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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Pretty ladyboy gives blowjob to a hairy ladyboy hunterThe ladyboy hunter must be hell of happy to find this gorgeous chick to fuck tonight. A horny ladyboy in black pantyhose, with slim body and long dark hair, that’s ready and willing to suck your hairy cock just after you pulled it out from her ass, what can be more thrilling to a true macho? Of course, you would give her a little blowjob in the beginning, to get her in a horny mood, but this is about it. When you feel she’s ready for your huge cock, do not waste a second and thrust your boner up her shemale pussy, tearing her pantyhose on the way!

Finally, when you’re about to shoot your sticky load, quickly pull out and ram your member down her throat, so she could swallow every precious drop of your juice, and by the expression on her face you’ll know she’s adoring it so much. Because, you know, ladyboy hunters never leave their girls unsatisfied.

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Our forum member, Tlover, has suggested an idea for an intesting poll, I would even call it The ultimate poll. Now that shemales seem to be so much better than females, who do you love the most?

See the original post at the forum for the whole explanation and pictures of really beautiful shemales, and please vote either there (registration required) or here (or even at both places). I just thought i would also set up the poll here too to get more people to vote.

  1. I’ve lost all interest in women since i found shemales. Shemales are perfect, i love them completely, feminine looks, tits, curves, and a lovely cock, they’ve got the whole package for me. I will never need another so-called “real” girl.
  2. Females don’t excite me as much since i found shemales. If a girl hasn’t got a big cock between her legs i’m a bit bored. Shemale porn gets me really excited. I like girls a lot but the excitments not the same now, not as much as shemales.
  3. I couldn’t live without ether of them. i love them both equally, I need the cock and the pussy. Why should i live without either, I’ve got the best of both worlds.
  4. I love females they are wonderful creaturess, you could never replace them with shemales, I need the pussy. However i do have a passing interest in shemales, the feminine body with the cock it’s quite intriguing.
  5. Girls rule! they are real, sexy and beautiful. I have no interest in shemales they are horrible. I only came across this blog by accident, as soon as I’ve voted i’m going and never coming back! Get me out of here!
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This fantastic story was published 1 week ago at our forum, and, what makes it even more interesting, it is a true life story. I believe You’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.

I started becoming interested in transsexuals a couple years ago, when I ran across some websites where I found some crossdressers attractive. I was 19 at the time. This led me to picking up Transformation magazine, a magazine more for the TG community, but they featured some really got centerfolds with trannies as well. I thought the girls looked incredibly sexy, but I was not turned on by their cocks. I would masturbate to their pictures where they were wearing panties only, or something amongst those lines.

Then one day I was masturbating on my computer, when I came across a TS website, and the Tgirl had a huge hard on. This really turned me on, and when I saw that stiff cock, I pretty much changed my sexual orientation that moment! I fantasized for transsexuals often for months, and eventually felt the need to experiment. I would get so anxious looking at the TS porn, that I had to do something. Real girls turned me on, and still do, but TS drove me wild. I always loved the female form, but usually fantasized about a girl in her panties, as I was not attracted to pussy on a visual level. But now I found this female form, with a hard cock, and it all came together.
Read the full post…

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Delicious Asian shemale SuzukiOne may think this lovely Asian tgirl comes from one of well known ladyboy sites, such as lb-69 or lb-lb, and he will be wrong. This pretty Asian ladyboy (her name sounds Japanese) appears at Shemale Club and, although I don’t know what she’s doing there among all those Brazilians, her beautiful huge cock is certainly a pride of their collection.

The photographers did a good job presenting Suzuki in the most favourable light. This backyard with a pool and oriental building brings You in a specific mood and makes you believe Suzuki is a japanese geisha, a sweet lady with lovely pert titties who is there to fulfil your fantasies. But be careful, because she has a very powerful samurai weapon, and if you behave badly, she will turn it against you. Yes, i’m talking about that huge cock with a big ball pouch that she’s hiding in her panties. Oh my, what a dong it is! Can you imagine wrapping your lips around that Asian dragon and sucking it madly until you drain it dry… After that she’d turn you around and give you a serious fucking, and don’t tell me you didn’t want that :)

Do you want to ride her Suzuki? See more at Shemale Club.

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Asian ladyboy sucking cock on webcamLike the name of this hot Asian webcam model (SuckMyCock4U) suggests, this is what you going to get when you open her page. Unfortunately the quality of photos in her gallery is not perfect, but you’ll be amazed at the pictures of her cock. It’s so large, smooth and good looking, it just begs to be sucked. And this is actually what she will do.

This girl likes the camera and chatting, she is very friendly and certainly not shy! It amazed me that she could actually bend down and suck her own cock in a seated position. This dark haired Asian bombshell really lives up to her Trannie lifestyle. I like the fact that she is not shy or embarrassed about her monstrous cock. That is a huge turn on for me. Don’t be afraid to show it and what you can do with it. She likes to chat and really likes to perform after I would request something. She is really hot and i must say I had a great time and learned a trick or two watching her going down on herself.

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Asian shemale sucks Zoes big cockYou know, i normally don’t write about transvestites and crossdressers, for they don’t turn me on and there are so many beautiful tgirls to write about. But what we have today is really something unusual, TV Zoe is getting his huge cock sucked by a pretty Asian ladyboy. So, i thought, once we have a ladyboy here, we can continue.

In this wicked photo set slutty TV star Zoe From ZoeFuckPuppet is taking on Asian ladyboy. First Zoe grabs her tight ass and starts grinding his swollen cock agains her lovely buttcheeks, then when he feels he’s ready for something more, he turns his lady around and sticks his massive pole in her mouth. And not only that, in fact they take turns sucking each other off, so in the last picture You will see Zoe with a mouthful of her small Asian tackle…

Hard not to want to take parn in that action too. And, although i’m not a big fan of transvestites, i suggest you taking a closer look at ZoeFuckPuppet’s site, they got some very nice stuff in there.

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Sexy honey ladyboy OrganJust look at what i have been missing for more than 3 months! This lovely girl Organ was added to lb-69 back in April and it’s only now that i made up my mind to finally check her pictures out. Boy, i was not disappointed! She’s such a rare beauty, he face is so sweet and lovely, i could spend all night kissing it. She has big grey expressive eyes, long hair, sweet kissable lips and pearly teeth, in fact there’s nothing in her appearance that suggests she’s not a real girl!

She has a terrific ass that you just can’t keep yourself from groping when she pulls down her knickers. And not only that, her feet are equally cute and sexy, so if you consider yourself a foot fetishist, be sure that you’d get an unforgettable footjob from this tgirl. And her little Asian cock is just pleading for you to get sucked. All in all, this ladyboy, Organ, is about the best newcomer that i have seen in the past several months, and she has all chances of becoming my favourite one. Check out her full picture set at Ladyboy 69.. A bit more of hers can be found at a forum, so make sure to vitis it too.

Have a nice day.

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This wonderful story was published at our forum, and, honestly, it was the first sex story involving post-op tgirls that I read, and I can’t hide the fact that, although the girl had no hard one, it was still very exciting! Thanks for publishing it man!

I was on vacation in Japan, and I went out to experience the nightlife often. I was with my little brother, so being with him all the time, I had no intention of going to TS bars. So we were at a straight bar, and he drank a bit too much and couldn’t continue drinking, so I sent him on a train home. I was having great conversations with some people I met there, so I decided to get my mind off sex and stay at the bar.

Luckily, the trannies came to me this time! 3 Filipino girls came to the bar, and I knew something was up right away. I know a lot of Filipino TS get jobs in Japan working as entertainers. I actually know a couple Filipino TS in the USA, who told me they lived and worked in Tokyo for years. I also know that they pass really well, and love to go to straight bars and hook up. These girls were pretty, and many straight men, who had no idea, were very interested in them.
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Two sweet shemale lesbiansI must admit the quality of the pictures on this gallery from ShemaleMov is not perfect (they are obviously the screencaps from the movie), but the action itself is really hot. I don’t know whether shemales that want to fuck other shemales can be called lesbians (after all, shemales are girls, and if a girl is sexually attracted to other girls, she can be called a lesbian), but watching them kissing and fondling each other is like watching two GGs making love.

There two lascivious blonde shemales are doing all kinds of things to each other, from sensual kissing and tit licking to hardcore blowjobs and penetrations, and i must say this is absolutely breathtaking! Slender girlish bodies, small lovely titties with perky nipples, long fair hair and hard throbbing cocks, they just can’t wait to start licking them all over. And my favourite part is when one of the tgirls gets on top of her lover and penetrates her from behind, while the second one is moaning with pleasure. So grab your cock and get in wild action with these two sweet shemale hotties!

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This was one of the weirdest news about transsexual women that I read lately. It all took place in West Palm Beach. A 17-year-old high school student met an attractive 39-year-old who he thought to be a woman in capri pants and a silky spaghetti-strap top. He didn’t know she was a pre-op transsexual. She didn’t know he was 17…

She got into his car where, according to her, the teen came onto her aggressively, kissing her, touching her breasts and putting her face in his lap. She rejected his sexual advances and told him that she was a transsexual, after that he became upset and started beating her.

The teen gives a different version of the story. He says that she performed oral sex on him in the back seat while his friend drove, then got on top on him. This is when he realized that she had breast implants and a penis. A witness saw what happened next: The teen shouted for help, dragged her through the sand, beat her head against the lifeguard stand and punched out her front teeth. Now he goes on trial, facing a first-degree felony hate crime charge.

Go here to read the full story: Trial to break ground on hate crime

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