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Webcam shemale that will drive you crazy!This girl is one that you won’t soon forget, like you can guess from her nick, she will drive you crazy! She likes to dominate and I have certainly been a bad boy so I was ready. She is hardcore and is totally in control. You don’t have to worry about what to say or do because she will certainly let you know. She has a beautiful body with B-cup titties and long fair hair that flows as she plays with her own cock. You know, this is what really turns me on, and I want some of that action myself.

Would you love too to go down and taste the precum from her swollen cockhead while reaching up pulling her titties? She is so good though even though she likes to dominate, she also will let you turn the roll and dominate her. Whatever you ask for you are sure to get. No matter what I asked her to pose or do she gladly went on to do! And you know, her body is so slender and curvy, which, combined with a nice big enough shemale dick, gives you a wonderful experience and excellent show. This girl is definitely worth coming back for more.

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Shemale Adriel sucks her own dickThe topic of self-cocksucking is really hot, as my polls show the majority of shemale lovers would as well love to suck their own cocks and gobble down on their wad. I, for one, always get a hard on watching a shemale going down on herself, whether on webcam or not. Tonight i’m going to please you with a gallery of black shemale Adriel, wanking and tasting herself.

Just look at the size of her shemale cock, it’s truly huge and fat like the one of an elephant. She plays with it a little until it gets in its full strength, then jams her pole between her big boobs and starts licking her purple throbbing head. Don’t you wish you were there to help her? She clamps her dong in her hand and stretches it even more to get her fat cockhead fully slide into her dribbling mouth, then gives it a hell of a licking and sucking! It is, indeed, a very hot show brought to you by Adriel from Shemale Club.

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Shemale jerks off her cream covered cockHere’s another gallery of a shemale beating her massive cock presented to You by Shemale Tugjobs. When i first heard about this site i thought to myself, what the fuck does this word, “tugjob” mean, you know, I even didn’t know it. When i opened the site i figured it’s all about shemales wanking their cocks off, and, being the greatest masturbation expert on Earth (don’t believe me? Have you checked out my 15 masturbation tips? 😉 ), i couldn’t help but love it!

Just look at this juicy babe, the way she works her massive schlong. She surely loves feeling her own shecock in her hands, it feels so hot, thick and veiny she can’t refrain from stroking its full length… To make things even sweeter, she covers herself with thick whipped cream, then starts groping her tits and stroking her hard cock. It would be so cool to be there with her, to see this vanilla cream squirting out and landing on her smooth swarthy body while she jerks off selflessly. I think you even woulnd’t mind eating her own shemale cream after she’s finished, what do you think? 😉

Check out Shemale Tugjobs for more cool stuff like that.

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Beautiful Asian ladyboy AmyLadyboy Amy has always been one of the favorite tgirls among our readers. Which is absolutely to no surprise, she’s so very beautiful and has one of the most feminine look among all Asian ladyboys. Just look at this kathoey, she is one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. Her long dark hair, her deep Asian eyes, her cute smile, she’s all perfect!

She looks so innocent in her small white dress and those girlie panties, her body is unbelievable. When she gets all naked for you and smiles like that, it gives you this special feeling. You want to adore this divine tgirl, to smell her dark skin, to touch her hair, to kiss her eyes, lips, neck, nipples, belly and finally her small cute penis

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I am very thankful to our reader TrannyLover sho shared his opinion about having a transsexual girlfriend, which really got me thinking. Many guys say they are looking for a transsexual girlfriend desperately, but in fact all they want is to get in her pants. Perhaps this is why they do not succeed at it. Read Tranny Lover’s thoughts about it.

If you want to meet a transgender girl just keep looking! They are looking for love like everybody else and if you need a club to go to, go to Peanuts in LA. Many will be working but if you’ve got game and are serious about finding a girl to love, they are there. I’ve gotten laid every time I’ve been there: never paid! Because they can tell I’m not a “trannychaser”. I’m serious and find them attractive and they can see that my heart is true.

They also happen to be in malls and movie theaters and restaraunts! They are girls who do things anyone does, so just approach them like anyone else would approach anyone in the world they are interested in.

There aren’t many like me: you may think you are, but will you take them to your family reunion? meet the family? meet the friends? That is an actual question to ask yourself: If the answer is no, then you aren’t ready for a transsexual girlfriend: and don’t pretend like you are and start breaking hearts that have been already broken over and over again! (You fuck it up for me! T-girls are very apprehensive of men’s intentions, and that’s the reason!)

Also with t-girls… water really does seek its own level (more so than I genetic girls). Don’t expect to get a gorgeous tranny if your not gorgeous yourself, and by that I mean read above again. Be real… be ready… be sure… be sexy… and most of all always treat them like the wonderful women they are!

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Pretty black shemale with fat cockThis black shemale is looking really cute with her short boyish haircut, slender body, nice full titties and a fat carrot shaped dick. She is a bit shy and nervous tonight because at heart she is still a teen, but her horny side wants more and it is the first time she’s going to see and feel a real male cock! Your cock!

But first You, being a generous man, will show you how you can appreciate your beauty and please her too. You will put her soft virgin dick in your mouth and start playing with it between your lips until it gets real hard, then you’d lick it up and down to taste and feel its amazing texture, suck on her balls and run your tongue around her dickhead, licking off her precum. Then when you’d feel she is about to cum, you’d stop, get her to het on her hands and knees and ram your itchy schlong that should be rock hard by now into her shemale pussy!

Who doesn’t want to screw the shemale like that, both cute and sexy? Come and check her out at Ladyboy-Ladyboy, one of the oldest and biggest Asian shemale sites.

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Miriam, the Mexican transsexual modelI didn’t know before there was a TV realy show with a transsexual girl. The one that was aired in Great Britain in 2004, “There’s something about Miriam”, featured six men wooing 21 y.o. Mexican shemale model Miriam at a luxury villa in Ibiza. To add a twist to it, the contestants were not aware that she was a transwoman until the final episode and only discovered truth after Miriam picked the winner, then lifted her skirt to reveal a full set of wedding tackle.

:) LOL :)

Some of the guys were filmed in intimate situations with Miriam, snogging, cuddling and groping her, so it was a big embarrasement for them to be, as they say, “publicly humiliated” before such wide audience. Even though the contestants were warned that there would be shocks, when they found out that the object of their desires was a tranny, they started threatening to take legal action, one of them even punched the show producer. Nevertheless the show was screened anyway, after each of the participants got paid £125,000 in compensation.

It got a huge coverage by mass media, and there’s even an article about this show in Wikipedia. Now imagine, would you love to spend some quality time with a shemale as beautiful as Miriam, then get paid a pretty penny for it? I know for sure most of our readers would. And, even though the contestants will deny they liked it, we all know they did!

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Ladyboy maid Aum stroking her titsThis ladyboy Aum from Extreme Ladyboys is hot beoynd belief, and it is especially great to see her is this maid outfit. She looks so gorgeous, so feminine, you’ll have a hard time believing she actually is a ladyboy and most likely this homeowner was also fooled into thinking she was a real girl when he hired her to clean the house.

Now, tell me, wouldn’t you get a hard on too if you saw such an angel in your kitchen? This tgirl is simply beautiful, with her long legs, small round tits, let alone her naughty maid outfit and stockings. I know for sure no man would miss a chance to get into Aum’s pants! And he would surely be rewarded because Aum is an expert when it comes to pleasing men! She would get on her knees before you, unbutton your trousers and when your stiff cock popped out, she’d start sucking on your nutsack! This would be a pure bliss, to feel her hot tongue playing with your balls and the base of your dick. Finaly, when it was your turn to give her oral, you’d put your hand on her crotch and find her love pulse there… You’d realize that you’re lost and today the naughty maid is going to fuck the daddy!

See this complete picture set at Extreme Ladyboys.

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My dear guests, I can’t deny the fact that I enjoy reading Your comments more and more. Here is what a guy that goes by nick EbonyTSLover writes about the way his black shemale lover Mary with a huge 10.5 inch cock dominates and fucks the hell out of him.

I’ve had Mary’s very large black cock so far in me, that i thought i was going to die. You see, Mary has a 10 1/2 long and 4 1/2 inch thick chocolate stick. When she fuck me doggy style, she goes balls deep. I scream like it’s my first time with her.

My favorite position is missionary. I love it when she has my legs over her shoulders and she’s fucking me like the woman she wants me to be. I love feeling her massive black cock stretching my man cunt. Sometimes I would wrap my legs around that sexy ass of hers, and let her fuck me hard, so hard that I think she’s trying to shove that black cock into my throat!

She lets me know when she’s about to cum. Then i get on my knees and get ready for her to shove that monster down my waiting throat. I just love it when she shoves that long black schlong down my throat. I can’t get of her sweet cum. Sometimes she likes to cum all over my face. But as of late she’s been cumming in man cunt. That’s ok, You see Mary likes to share me with her best friend who happens to be a black shemale.

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Bianca Freire in a threesome with Dani and JeanWatching a gallery of Bianca Freire in hardcode action is like watching your lover being fucked by a stranger. You feel envy that some other guy (not You) gets to fuck her shemale pussy, but at the same time you can’t help but adore her beauty…

This gallery from Shemale Club has only recently been made public, so You are welcome to enjoy it. As usual the complete set is only available for the members of the club (which I believe You already are).

A burly man Jean has succeeded in fucking two trannies at once, our love Bianca Freire and a blonde chick Dani, and oh my, he gets as much as possible out of this threesome. Watching Bianca Freire is always so much a turn on, imagine if it was Your dick she was sucking, while you played with her yummy shecock and balls. And what could be better than sucking her balls into your mouth just after you just pounded her sweet asshole and another chick is riding your cock like crazy now. Or feeling the hot wonderful dick of Bianca Freire reaming your anus while you fuck the shit out of her tgirlfriend? This is something You’d never forget doing! Visit Shemale Club to see more!

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