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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Japanese ladyboy rubbing her dick against your cockThe year 2008 is almost over and I have a special exotic treat for you for New Year’s eve. There’s a beautiful Japanese ladyboy sitting in the hot tub. She has perfect tits, an awfully pretty face, cute red hair and a long body that looks good enough to eat. The only thing you can’t see is her crotch because it’s obscured by the bubbles. Perhaps she’s not a ladyboy but a beautiful genetic girl? She looks so pretty and as you’ll see this is a ladyboy with a lovely little cock between her legs and a tight asshole that loves to be penetrated with hard cock. The gorgeous Japanese gal is smiling at us as she plays with the white bubbles and you can see there’s desire bubbling in her body as well.

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They have this rotating image thing at the top of the tour page for Ladyboy Player and there are 12 pictures in it with new ones being shuffled in all the time. It’s a nonstop slideshow of ladyboy porn and without seeing anything else related to the site I know that I’m going to have a good time because those pictures are really fucking hot. There’s one of a huge ladyboy cock that was shot from below and it looks utterly magnificent. I had visions of wrapping my lips around that dong the moment I saw it and I love a site that inspires those kinds of naughty fantasies.

Members area of Ladyboy Player

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Our reader, Matt J, have recently visited Pattaya and, as you can see from his story, it was a very fruitful visit! He had a petite ladyboy Lo spend a night with him during which he came countless times, and now he says he’ll be coming back for more. Who wouldn’t? 😉

I recently indulged a few of my fantasies in Pattaya with a very sexy Katoey who like me enjoys latex and smoking. Lo is a petite 5ft 5in ladyboy who came onto me in a bar looking for company and to make a buck or two. In the end it worked out very well for me and as a first timer I enjoyed myself.

As she emerged from the hotel bathroom wearing black PVC thigh boots and matching basque and wearing these elbow length gloves smoking this long white ciggie I was a gonna. She dropped my bathrobe from my shoulders and kissed me with passion for several minutes before placing my erection between her PVC thighs and boot wanked me for all of 1 minute before I lost the lot.

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Today I’m very pleased to publish a story by our reader Tommy. He’s seen lots of talk here about having sex with t-girls and shemales and not much action. Now he’s happy to say he’s taken the plunge (!) with a tranny and it was a very pleasurable experience which he would like to share in the hope that it pushes some of you guys to go for it!

I used a site in the uk especially for trannys and admirers and found a girl in my area who agreed to meet me at her apartment for a bit of fun. When i arrived she opened the door wearing stockings, corset, a lace night gown and large heels. She was really tall and quite intimidating and i must say it really turned me on!

She invited me in and as i entered i saw the bedroom lit with a red light and a huge dildo stuck on the door and thought i’m going to be in my own porno! We talked for a little getting to know each other and watching a shemale dvd on tv and after a while she got impaitent and simply said ‘so do you want a blow job or not?’ to which i replied ‘of course!’

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Shemale sucking cock in 69 positionIn this lovely gallery brought to you by Latina Tranny the hardcore fun starts with a sixty nine. The beautiful tranny is on her back and the young man she’s with is on top, guiding his cock into her mouth. We see pictures of them both going at it; how great would it be to be in that room stroking your cock while these two go at it? The sucking goes on for quite a while but it’s not the be all, end all of this hot gallery. No, the tranny wants to fuck some tight ass and there’s only one in the room.

After the oral exchange she has him get on his hands and knees and she gets behind him and guides her lovely shemale cock into his ass. They take a few shots of her banging him and then they switch things up. We never actually get to see him fuck her; he just rubs his dick around her asshole and then we move on to more oral sex. His primary job is to get her off and he uses his mouth to bring about that result.

This lovely gallery is just one of many you can find at Latina Tranny, check them out now!

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Ladyboy Ice sucking on a fat dickThe first image that greets you upon visiting this super hot picture/video gallery combo from Ladyboy Dolls is that of a beautiful ladyboy named Ice taking a big latex wrapped cock in her ass. She’s a lusty ladyboy and she’s sitting on the dick and about half of it has squeezed up into her booty. You can see her high heels and her black fishnets in the picture and she looks utterly amazing. She’s a total fuck slut, obviously and if you queue up the video it will start playing immediately and you’ll be treated to a fantastic tease.

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TSAira18 is a beautiful ladyboy and she puts on one of the best webcam shows you’ll ever see. At first glance you would never guess that there’s a beautiful dick hanging between her legs because she’s just too good looking. How does a girl get so beautiful i wonder? The cute Asian babe with a boner loves to wear lingerie and stroke her fat cock for you and more than anything she loves to know that you’re on the other end of the line wishing you could play with her sexy dick. There’s a very naughty intro message on her webcam page that I encourage you all to read if you want to pop wood.

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Big Shemale BlogThere’s another tricky quiz of “shemale or female” kind that I’ve recently found. Although I consider myself an expert in shemales, I guess I was a little overconfident. Some of the tgirls were easy to guess, some were really tough (especially that flat-breasted lady in 8-th picture, she just ought to be a shemale, but alas). As a result, I only got 8/12 which I think is a shame 😉

Take Shemale or Female quiz and see how good you are!

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Shemale Kimber James in a cock-to-cock sceneKimber James is easily one of the best looking and most glamorous shemales you’re ever going to see. When you first see her it’s impossible to tell that she has a dick between her legs because she’s just too feminine. This hot gallery shows her getting fucked up the ass and she’s riding the dude’s cock so at first we don’t see her tranny dick. It looks like a sexy female with a tight ass is sitting on a dick and having anal sex because it feels so good. A little later Kimber turns around with her dick in hand and we realize that this is actually a gorgeous, sexy shemale that we’re looking at.

The lovely Kimber James has a fantastic set of tits, a tiny waist and a small ass to match and if you scope out this shemale hardcore gallery you’ll get to take in all of that beauty along with the sight of the rather large cock pushing up into her shemale asshole. I like the picture where the camera is below her and she’s facing us while riding his cock and just about all of it is inside her nasty fuck hole. The shemale hottie is playing with her own dong too and even two cocks at once (my favourite scene) and I’ll be damned if this girl isn’t one of the finest additions to the shemale porn scene in a long time.

I bring this gallery to your attention because Kimber James has just launched a personal site with all kinds of hot pictures and videos showing her doing just about anything you can imagine. I mentioned earlier that she was glamorous and never is that more true than in her picture galleries. She’s like a fantastic, professional centerfold but she has a dick, which separates her from most girls out there. She loves showing that dick off though and she doesn’t have any trouble getting it rock hard when it needs to be. Also, there’s a shitload of hardcore content where the shemale slut gets nailed hard. That’s why we love Kimber James and i’m sure you’ll love her new site too.

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This sweet ladyboy sex story was shared with us by Julie and it’s about a girl who wanter to try lesbian sex but ended up being with a ladyboy. As you will see this only upset her for a moment, and now she regularly visits Thailand to meed her new ladyboy friend Nan.

Coming off a very nasty divorce in Singapore I took a weeks hols and went to Thailand. So many elephants and cultural shows were enough. The last night I wandered through the bars in an area of Bangkok. After a Barcadi and coke I am digging through my handbag looking for my cigerette lighter when this stunning blonde thai girl offers me a light. Her English was I suppose halting to say the least but she offers to show me around the nightlife spots. So we walk off in search of fun, after a few bars and too many Bacardis I am starting to like this girl and even thinking of just what Lesbian sex would be like.

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