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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Our reader TsTrueLove wrote this story about himself, about how his obsession for tgirls grew and how he could not keep his wonderful little secret 😉

My story is when i was younger came across a porn mag and i was alone, so i picked it up and hide it and went to go look at in some hallway.. and as im horny and getting to the back i see the gay section and i never was gay so i just skipped pass it and saw a girl with a penis and her whole female complexion was perfect but she had a penis.. so inspected it a bit more to see if it was real and i was still horny and just look at her and thought “I want her”.. i grew up always secretive about the whole thing because my friends were never had the thoughts i did.. it was still my wonderful little secret but i found porn online so i started to look at it all the time and fantasize it.. my obsession grew..

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Ladyboy Mint in PVC outfit goes down on a dudeLadyboy Mint is going the kinky route today and it’s a welcome thrill. This beautiful ladyboy model is known for her big cock and with good cause. It’s easily the longest dick in the world of ladyboy porn and she wields it expertly. In today’s tasty gallery she gives us a sensation of domination by posing in a black latex bustier and very sexy black latex boots that go up to the thighs. Are you thinking about how good she would look in an outfit like that? One click and you’re there.

In the first four pictures we see her posing solo and the angles are spectacular. There’s a great shot of her turned around and flashing her ass at the camera and that’s pretty damn spectacular. There’s also a full body shot where you can see her legs crossed in a highly suggestive manner. Those black latex boots on her ladyboy stems are spectacular. After the solo shots Long Mint is joined by a gentleman admirer and it’s pretty rare for her to do hardcore scenes so the gallery is uniquely wonderful for that reason.

I don’t know about you but for me the best picture is the one where Mint is on her knees before the guy and she licks and sucks on his big stiff dick through his boxers. When you see that picture how can you not imagine getting sucked off by this hot ladyboy? You also get two pictures of him fucking her ladyboy asshole, including a terrific doggy style scene. The missionary might be even sexier though, especially when you consider the look on her face as she gets pumped.

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Helena is a shemale webcam model from the Philippines. She works the camera with her naughty body and she absolutely loves to get her freak on for everyone’s pleasure. She’s a slender chick with a big penis (although i don’t think her shemale dick is 10 inch, like her imlive profile name suggests) that is really the star of her shows. She’ll whip out that big dick and really blow your mind. When she strokes her long shemale meat on a webcam it’s pretty hard not to get aroused because you’re thinking all these dirty thoughts.

The lovely Power of 10 Inch has a special talent for cumming. She can produce loads of sperm countless times a day and she really loves doing so on camera. If you’re a special guy and you treat her right she’ll jerk her cock meat until she explodes and make a nice big mess all over for you. Wouldn’t you like to see that sort of thing? If you know what you’re looking for with this gorgeous chick then you will get a great show. She will turn you on and turn your cock hard so you can feel the pleasure of orgasm. Give her a call now! Helena might just be online waiting for some fun with You.

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Rachael started first. She lowered her luscious lips onto Gina’s pussy and began eating her again. Michael took Rachael’s ladycock into his mouth and slowly started licking and sucking along her entire length. At the same time Gina took Michael into her mouth. Michael was thoroughly enjoying sucking Rachael’s cock.

Michael varied his rhythm on Rachael. He would suck hard and fast and then he would slow down and suck her gently and slowly. Rachael’s tongue was working magic on Gina’s pussy. Rachael loved to lick pussy and Gina’s was the nicest that she had ever sucked. In no time Gina felt her clit tingling and waves of pleasure were pulsing deep within her. Rachael’s moans were coming loudly now as Michael sucked harder on her cock. Gina gave a long moan of deep pleasure as she felt herself orgasm. Her pussy lips were quivering and Rachael was licking even harder exciting her to new heights.

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