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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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shemale babe midnight lover posing on her webcamHot shemale babe, isn’t she? And very cute as a mater of fact. And speaks good English. And has a nice thick cock. Which produces lots of cum. What more can be said? 😉

This tgirl is so special in her own way, very feminine and friendly. It made me so horny to watch her fingering and then dildoing her ass for me while stroking her delicious cock! It felt so real, like if i was there with her, jerking her weiner and getting the most intense and quality blowjob from her. How i’d like to feel her lips caressing my boner!.. What a gorgeous lady! She’s so experienced indeed (which is no surprise, Angela has been performing on live shemale webcams for quite some time already)!

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Ladyboy Megan takes it up assI don’t remember i saw this gorgeous chick before, her name is Megan and she’s a face of a new hardcore site devoted to asian ladyboys, Perfect Ladyboys. She looks so fresh and innocent, but don’t let Yourselves be fooled (actually this picture is cropped from a bigger one with Megan taking a cock up her ass)! You’ll also see her licking and sucking a cock like there’s no tomorrow. She may pretend innocent but in fact she’s a nasty bitch! What she really wants is to gag on a huge white cock and then take it up her shemale pussy!

Just watch out with Megan! She is gonna spank you if you deserve it so! Just meet her and give her what she wants – hardcore assramming!

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teen ladyboy in stockings shows her decent dickIf you are a big fan of women’s underwear, you’ll surely love this hot asian ladyboy that poses for you in stockings. There’s surely something special in asians and this one caught my eye. With these beautiful brown eyes, small soft titties, full lips, a little chubby face, medium sized wonderful penis, she is a hottie. It would be so nice to be there with her, taking off her clothes piece by piece, admiring the beauty of her body, caressing her smooth legs through silky stockings…

Imagine giving her oral, tongue playing with her nutsack, rubbing and stroking her fully erected asian dick until she blows a huge load that splashes onto her stockings. After that you’d ask her to take your burning schlong in her dripping mouth and shot your hot cum in the back of her throat… Wound’t that be perfect? Enjoy watching this delicious tgirl posing for you at AsianShemalesXXX.

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It is a huge joke among men about who has a larger penis. There are thousands of dollars used to enhance their manhood every year. Do women who have a penis (and want to keep it) share the same penis building desires? Do shemales worry as much about size and performance as men do? That is what we will attempt to uncover. After speaking with some women who are “equipped”, they gave me a glimpse of how they feel and what their desires in regards to their penis are.

When asked most of the women expressed a concern for pleasing their lover and having a fear of not being able to perform. This seems like a common link between men and trannies. Everybody engaging in sexual acts wants to please themselves as well as their partners. The fear of not being able to perform is completely normal and regardless of who you are or what you are packaged with, you will have some performance anxieties.

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A loyal reader of our blog, Charlette, has made it as far as actually meeting a shemale lover of his dream! I was very pleased to know that he did it with the help of this blog. I asked him for some tips on how he likes to do it with his lover; the reply didn’t come in shotrly, but it was worth waiting for!

So, here are his thoughts about how he likes to do it with his gf.

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ladyboy gets a blowjob from a girlI love asian ladyboys because they are so… cute. Look at this mind blowing gallery of a ladyboy having sex with a blonde girl. They are both so lovely, so tender, both have small tities and slender bodies, it’s hard to tell who is more girlish, the real girl or a ladyboy. Anyway, it’s great just to watch them.

They start on a sofa, by caressing each other’s luxurious bodies. The whole scene looks so sensual, a girl tickles yummy nipples of her ladyboy friend with her tongue while gently playing with her limp penis. When it gets erected, she gives it a delicate kiss and takes it in her mouth. Finally, overwhelmed with passion, they both get down to a carpet where a ladyboy thrusts her well-prepared dick into anxious dripping pussy of her lover.

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I always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl with a dick. After spending years on the internet having internet sex, I finally found a black shemale. After hours of talking about how big her cock was and size double D tits, she finally agreed to meet with me for some fun.

We met at the local motel, porno in hand. In the room I put the porno in and we got down to business. As the moaning and slurping was playing on the porno we could not get it on fast enough. As I grabbed her hair she grabbed my crotch and started milking me like nobody ever had. I could feel my pants becoming wet with precum and my heart was racing. Almost like an animal, I pushed her ass on the bed and ripped off my pants.

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Hot shemale Jesse posing as a superwomanThis gallery was brought to you by a well-known solo shemale site, TS Jesse. Of course, the whole site is built around Jesse and I must say she’s really puts dedication into her work, there are tons of pictures at videos at her site where you can see her big hard cock and her tight ass. Isn’t that what we’re looking for anyway? 😉

Today’s galery features this nasty blonde shemale Jesse exposing and and beating her cock on cam for us. She puts on a superwoman’s costume and You can tell for sure that she will come to help you get off faster than a bullet. With that big hard cock she’s definitely going to make you the one on the receiving end. Jesse likes her sex rough, and i’m sure you won’t refuse that fantastic ride with a supergirl!

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Sensual TSThe Valentine’s day is around the corner and if you’re still feeling lonely and have noone to care of why don’t you at least get some sexual stress relief with one of those shemale hotties willing to chat live on webcams? Today i want to introduce you a very precious gem that i’ve been witholding from you for almost a month. (*drum roll*) Meet SensualTS69!

I talked to this tgirl for the first time over a month ago and was totally amazed by her. What a beauty! What a cock! When you see it you’ll feel sorry you can’t get a hold of it right now, so great it is! It’ll take you a whole hour just to get from her balls to the tip of her dickhead with your tongue, you’ll love licking and tickling every inch of her wonderful penis.

Hell, that was something! She came 2 times for me and i’m sure she could do even more (if i hadn’t run out of credit hehehe). This was absolutely great! Besides her excellent cock she’s a beautiful woman too, with sweet girlish face and soft sensual lips. Also, she was a good listener and was willing to do exactly what i told her. I just don’t see whom i would spend the better lover’s day with and I recommend you spending good time with her too (before she got tired from constant playing with herself and cumming :) ).

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shemale-nikki-black-dildo.jpgWhen i saw this picture for the first time, I thought, what the hell, this is really a huge ebony cock and there’s no way a tranny can take it! I quickly opened a gallery and it appeared that a tgirl was playing with a dildo. But wait, i haven’t seen this girl before. Who was she?

The girl’s name was Nikki and she recently opened her personal solo site NikkiTSFun (no wonder i haven’t heard of her before). She is originally from Philippines, but now is living in CA. And what a hottie she is! What a sweet face. What lovely tits! And that little sexy skirt leaves you craving to see what’s under it. There’s no holding back and you gotta see her toying herself with this enormous black dong. Although it does not fit in her ass, that was a nice try. :)

And guess what? I loved Nikki so much that I have actually contacted her and when she learnt that I run this blog she got very excited and even promised me an interview! So if you want to ask her something, feel free to post your questions here and i’ll pass them to her. Also, she promised me some true life stories of her erotic adventures which i am also looking forward to reading. Stay tuned guys and soon you’ll see more of this awesome tgirl!

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