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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Here’s another great story that was submitted by one of our readers. Enjoy reading.

I used to be a bouncer at a night club and one day after my shift a very foxy black busty babe approached me just outside the club. She was wearing hot pink track pants and itty bitty tube top that was some how holding the overflow of dreamy flesh in. She asked if I could give her a ride home. Seeing how beautiful she was I couldn’t refuse. She thanked me and we walked together to my car.
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This little nice story was posted by one of our readers that goes by nick “Slave”. Enjoy reading!

I have a story much like the french maid one. I used to clean houses for a living, it wasn’t good pay but it was work and i worked for a lady that goes by the name of amber dena. So anyway one day i was cleaning going over everything twice and when i got the bed room i found her naked jerking off I was stunned she looked up and was shocked then she licked her lips and said come here
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Are you planning a trip to Thailand, but don’t know the places where to find ladyboys? Or perhaps you have been there several times and would like to share valuable information? Take part in the discussion. Here’s what a member of our board, Gizmo, wrote about his own experience with thai ladyboy bars.

For those of you interested in Thailand LB scene there are many bar’s that offer a great time! In Bangkok, you have 4 bar’s in Nana plaza: Obsession’s, Temptation’s, Cascade’s, and Casanova! There is also the Guess bar in Sukhumvit Soi 1 plaza, next to KFC.

For Pattaya, you have an abundance of ladyboys to choose from, many bars have one or two working there, alongside GGs, but the main bars for ladyboys are Stringfellow’s, Club131, these are on soi 13/1, Goldfinger’s on beach road/soi8, Hi-boss on soi6! I dont recommend the latter for a newbie though.

I dont claim to know all the bar, but these are just a few I have visited, and had fun at!

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Just married shemale fucks her new husbandThis new site, shemale weddings, is keeping me horny and bothered for the last 2 days. I know it’s a fantasy of many men of marrying a beautiful girl and discovering she is a shemale, but somehow there was no special site for that until now. What could be more disastrous for a young straight groom to see his wife removing her wedding dress and whipping out a huge erected cock, much bigger than his own! It goes without saying that this simple fact completely destroys their plans for being the head of the family and that they are going to have their asses fucked every night for the rest of their lives!

Take this poor luckless husband for example. Here he is, undressing his bride, taking off her wedding dress, kissing her on a shoulder.. And then all of a sudden something goies very very wrong and quicker than he could blink his eyes he’s now having a huge raging hard cock pushed into his face! And very soon after, having completely lost all his male pride and prestige, he allows her to top him and bang his virgin asshole right on her wedding dress. What can be more humiliating? But i’m sure he’ll ask for more when she’s finished.

Are you turned on by the thought of your wife vigorously fucking you on a bride-bed? Check Shemale Weddings out!

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Yesterday I have found a web page called “Freedom from Masturbation” which cracked me up. It is amazing what lengths some people go to fight masturbation. This guy discovered that his life without masturbation was not only possible, but also enjoyable, and wrote a whole study to help other people to refrain from masturbation.

What a miserable idiot!

This made me investigate the problem further and I even got to know that in Indonesia, for example, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation, no less. I have also found a funny ass manual for parents to prevent children from masturbating (at So, what’s your opinion?

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This story was posted at our forum by our old friend Tlover. He writes about his fantasy of marrying a beautiful girl and discovering that she’s a shemale. It’s a really sensual and exciting story, and i promise you’ll get hard reading it! To see it all in action, you’re welcome to check out Shemale Weddings, they have tons of hot stuff for shemales marrying and fucking their unsuspecting fiancés.

I’ve been dating a beautiful girl for about a year, her name’s Sasha, she’s got long dark hair, beautiful blue eyes, slim very sexy body, perfect, my little angel, and we get on great, so much so we decide to marry, only one problem, she won’t let me in her knickers, but this make me respect her even more, and i love her deeply.

We do kiss a lot thou, shes a fantastic kisser very passionate with her long tongue, better than all the other girlfriends Ive had , this always gets me over excited, so to help me out she gives me a wank a a blow job regularly, again better than all the other girls, she seems to know exactly what to do and how i like it, and she loves to swallow my spunk. I’ve never met a girl who likes it so much. But she won’t let me near her knickers, she always says- i’m saving myself for you until we are married, i love you, i know you will wait.

Wait i do. Then finally, the big day comes.
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Dude jerks off sweet ladyboys dickThere is something in a photo set when its more on a softcore side and doesn’t show actual penetration. It is usualy more sensual, and you can see that the lucky guy who happens to be with a ladyboy, truly adores her and her dick. It also leaves much room for Your imagination, you start dreaming, how it would be to see this chick topping this guy or maybe he would top her instead… And now nice it would be to be that guy…

In this wonderful sensual gallery from Asian Shemales there are two young lovers pleasing each other, and I can bet the guy loves the dick of his girl much more than she loves his. You can see as he grabs her cock in the beginning and never lets go of it. It’s so hot, it gets me mesmerized… To kiss her little erect nipples, to fondle her round pert titties, to grope her firm ass and give her a rimjob, to stroke her pulsating love member and take it fully in your mouth… I can’t think of a better way to show your love and excitement.

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Beautiful ladyboy FoxyathenaGood news guys and gals, we have a new ladyboy at our forum, foxyathena. Not only she is sweet and beautiful, she also models on live webcams. I didn’t really have a chance to talk to her on a webcam, but i asked her to write a little about herself and I’m absolutely sure You will agree with me that she’s burning HOT! and good personality to go along with everything else. It’s not been a long time that she’s started performing live, but she’s already got many fans, and she would like you to become one of them 😉

Hi there guys. Are You looking for a hot asian tranny to fulfill your fantasies? Well no need to go anywhere else here i am guys, sexy very feminine and passable yet fully functional in between my legs. Wanna take good care of my 7 inch cock and make it cum for you to taste the warm juice of glory? or you might wanna suck on my 36B titties and lick me down to my ass and feel how you like to go deep inside. Well here is a chance for you taste me and play with me, come with me and i’ll show you love, and scream for my cum.

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Beautiful ladyboy Aum sucking dick in the kitchenDo you remember that gallery of naughty ladyboy maid Aum pleasing her homeowner? The one i’m going to publish tonight is actually from the same set, but only with different pictures, and i’m sure as hell you’ll love it too. And maybe even consider hiring someone like Aum to clean your house 😉 She looks so horny in her black stockings and suspenders, that you just want to eat her up. And every evening you’d hurry back home for a new ration, just to get her to feed you with her lovely dick!

What I especially loved in this gallery is the shot of Aum smiling, where you can clearly see her braces. Imagine what a bliss it would be to thrust your dick in her dangerous looking mouth and then see your jizz dripping from her braces, that would be something hot as hell. And finally, you’d show your love by giving her a long kiss, sucking her lips and running the tip of your tongue across her pearly teeth… and she’d kiss your back… Hell, you just oughtta see more of aum at Extreme Ladyboys!

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Rampant ladyboy Nikki doing two cocksWow, just look at this photo set of Nikki from Nikki TS Fun! If you always thought that she was a sort of an innocent beautiful Asian tgirl, you were wrong, and You’ll see that in this photo set Nikki gets really naughty! She has a friend visiting her to co-star with her on her site, but instead of pleasing his member alone, she double stuffs her mouth with two thick cocks! I never thought she could do something of that kind, and it was a big thrill to watch her acting in a dirty way like that!

As usual, much attention is paid to the fetish side of the action. These pink see-through panties that Nikki is wearing are becoming her so much, and she’s very hesitant to pull them down and whip out her dick. She wants her friend to adore it as much as she does, so before getting a chance to see her ladyboy boner, he must spend a good time stroking and admiring it through the panties. Only when she’s fully aroused and feels he’s deserved that, she will allow him to move the sopping crotch of her panties aside and see and feel her marvelous dick!

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