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Our forum member, JodieTS, wrote about her thoughts on dating a transwoman, and i do think this needs to be read by more people who dream about having a TS girlfriend.

The following are Jodie’s own personal thoughts on the matter, and as such are certainly not the complete story. She hopes other TS women and those men who are in relationships with them contribute their own thoughts and experiences.

Before we look at trans-dating, may I take you out of trans-land and into cis-gendered land? Think of that stunning “Day-One” woman on this months cover of Rustler magazine? You’d like to date her yes? Now look at EVERY WOMEN YOU ENCOUNTER during the course of your typical day. How many of them could be a hot top model? Probably frak all.

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Take the picture where she’s on her knees showing us her ladyboy ass in the black lace panties. That’s a great picture and it’s totally worth getting a boner over. Later she’ll be fully naked and you can ogle the ladyboy ass and the perky ladyboy tits. You can think about how badly you’d like to fuck her and how you want to caress her while you’re doing it. You can think of how much fun it would be to kiss her and taste her sweet mouth. You can also check out her ladyhboy cock, which is the perfect little size.

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