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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Ladyboy Em, our talented babe from Ladyboy Gold, is here to show off for us today, with a hot wank off video. When the video begins we see this cute ladyboy playing with her semi-hard dick. Em takes her time, her fingers wrap around the shaft of her ladyboy dick, stroking and tugging it slowly, sensing it getting bigger and harder with each stroke.

Her fist slides up and down every inch of her pulsing ladyboy cock and around her swollen dickhead in increasing rhythm, her big balls bounce up and down. Ladyboy Em enjoys every moment of her wank, her hand starts moving faster and faster, and eventually her cock erupts into a volcano of her delicious creamy ladyboy juice.

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Shemale Olivia Love getting a rimjobOlivia Love is the name of that blonde standing in front of the camera wearing the sexy red corset and the black leather skirt. You might not see it at first but she’s a transsexual model with a nice shemale cock hanging between her legs. She also gets a thrill out of dominating guys and today is her chance to be a naughty bitch. She gets to take control and use this submissive young guy as her toy. He’ll give up his mouth and his asshole for her pleasure and you better believe she’s doing to take advantage of that.

She gives us a few solo posing shots to turn us on and then she brings him into the picture to worship her body. That’s what she gets off on. She likes it when guys are totally subservient to her and are willing to do as she commands. She wants them to show their willingness to be dominated. She tells him to kiss her legs and he presses his lips against her sexy stockings and does as commanded. She wants her cock sucked so he pulls the panties aside and takes her growing tranny dong into his mouth. This is what a good submissive does for his controlling shemale goddess.

The dick gets hard in his mouth because he’s a good sucker and because she is so turned on by having him under her control. The beautiful scene also shows him rimming her shemale asshole because she knows it’s humiliating to have to lick an ass. To make his submission complete she wants him licking her shoes and feet. She puts her leg in the air and like a dutiful slave he puts his tongue to use. The gallery ends with a great picture of her standing behind him sliding her cock into his asshole.

There’s certainly a lot more she could do with her slave, so if You loved watching Olivia doing dirty things to her slave, head for TransSex Domination to see more stuff of that kind.

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This is a guest post from our reader, Richard In Houston. He met a beautiful young lady, Terry, who taught him to “suck like no other”. An awesome shemale story to read, if You ask me!

I was separated from my first wife the first time it ever happened to me. We had only been separated for a few weeks. I was working in New Orleans and was driving around the French Quarter in my car when I whistled at what I thought was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen as she approached the entrance to a club on Toulouse street. Perfect breast, perfect legs, slim waist and just a beautiful living doll that I doubt any man could resist. I was just as surprised when she looked at me and motioned for me to park and follow her into the bar.

Parking my car as fast as I could I rushed into the bar only to have my heart broken when I saw her with two much better looking guys than me, but since I was there I figured I’d get a beer anyway.

The place was packed as I expected it would be and I walked around the round bar where I could still see her as I ordered my beer. Just then a very tall woman with the most beautiful short, straight platinum blonde hair and a pair of beautiful perky (not too big, not too small) breast put her arm through mine and with her face only inches from mine said in a sexy voice, “you’re not going to drink that all alone are you?”

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