queen 2006 annual transgender pageant that’s taking place in Thailand. It was surely a spectacular sight and I deeply regret I could not be there and see all those beautiful contestants. However, like I promised, my mate was there on the final day and shared some pictures with me and all of us. Thanks to him I might be one of the first who publishes photos from this pageant!!! Enjoy it!

So…. Here are the three finalists:

And the winner is…

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bianca freire and arnol sucking dicks near the poolOver 300 visitors have voted so far on the pool about which tits are better for Bianca Freire – big or small ones. 57% of the voters thinks the bigger ones are way to go and 43% thinks, like me, that the smaller ones were better. In case you wonder what i’m talking about read my previous post and vote on the poll abut Bianca’s tits.

This time i want to share with you a new gallery of this gorgeous tgirl, this time from Latina Tranny site (run by my friend Nicole Montero). Enjoy a gallery from Bianca’s latest set where she and Arnol are giving each other wet loving blowjobs near the pool after which the lucky guy eats ass of Bianca. A really nice and colorful gallery, i must say.

As i can see from the list of updates, miss Freire is quite popular there, here are her latest sets from the list of updates:

  • 07/11 – NEW girl on site Bianca Freire and Arnol getting and receiving a blowjob, set made by Nicole 😉
  • 07/22 – Bianca Freire from Brazil shot by Nicole 😉
  • 08/17 – Bianca Freire and Arnol blowjobs at the pool by the only one Nicole Montero 😉

bianca freire at latina trannyVisit Latina Tranny and watch more pictures of hot Bianca. They have some exclusive stuff of Bianca Freire and other latina shemales.

But hell, i love Bianca. Isn’t this girl beautiful? 😉

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I was surprized to know that the 3-rd annual Miss International Queen transgender pageant is being held in Thailand on October 23-28, 2006. It takes place in the beautiful city of Pattaya and i regret so much i can’t be there to watch all those ladyboy beauties. AFAIK, it’s the only annual event that offers great opportunities for transvestites/transgender from all over the world to present their individual beauty and intelligence in a friendly atmosphere. 😉

However, one of the guys i saw on forums said he had the seats booked for the show and promised to share the pictures of the finals. Here are the contestants:

Overview of contestants

Miss Philippines

Miss Thailand

All photos are © Marc Walker Photography

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hentai shemale blowjob in a parkI myself am a big fan of cartoons and I’m glad to announce there is finally a worthy shemale hentai site to check out – SheAniMale.

In Japanese Hentai means “pervert”. (If you wish, you can read more about hentai at Wikipedia.) As You know, hentai is animated pornography where shemales have better bodies than any real women accompanied with enormous dicks. Every shemale in a hentai has body features several times better than any real person. There’s no such thing as a flat-chested or small-dicked shemale, they are just perfect. All kinds of thing that’s barely possible in real life can be seen in cartoons.

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One of our members, Lawrence, posted his story that touched me deeply. How many of us that love shemale cocks pretend that we actually don’t? I honestly think we need to stop lying to ourselves and admit that shemales turn us on much more than regular girls. There’s really nothing wrong about it. Just watch many different people posting to this blog and other internet shemale forums and you’ll realize that you’re not alone.

I’ve always had an attraction to transexuals, even before I knew they existed! I had a pic of Anna Kournikova with her legs spread and you could see her panties, and I was playing with it in a program I think was called Goo, whatever it was called it allowed you to warp photos, and I stretched out part of her panties, not even purposely, and found it extremely sexy.

It wasn’t until years later that I realised why I found it so attractive. When I first started fantasising about transexuals, I kept trying to convince myself I didn’t really like, but I realised I was only lying to myself.

While I am extremely attracted to the idea of transexuals, and have aquired many pictures and films, I don’t know if I will actually persue a proper relationship with one, although I would be willing to try if I felt a true connection.

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It is not very common that tgirls run their own sites. So when i found a site of Mona i was fascinated by her work. She runs a really nice resource which is very helpful for those who loves and dates tgirls. So i asked her to write a little about herself at my blog and she gladly agreed 😉

Hello everyone, My friend who calls himself Shemale Sex Lover asked me to post a little about myself and my website so here I am!

ts monaMy name is Mona, and I am a internet transsexual pornstar and webmistess. I am a friendly and open person with a zest for life and love people! I am very outgoing and enjoy many friends. I live in a tropical paradise and love every minute of it! I go to the beach almost everyday and love to swim in the ocean. I also love shopping (what shemale doesn’t?) In the warm evenings I love to go dancing and clubbing with my friends. I work very hard and try to keep my fans happy!

You can find me most days at IFriends under the chathost name of MONAXXX. Come and chat with me and join my fanclub! My fanclub has lots of hot pics of me you can’t find anywhere else. I also have some hot HD movies just for my fans!

I also own and operate It has an adult side, but it also contains information, products and advice for Tgirls and admirers. The site is unique and I just love doing it! I get many emails from from people who visit the site and I am proud to say that I have answerd evryone of them! Some just say hi, others ask for advice or information (some are rude, and I try to be nice!)

At my site you can read all about me. How I went from a small village in the Philippines to being a successful TS webmistress. At this point in my life I am trying to build up cash so I can fully transition to a woman. So I work on Ifriends and try to sell a few quality products and and adult sites on TSMona. I am negotiating right now to get a few new adult pic sets of me taken so keep checking my site!

My dream is to find a good man, have my SRS and fade off into a nice peaceful life. So come visit me at my site, email me and let me know how you like it, how I can improve it and if you have questions, I will try to get the answers for you!


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Shemale Miriany Ribeiro holding a fan sign where she confesses she likes our blogHey, look who presented me a fan sign! It’s this gorgeous black shemale chick, Miriany Ribeiro. I remember seeing her gallery some time ago and i noted to myself that she had a nice cock. And now, *puff* she gives me a fan sign and confesses that she likes our blog . 😉

This was a pleasant thing to know :) I went through my archives and found this gallery i was talking about. Here it is, Miriany with her big black cock. You will love her slim body, pliable ass and large intractable shemale cock. And i love her for loving my blog 😉

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This story was brought to You by my friend, Tgirl Mona. This is more of an erotic story than a hardcore sex story. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as i did.

Let me tell you a story of a shemale and her lover. Some background is required here. My girlfriend (we’ll call her Lisa) was at the time about 27 years old and had been single for sometime after a bad experience with a man. She is a stunning girl, and most people would not know she was transsexual by looking at her. She used to hang out in a few dance clubs around town and was not by any means shy. It is told from the rare view of the shemale side of things.

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