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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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A brand new review for a brand new paysite: LadyboyGold presents TSRAW, also known as TS Raw. The website has been published in June 2015 featuring some of the most filthy, original TS bareback scenes based on a peek in the members area. Of course taste varies yet their promise of 100% NO CONDOMS is TRUE – You will 100% guaranteed NOT find condoms on TS Raw while the hottest and horniest Brazilian shemales in bareback fuckfests or as directly quoted from the TS Raw website:

TSRAW features the hottest and horniest Brazilian shemales in the world in sweaty, writhing bareback fuckfests. Our weekly updates feature 100% exclusive scenes of unbelievable sex drives as these TS superstars ram every hard dick they can find into every willing hole! Nothing can stop our superstars from sucking and fucking until their mouths and tight backdoors are covered in warm, gushing cum! No condoms, no boundaries, no one leaves without getting off!

Let’s start off with some pictures of the sexiest and latest TS Raw models below:

TS Raw avatar

It’s the first South American / Latin TS site introduced by the LadyboyGold brand since it’s start in 2007 featuring similar style of content as one of their best niched LadyboysFuckedBareback website. To sum it up for those not familiar: original (100% exclusive), bareback (100% cumshots), raunchy (sweaty & filthy) and of course cumshots (creampies & facials) are to be seen in every single TS Raw scene featuring some of the most popular Brazilian shemale models from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Campinas. Your membership as of today would include 20 models and 20 original TS scenes with an update schedule of twice a month. Al though that may sound as “not much content” your TSRAW membership does include access to the entire LadyboyGold network with over 1382 original full length scenes in HD quality and DAILY updates throughout the network.

TS Raw avatar

Even though TS Raw is a brand exclusive new website, they are already featured on some of the more popular social media sites, you can find / follow & like them through Twitter Twitter @TSRawCom and xHamster TSRaw Channel on xHamster TSRaw

Just to sum it up: The TS Raw website is connected to the LadyboyGold network which includes access to eight additional sites including,,,,,, and With 4 updates a week on LadyboyGold alone the network ensures a minimum of one update a day throughout the year Check out the free tour for an exclusive discount. Regular memberships are $29.94 a month yet you’ll get a $5 monthly discount coming through our link!

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Exclusive discount to the hottest TGirls from the World in a all-in-one mega network! You receive full access to all the sites with your membership (inclusive of real free live shows). This is Premium Exclusive Shemale Content shot in full high definition! The TGirl Network Is the World’s Biggest and Best Transsexual Porn Site! Have a look today!

Enjoy this limited time offer now at TGirl Network

Can highly recommend this one guys :)

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Frank’s boasts an amazing collection of Thai ladyboys, Brazilian Transsexuals and the American TS pornstars.. big throbbing shemale cocks, spread wide assholes, sloppy blowjobs, tranny dildo play, fetish scenes and more shemale cum than you could swim in!

This Limited Time Offer has expired: Frank’s TGirl World

But feel free to checkout the free tour pages :)

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The news came out last Sunday that Larry Flynt Publications sued 3,120 BitTorrent users who illegally downloaded Hustler‘s “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D”. So far, this suit is the second largest in terms of numbers of users sued over porn thievery with the largest suit having as many as 5,011 people who allegedly downloaded and distributed the heavily pirated celebrity sex tape “Danielle Staub Raw.”

This news made me wondering how many of Internet surfers watch stolen porn videos from time to time. We reassure You that Your vote will be totally anonymous and no bits of information will be stored at our servers in regards to Your voting, including your IP address. See our Privacy Policy for details.


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It’s not April 1-st today, but this site I’ve accidentally found today made me ROTFL. These guys seem to be running an appraisal service, but they appraise not usual boring things such as value of internet sites or businesses , but dicks, no less. They’re quite serious about it though, and they even brag about having appraised dicks of such celebrities as Tom Cruise and Sarah Palin (?).

Out of curiosity I got an appraisal for my own dick and the number was a pleasant surprise, but i won’t tell you how much exactly it was worth 😉 Instead I’ll run an anonymous poll for everyone and eventually vote on it too.

So, find out the value of your dick at Sell Your Penis dot com and post the results here.


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I was taking a shower today when i had this funny idea for a poll. Assuming you are male, you pee standing up and you don’t hold your member while peeing (like in a shower), which direction does your pee go?


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Today i’m going to deviate from our usual subject and discuss something else than beautiful ladyboys. From what i hear it seems that this frigging crisis has hit pretty much everyone’s wallet and many of my friends had to change their life plans to adapt to new situation.

What about You? Have you been touched by the deadly breath of the global financial crisis? Please discuss.


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A tgirl at our forum, Mandy, mentioned that one of her fantasies would be fucking her own clone. This was something i never thought about and i decided to ask my readers what’s their opinion on this idea. Seriously, many girls and almost all guys masturbate from time to time. Also, as it was revealed in one of my previous polls, many guys would love to suck their own dick. So all in all our own genitalia do not seem repulsive to ourselves.

So, if you had your 100% identical clone, would you fuck him/her? Don’t tell me the poll is missing “i’d only love to be on giving/receiving end“, since the clone would be the exact copy of yours, both physically, mentally and emotionally, so if you are not going to get topped, neither your clone is!


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Our forum member, a shemale lover named TheSkronkDonkey expressed his thoughts today about such controversal phenomenon as golden showers.

I believe drinking human urine is practised in some cultures throughout the world. I also believe it is relatively safe to do so, provided the urine is derived from a healthy body free of infection (certain forms of bacteria can be expelled in urine depending on what the infection is and where it is). I think clean, fresh urine is actually bacteria-free (or else only contains “good” bacteria). However, it is also a growth substance for bacteria, so you shouldn’t have your lover piss in a glass / bucket and drink it much later on. But I wouldn’t recommend drinking too much of it PERIOD for at least two reasons:

1) Urine is inherently salty. Salts can make you gag; drinking salty water is a way of forcing yourself to be sick (useful in cases of poisoning). But if the salts are actually ingested and not vomited back out, then they may disrupt your body’s normal functions (if you take in too many of them).

2) Urine contains urea (hence “urine”), which is poisonous. But so does skin. Technically, you shouldn’t lick skin, but virtually everyone does this during sex, and 99% of people are fine. The reason is that the urea is in trace amounts, as it is in urine. However, I think there’s also more of it in urine, so be careful. To make matters worse, urine contains a second poisonous compond: ammonia. Again, it’s in trace amounts, I believe. Remember: urine is a waste product that your body, or someone else’s, has made to get rid of. All in all, I’d only recommend a small amount, maybe one or two teaspoons at a time. And don’t do it all the time; just a treat now and again with your lover.

I got sorta interested in this one time and did some research. But my memory is a little foggy now and I could be wrong. I know you won’t die from taking in a small amount of piss, urine does not pose a major health risk from contact or oral ingestion.

So, what’s your opinion mates?

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Hello guys and gals.

I’ll be honest, i’m very glad that our forum is getting off the ground, with so many members already after 4 months from the launch. At the same time, it’s a pity that all discussion moved over there and the number of comments i’m receiving on my blog posts has reduced, which is again, a pity. The more new readers and, specifically, posters, we have here, the more interesting it will be here for all of us.

So I am asking You for your help. Yes, would you please help me make this place more popular? For example, you could bookmark TransLadyboy at one of the social networks (hover over the button in the header of this post to see the complete list) or mention TransLadyboy at some another forum you participate at, or if you are blogging too, write a couple words about us at your blog or myspace page or whatever.

Thank You.

Yours truly,

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