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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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I have found this story at a shemale forum and thought it to be a good read. Enjoy!

Ok guys, this is a milestone in my life. I had sex with a ladyboy!!!

It was completely amazing, something i have fantasized about for years but never thought i would do! I met her on the internet a while ago and have been chatting to her since. We got on pretty well and she invited me for dinner!

I was kind of scared she would be a bit manly and I’d freak out but when she opened the door I was blown away! She was malaisian, with great lovely long hair and she looked amazing in this tiny little dress.

Anyway we had dinner at hers and were going to go to the pub but we sat on her bed and started kissing… quite passionately! She was really getting into it as i kissed her neck and down, she pulled down her dress and her boobs popped out! I was really turned on, they were implants and i’d always been turned on by the thought of that!!!

Anyway to make a long story short… She was incredible, i’ve had possibly the best blowjob in my life! She wanted to drink all my jizz over and over again!

She had a nice little penis. It was odd touching one that wasn’t mine, and I’m used to one a lot larger. We jerked each other off and came at the same time! It was really really hot!

Definitely something I will look back on and tick off on my to do list. Next week I will go for a drink with her and we’ll see what happens!!

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shemale alexia in stockingsMeet pretty shemale Alexia in white stockings!

The summer is almost over and I, being a lazy bastard, rather fool away my time than do something useful. The last 2 or three days i have been busy writing a review for a shemale site Ladyboy-69, and oh my, it’s really plodding. So, as a small compensaion, i decided to post a gally of one beautiful chick, shemale Alexia. I hope you’re going to like her.

Just look at this picture and the rest goes without saying. Isn’t she a hottie? She obliously loves herself too. When Alexia looks at herself in a mirror, she gets so horny that she begins to strip down slowly and her fat cock gets hard. Then she removes her skirt and this is when you can see her sweet shemale dick and ass really close 😉

Then Alexia migrates to a bedroom and, laying on a bed, spreads her legs apart ready to take your lusty cock!

Umm.. yum!

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Two of my good friends, both by the name Paul, are horny bastards. Yes, I know about that for sure 😉 They surf all kinds of porn sites all the time looking for some fresh meat to jerk off to.

ladyboy lekkSome time ago, (I think it was in March 2006) we were sitting in a bar, having a beer and talking. Naturally, after 5 bottles of Miller the conversation has drifted to porn, and I asked them whether they like shemales.
– She – whom??
– Shemales, You know, they are girls.. but they have dicks too.
(pause, I didn’t believe I spit it out)
– What’s the matter with You dude, we didn’t know you were a fag?

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sinful ladyboy on a webcamAre you ready to meet a sinful ladyboy? Are you a good kisser? Do you like dirty talk with ladyboys on webcams? Do you dream of pointing her dick at her nose? 😉 If so, Ladyboy Angela is who you are looking for.

She’s a 20 y.o. long haired asian chick, she likes to sing and dance, and of course, like every girl, she likes chocolates. But don’t forget she is a ladyboy (by the way, she has a cut dick), and she can do everything You can possibly want 😉

Here’s what others say about Sinful Ladyboy:

  1. Ladyboy Angela is the best, no one else comes close to her. Well worth it, i guarantee you`ll keep coming back. -Oscar
  2. Angelic face, great cam presence, body to die for, and fortunately I made her hot and she…well, you know!…I`m in LOVE!!!
  3. The best sex I have had EVER i want her so badly baby i am in love with you I need you.
  4. Totally amazing. The most beautiful smile and eyes you will see. Does everything you ask and more without hesitation. Has a great body and knows how to use it. The No.1 chick on this site.

Sinful Ladyboy Angela is waiting for You to have a webcam chat with her

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shemale bianca freire suck dickDo you remember two earlier galleries of Bianca Freire that i wrote about some time ago? Here they are:
New movie of Bianca Freire
Lovely brazilian shemale Bianca Freire

If you are a fan of this hot tgirl, be prepared to something new. Just look at this gallery of gorgeous Bianca that i found at Brazilian Transsexuals. I almost fell in love with this this tgirl, and she looks much better now too. It was so nice to see her sucking a dick that i can only regret it is not my own dick and i can’t make love to this wonderful creature… What a beauty. I want to suck on her little nipples so much.

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ladyboy daniel feet shemale solesDo you love sexy feet of ladyboys? Does this picture of pretty soles of ladyboy Daniel give you a boner? You’re going to enjoy this gallery, this fucking horny ladyboy will show you everything she’s got, includind the closeup of her uncut penis.

I’m gonna tell you what i’d do with this ladyboy. I’d grab Daniel’s little scrotum and squeeze and fondle and play with her delicious balls while rubbing my cockhead against her warm soles. Then i’d turn her around and shoot a big load of wad in her mouth, while she is gazing at me with her big eyes admiring my cock! That’s it!!!

Oh, of course the full set is available to Ladyboy 69 members.

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Being a member of several premium shemale sites i definitely got used to wanking off to shemale movies and pictures of a superb quality. I still surf for free shemale porn nowadays, but hopefully the times when i was only looking for free stuff are long gone.

So i would like to know if many of the readers of Trans Ladyboy blog have alike opinion. 😉 Please vote on my poll and leave your comments to this post.


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shemale domme julia - a sex goddessI understand not all of You guys prefer young trannies. Those who are good judges of shemale sex know for sure that experienced mature shemales are the best when it comes to satisfying horny men’s needs. Especially when a shemale is a true sexual mistress, a domme who treats men like her slaves and satisfies their kinkiest fantasies.

Let me introduce You Sexxy Julia, and she really is a lady of this kind. Beeing a 32 y.o. hot shemale, she knows all deepest fantasies of men and gives them exactly what they need. She really is very special, so be prepared to see her great tranny show on a web cam and get a wonderful experience with this sexy domme.

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shemales jerk their dicksWhen i saw this gallery of two shemales jerking each others dicks, i instantly got a hardon. In fact, this is a very action-rich shemale fucking scene.

Two shemales, one of which is blonde and another is redhead do all possible kinds of things to please each other. Most of all i like pictures # 9 (hot cock-hardening blowjob in 69 position) and # 19 (two shemales kissing and jerkind dicks of each other). And of course you will see them kissing, licking tits, sucking dicks, fucking asses, even licking toes and so on. The fact that both tgirls are in stockings adds a special charm to this gallery. 😉

It’s unbelieveable so much hot action is in only one free preview gallery. See more at Shemales Fucking Shemales.

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I have found this article very amusing 😉 Enjoy reading

Get ready for a truly hands on experience as the London Masturbating Marathon 2006 will take place in the capital this August.

The London Masturbating Marathon 2006, provisionally dubbed the Wank-A-Thon by Channel 4 for a special TV programmer which they will be screening, will see hundreds of happy Londoners getting their jollies in public all in the name of charity. Participants will be attempting to break the world record for continual masturbation. The current record was set in America and stands at eight and a half hours exactly.
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