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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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If you’re married, you still can get some nice shemale cock to suck, even if this only happens in our chatroom. Who knows, perhaps a beautiful horny tgirl awaits you on the other end of the line right now stroking her hard shaft and waiting for someone to fuck! See for example what happened to this guy, jojo 😉

jojo: any ts here?
Allyssa: ooh yes
jojo: u ts Allyssa?
Allyssa: tg
jojo: u look hot 4 40?
Allyssa: growing boobs with nice cock
jojo: u have a cock and boobs?
Allyssa: mmmm
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Our reader Tommy writes about one of his adventures with a shemale. Sure, it turned out to be not as romantic, but, as he says, nevertheless it was a good hardcore fuck! Thanks to him for this great story.

One night on biz in Vancouver I saw some adverts in the paper for shemales and got hot and hard just thinking about it. I called up one Tgirl called Fumiko who had a husky sexy voice and chatted for a while and we made a date. I took a cab round to her place and knocked on the door with my heart beating doubletime. She answered the door and took me by the hand and lead me into her bedroom. She wasn’t such a hot looker – flat chest and a bit manly, to tell the truth, but at that stage I was past caring. She had a nice room and some hot shemale sex was playing on DVD. OK, I was in.

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This fantastic article was written by our forum member Bionca, a pretty pre-op tgirl and it I’m really proud to publish it here for it gives a good insight into tgirl psychology. A must read for all TS lovers!

You have a now what??

For you guys who haven’t dated or been in the company of a transwoman (ladyboy, shemale..etc.) here a a few tips. This is for actual dates where you meet for dinner or drinks or coffee and money is not exchanged for the company.

1) DO: Use correct pronouns. SHE is not a “He” no matter what the doctors said at birth.

2) DON’T: Tell her she looks like a woman. Compliment her on how she looks (if you feel like it), but for goodness sake don’t act surprised. That tells her you expected a “man in a dress”.

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Shemale Jade plays with dick during phone sex sessionOur old friend, sexy babe Jade was all alone and feeling desperately horny. She was dressed in her favorite lingerie but her date didn’t show up so she was left without any way to get off. That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands and call a good friend that she often hooks up with. They’ve had phone sex before and today was going to be yet another sexy occurrence. They started talking and her shemale cock began to bulge in her pretty pink panties, getting harder as the talk turned dirtier.

The great thing is you get to benefit from Jade’s desire to get off. While she’s talking to the guy her cock is growing consistently and she can’t help but pull it out of her pants and start stroking it. She wants to get fully erect and when she does she has six inches of black shemale meat just waiting to be sucked. Wouldn’t you want to be the guy on the other end of the line, or even better the guy in her home office wrapping your lips around that black fuck stick or perhaps sticking your cock in her shemale ass? If you want you can see even more of Jade at Only T-Girls.

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Pretty Asian tgirlThe pretty Asian ladyboy from Ultimate Tgirls stares into the camera with her wide eyes and those plump lips and immediately I’m turned on. She’s wearing a white bustier and white stockings and she looks pretty fabulous. She’s not wearing panties of any kind so when the camera pans down her body we see a lovely little ladyboy cock resting there, just waiting for us to come and play.

She decides that if no one is going to play with her cock then she’s going to do it. She takes it in her soft hand and begins stroking. You’ll see that it begins to grow, getting larger and larger as her hand brings her pleasure. By that time she’s taken off her bustier and it’s just her small natural titties, her cock and her legs in the white stockings. There’s also a great shot where she plays with her asshole while presenting her cock and balls to the camera. I’d love nothing more than to play with that asshole myself. What about you? Don’t you want to play with that cock to see what it has to offer you? Go visit her at Ultimate Tgirl!

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Gorgeous ladyboy from asiantsHave you ever noticed how most ladyboys are gorgeous? How does that happen? Where do they find so many beautiful girls to model? I need to know these things because i really really wouldn’t mind to meet some of these gorgeous girlies myself. Today’s ladyboy from Asian TS is posing in an interesting combo of a pink flyaway baby doll and a pair of tiny denim shorts. She’s long, lean and very sexy and she could pull off any look so a sexy lingerie set and tiny shorts looks pretty fucking hot.

She takes off the baby doll to reveal her cute looking bra and then puts on another piece of lingerie, this one a black lace bra. There are matching panties and if you look closely you’ll see her hard ladyboy cock trying to escape from them. She’s aroused by all the posing and knowing that someone is getting off looking at her. Are you that man who’s getting off looking at this babe? Do you want to be that man? Go ahead, see more of her at AsianTS and play with yourself then, I don’t’ mind.

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Shinata Sangha, the winner of Miss Transvestite 2008At her myspace page Shinata Sangha, a 20 y.o. tgirl from United Kingdom, claims to be the worlds most famous and successful South Asian Transgender women. I highly doubt that, however she did indeed make history as the first Indian tgirl to win a transgender beauty pageant in UK.

First, Shinata was crowned the winner of Miss Glamour Queen UK 2006 at 17; then won Miss UK Transvestite 2006 and finally Miss Transvestite 2008. Altogether, Shinata has won over 13 International beauty pageants from around the world.

Shinata’s parents migrated to England when she was a child. She started watching pageants since she was four and it was then that she wanted to win Miss World crown. Her parents laughed it off then, however 13 yrs later their boy did become the first ever South Asian person of transgender to win beauty pageants. Presently Shinata is a successful model and earns enough to support her whole family.

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Shemale Azul toplessThis is the 500-th post at Trans Ladyboy Blog (hooray everyone) and i’m going to treat You with what you would call a glamour photo gallery. It begins with a beautiful girl, in this case a blonde shemale Azul. She’s posing in what looks like a dark elevator with a light source placed carefully in one corner to illuminate her body like that of an angel. She’s topless when the set begins and that toplessness is accompanied by the tiniest blue skirt you’ve ever seen. Her breasts are perky B cups with exceptional cleavage. Her body is hard as a rock by the way; she looks like an athletic girl.

Azul never actually gets fully naked in the photo set. Instead she simply stares into the camera with her big beautiful eyes and dares us to fall in love with her. Given that her blue eyes are like pools of Caribbean water it’s not all that hard to fall for her. By the time you’ve seen all 12 images you may find yourself wishing that you were in the room with her so you could ravage her slim and sexy shemale body. Also, her long blonde hair is super sexy and well worth obsessing about. Head for Shemale Club now to see more of her!

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Old man fucked by a ladyboyEven when you’re old and gray you can still meet and pleasure a tranny, and this hot gallery from Latina Tranny is a proof to that. The dude is naked and standing over his tranny girlfriend, who is probably half his age. She’s got her hand wrapped around her cock and she invites him to drop to his knees and pleasure her, an invitation that he gladly and eagerly accepts. First he takes her ladyboy cock in his mouth and then he gets bold and starts licking her asshole. What a naughty old man!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the tranny babe. She has a lovely, natural looking body with a nice tight tummy and a lovely little pair of tits in a white lace bra. Her cock is probably five inches long and he takes all of it in his mouth over and over again. He’s promised her that he’s going to get her off and she’s ready to blow her load. It’s the ass licking that really gets her close to cumming and eventually she blows a big load of her ladyboy juice on his face.

Credit to Latina Tranny for this wonderful gallery!

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Another pack of comments from our readers:

new at it writes…
I read about this after thinking about doing this and chickening out for months. Now that I started eating my own cum, I do it almost every day. I’ve eaten a full load now for 4 out of the last 5 days. Sometimes I flip over and come directly in my mouth and swallow it. But my favorite is to come in my hand and slurp it off my hand a little bit a time and run to a mirror and look at myself with a tongue full of cum and play with it in my mouth; you know, swirl it around and open my mouth with it full of thick cum.

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