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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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I have found this amusing piece of information at one of the forums and, although it’s most likely bullshit, it’s very funny to read anyway.

Russian scientists are fucking with people’s brains and did a few experiments – they froze (drilled tiny holes into the skulls and used nitrogen) what they call the “pleasure center” in the brains of a few junkies and they gave up drugs with no problem but started masturbating a lot, then did the same to 5 gay men who turned straight in a matter of days

So, let’s imagine if you had your “pleasure centers” frozen and your love for shemales just disappeared (but your love for all other genders stayed in place), how it would affect your sex life? Would you like to be “cured” from being a shemale addict?

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Beautiful Filipino ladyboy eating her cumOn her profile this ladyboy said she’s not perfect in beauty… So good i didn’t believe this and dropped in a chat with her. Can’t see why she was so shy, but to my opinion she was really really good looking… Pearly white teeth, beautiful smile, long legs that seem to never end and her cock that is there swinging in the middle…

Her name was Lyca and the good thing is that she didn’t hesitate much when i asked her to drop her panties and show her cock. Can’t imagine how truly sexy that really was… On her profile she said she had an 11 inch cock, but in fact it looked a little smaller… 8-9 inch i think, but this was quite enough to reach her mouth… Imagine, she was jerking off that huge dick of hers, and then all of a sudden she went down on herself… At this moment i could hardly stop myself from cumming too early, it was so hot to see her sucking on her huge shemale cock on her webcam. Imagine how delicious her juices must be! And she obviously liked to play with herself and let others watch. I like to watch, I think all of us guys like to watch. For some reason there was no sound, and it was so pity, because i would love to hear her too, not only to watch…

Soon enough i felt i was ready to cum and guess what, she put her dick in her mouth and started fucking herself. She creamed in her mouth and at the same time i blasted my load too. It felt like it was my cum that she swallowed and i enjoyed seeing her licking her cum stained lips… she ate all of her own cum!

This was certainly a hell of a nice chat! And guess what? I have recorded our whole webcam session, and although my internet conection was slow and for some reason there was no sound (i think she had problems with her microphone), i watched it again with double pleasure. If i find the way to make it small enough, i will post it for everyone too. Meanwhile you can join Lyca in her live chat room i think she should have some more juice left in her huge balls and might be ripe for another call now, so hurry up.

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Lovely Vanity whipping out her dick after repairing a carWhat do burly men that work at car service centers do when their working shift is over? To be honest, i don’t know. What do beautiful shemales do in the same situation? I guess the same as this wonderful tgirl Vanity, they whip out their dicks, soiled all over with oil and grease, and jerk them off with enthusiasm :)

On a serious note, isn’t Vanity is amazing? Every time i see her pics, they get me all excited, and not only me. Vanity is a picture of an ideal woman for many shemale lovers, just look at her pert round tits, her adorable belly, her beautiful face… Some people say they prefer these old photos over new ones because she’s gone too far with plastic surgery, and her face is not that natural looking anymore, although more feminine. As for her cock, it is simply perfect, with lovely nutsack, big enough, and ideally straight. I’m sure your ass wouldn’t mind to take something of that kind, would it?

In conclusion let me remind You that this wonderful picture set was brought to You by Joey Silvera, I suggest You visit them for more of Vanity. Also, check out the special forum thread dedicated to Vanity and take part in the discussion.

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It’s on CNN right now that a plane has crashed while landing at the airport in Phuket, Thailand.

CNN News

Although it’s a very sad news, it was a bit of relief to know that ladyboys halped to save at least one life in this plane crash. Here’s a post that i have found at one of the forums:

hey all thai peeps, very sad news as a plane handled by the Thai 1-2-Go budget airline has crashed trying to land at Phuket airport, i was at the BKK airport waiting to get on the next 1-2-Go when it went down… the only reason i wasn’t on that particular flight is that i was up till 8am banging two katoeys and wasn’t able to get on the earlier flight because i overslept.

very awful, dozens dead and injured from flight… i’m feeling pretty introspective at the moment, downing a singha and considering going out for some more katoey ass tonight, what the hell, lucky to be alive.

katoeys save lives, go figure..

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Shemale Sasha from Brazilian Transsexuals fucking another shemaleFor those of you shemale Sasha’s junkies (this Brazilian tgirl seems to be very popular here), here’s another gallery of her from Grooby Archives (to be honest, this set initially appeared at Brazilian Transsexuals)

This is one lucky tgirl who gets a chance to hold and suck Sasha’s fat cock, and get a blowjob from her in return… In fact, both tgirls are equally beautiful and there’s nothing better than seeing two hard tranny cocks being used properly. I bet You would be in the seventh heaven to find yourself there, with these voluptuous tgirls, to take Sasha’s dick in your mouth and feel it stretching your anus shortly after. And nothing can compare to the sight of shiny anal beads coming out oh her wet love hole…

So, grab your cock and head for Grooby Archives to see the full set. Also, just in case you don’t know, more pictures of Sasha can be found at our forum in her special thread.

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A member named Kelly posted this story at out forum, and i must admit that reading it was a big turn on! Thanks for taking your time to set it out in writing Kelly, and kudos to you 😉

I was working in Bangkok a couple of years ago. As was the normal practice all the guys would finish work on a Friday afternoon and head to the local bar for a couple of beers..

This particular Friday we were in the usual place chatting and having a nice relaxing time……when she walked in….taller than most Thai girls….but stunningly beautiful….long jet black silky hair.. halfway down her back, big eyes..small mouth..full lips….wow what a beauty…. I was watching her walking in ..when she looked over at me..and smiled.

I thought .”Kelly…don’t let this one escape”……so I followed her to the bar…and asked her if I could buy her a drink…
Read the full post…

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Shemale in a restroom with her husband just after weddingYou know when it came to this newly married husband that he’s seriously fucked (and at the same time blessed) for the rest of his life? It was when he realized that his wife can pee standing up! And instead of penetrating her little lovely pussy from now on he’s going to get fucked by her shemale cock in the most senseless way! Yes, you heard it right, day after day, his wife is going to fuck his ass and mouth with her huge she-cock, and guess what, he’s going to like it! How does this feel to get transformed into a lowly sissy by your own beloved wife, to beg her to fill your holes with her monstrous schlong and spray her hot creamy cum inside you? You know that it’s a pleasure!

Get used to it pal, You know you’re going to love it after all. Check out fabulous Shemale Weddings for some out-of-the-way bridal sex fantasies.

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Ladyboy Lee with a bulge in pantiesBeautiful Lee licking a dildo

First of all boys and girls let me remind you that it’s our birthday today. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s exactly 2 years ago that TransLadyboy was started and just look what’s become of it now. I’m so happy it’s something more than just another free porn site, but more like a place for alike-minded people to communicate and educate themselves and others about their own sexuality, relationship with ladyboys and many other related things. Thank You very much my dear readers for helping make this what it is now.

In this glorious day let me treat you with a couple pictures of a young, beautiful and very promising Ladyboy Lee from LB Gold (more pics can be seen in a separate thread dedicated to Lee at the forum). I can’t argue that she was the great find for LB Gold, with such sweet girlish face, green eyes, small lovely tits, feet and dick, she surely is a beauty. How can one refrain himself from kneeling down before her, and kissing her hands, her little flat belly, her legs, feet and that adorable asian penis? I’m sure many of you would die to have a girlfriend like this, or even marry her… Enjoy the pics of this young angel and be sure to visit Ladyboy Gold for more

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